Mga Sumasampalataya

Dec 17, 2008


This is my post birthday gift to one of my close friends and one-time housemate. And this is also the first time I'll feature one of my ex-housemates in my blog. But if you've been missing out on my other featured friends, just click on the names below, or alternatively, click on the link above the comment field to see who I've featured before.


The first couple of weeks that Shamai started taking calls on my account, I thought that this girl was not going to stay long with the company. She always looked tired, harassed and drugged at work. Her eyebags were really big, she had unkempt hair and she's always caught sleeping.
I can't really talk to her, because she's being handled by a different Team Leader at that time. So I just kept my opinions to myself.

Actually, for almost the entire duration of our working together, we never were close. I know her, because she became one of my agents, but other than that, she wasn't included in my usual circle of friends. So for most of the three plus years we've known each other, we weren't actually really friends. More of acquaintances.

Then, the whole kidnappings happened.

No, not the criminal type of kidnappings. These are a group of my agents who call themselves "party peeps." They usually go out drinking in bars or going out of town to party. Shamai's one of the willing victims of this, or perpetrators perhaps. To say that they've been pains in the behind is an understatement... I could've terminated all of them... but then again, I became one of them. Another willing victims of the party people.

Last year, when my account was moved to Marikina, I thought that I'd resign right away. I actually wanted to leave the company the moment I found out that my program was one of the lucky ones that's being transferred. But my kidnappers had this bright idea that we all live together. It was tempting, so I agreed.
Moving in with them, I got to know Shamai a little bit more. I think there was an effort there for us to get to know each other more, because among my four other housemates, she was the one that I didn't hang out much with.
So for the four months I lived with her, I really found out alot... a lot of things that turned me off... JUST KIDDING!!! I don't think I'm allowed to spill some negative things about this girl, as she knows alot of stuff about me as well. And her boyfriend (uyy... I can use the term already...) might clobber me if I blew the whistle.

For like 3 weeks, all 5 of us housemates slept in one room (the sala), so I know how strong Shamai snores. It's very loud... trust me.
She was really a good housemate. She knows if a person is bored and will cheer you up. She hates dull moments, so you won't get bored when you're with her. From knock knock jokes to "use the ___ in a sentence" games, she'll start that just to get the ball rolling. And if you're her friend, you'll never feel you'll be out of place even if you're with her other friends. I think I know almost all of her teammates and batchmates from her current job, which is always great to widen your network.

You know it's nice to have girls as housemates. They always volunteer to wash the dishes. So that's always nice. She doesn't cook that much, they left that for my guy housemates. Shams was actually the one who told me that the fried eggplant's skin is not to be eaten... after I devoured like five of them already. I think all 5 of us, and even our other friends share one common interest... to eat. I think during our one-year stay in one house (I often visit our apartment even after I left), all of us gained weight.

What I really like about Shams is that she's game with anything. I think that's the reason why she's part of the party peeps, ask her to go to Quezon, she's there. Enchanted Kingdom, present. Glorietta for a movie, there. Visit our ex-colleagues in Marikina, count her in. A birthday celebration of your friend's acquaintance's cousin, even if she knows no one... she's still there. In tagalog... kaladkarin.

Four months later, I had to leave, and a few months after they also had to move on to something better with their lives. Suddenly, the One House family was no more. It's really difficult to keep up with everyone else when you're miles away, but Shams is the only person I see almost regularly now.

She followed me to my other job, where she's working now. The good thing is that it's only in Makati, so we're only a few buildings apart. And during the days when I was working the day shift we often see each other so that she could treat me to a movie or free food.

She's actually the first person I talked to other than my mom when I found out that I'll be going to New Zealand. She was even kind enough to lend me her mom's digicam for my almost month stay there.

I'm looking forward to you following me here in my little gas station Shamito!!!
Sorry guys, Shams is already taken. As one of the willing kidnap victims, I was one of the few people who witnessed the love story between her and Hansi. I'm not sure if I have permission to tell their story as it's got a lot of twists to it, similar to that of a television dramas.

Now she says that Hansi is lucky because Shamai has almost everything a guy looks for in a woman. She's appreciative, generous, patient, understanding and is not insecure. I don't know if it's true, but the guy seemed satisfied. I'm not sure if she is though (joke!!!).

I find it funny sometimes when they fight, because they're in a semi-long-distance-relationship, that they can 'not see' each other for weeks at a time. And what Shams usually do is have me or another friend text the other if there's something they wanted to tell. And oftentimes, she loses her appetite. You see, before she was a tabs (what we call our weight-challenged friends), but after their first fight, she's lost a lot of weight.

But seriously, I like hanging out with this couple because I don't really feel like a third wheel whenever I'm with them, so that's nice. You don't get that with other couples.
It's been awhile since I last saw Shams, I haven't got the budget to go out of town, and I think they know that. But we'll be seeing each other again along with our other friends next week. So I'm very much looking forward to that.
Belated Happy Birthday Shams. I'll see you on the 26th!!! Bring food!!!


PUSANG-gala said...

friendship is an investment---not in a bad context ha---take care of your friends, they can make your life either colorful or dull.....

FerBert said...

malapit na din bday ko.. march next year.. lol

hahahahappy bday kay shamito!

Chyng said...

Sweet friend ni Gilbert!

Hope mabasa ni Shami to.

gillboard said...

pusang gala: exactly.. and I do treasure all the good friends that I've met.

ferbert: yaan mo, may gagawa din sayo ng ganito.. hehehe peace!!!

chyng: dapat lang basahin niya talaga to... kundi nakuuu...

PUSANG-gala said...

gillboard --haha. kala ko ikaw e...anyways, tama ka---me isa lang na mali---marami akong inaanak. keke

the donG said...

sweet and beautiful! i noticed that your relationship with the couple is genuinely rooted.

wanderingcommuter said...

hampey bewtdey po sa iyo!!! hehehe

UtakMunggo said...

gagawan mo rin ba ako ng ganto sa berdey ko? magsusuot rin ako ng gown gaya ni shamito diyan sa piktyur. ahahaaaaayyyy!!! hehe

kagaya pala kami: kaladkarin. sa ngalan ng libreng chibog, walang dalawang salita ang nagiimbita. hehe

gillboard said...

pusang gala: di ka nag-iisa. ako rin, sangkaterba inaanak... pero 5 lang ata ang may regalo

the dong: housemates ko kasi sila... so di ko lang friends... extended family na rin

gillboard said...

ewwik: dec. 1 bday niya... im 3 weeks late... hehe

munggo: sure!!! kelan ba berdey mo? chaka kelangan yung gown mo, katulad na katulad ng kay shamito ha!!!

Dhianz said...

kakatuwa naman ang friend mong si Shams... she seemed so cool... and go lang syah sa mga gimmiks...and she didn't seem maarte... so 'un... hmmnnzz... i was gonna say na u guyz can be more than friends if she's not taken... pero she got a special someone nah... pero hey nde pa naman kasal eh... biro lang ha... pero meron den meant para sau... na-traffic lang... =) oh yeah mejo kinuwentuhan kitah nang little bit sa other post moh 'ung senti mode but dehinz nag-post so 'un tinamad na akoh... but eniweiz may naalala akoh... isa don sa sinabi koh eh madalas den akoh makinig nang music lalo na papunta sa work... but lately 'ung nagustuhan koh pakinggan 'ung d' love songs ni Christian Bautista... yeah... pero lately... nag-switch akoh sa Aegis...haha.. trippingz lang... 'un... so yeah... mejo tagal den akoh dehinz nakahirit sa post moh.... so 'un... hihirit lang muli bago tuluyang maglaho sa mundong itoh...haha... drama eh noh... lolz... salamat sa mga nakakatuwang post moh...i enjoyed reading most of them... yeah... so ingatz kah... napadaan para bumati na ren... Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year... take care gillboard.... GODBLESS! -di

i'tz not about d' lenght itz about d' content... devah 'un 'ung sinabi moh saken noon?... hehe... sige... hanggang sa muling pagkikita...

shamito said...

naks gil ha natouch nmn ako.. and tnx sa greetings!
but wait..wait..wait, u know wat, for most of ur blogs,i tend to nod my head,say oo nga noh! corek ka jan..etc! agree ako sa opinions mo, pero ds time "raising eyebrows" at some point..haha! hoy hndi ako humihilik noh! hehe!
this is for gil.. i know gil have shared alot bout his life frens and opinions.. but let me tel u somethn about gil from a friend's perspective..

he said im "kaladkarin".. wel he's no.1 or let say no.2 in my kaladkarin list of frens. to think mlayo house nya, mauuna p xa sa place na as if he's a boyscout, always ready to go when he's phone rings.
when we were still his agents, i agree he cud hv terminated ol of us with ol our "cutting-shifts" its either we report to work late or we end r shift early. sbi nga if u cant beat them,join them. ayun! now he's one of us!
gil has always been there evritym kelngan ko kausap, though hndi xa wel experienced pgdating sa relationships, expert p din xa sa advises. cguro pnghahandaan n nya tlga ung special someone nya, ikaw b nmn mging 3rd wheel ng mga couples sa housemate. mdmi n xa natakenote cguro..hehe!
but wat i missed the most during our 1housemates moments, eh kpg nagutom kmi, c gil ay para naming tatay na mgppadeliver ng pizza! minsan sa payday ang bayd but most of the time.. sagot nya! haha! (kaw b nmn supervisor eh!) hehe!

yup gil see yah 26, miss ko na din house mo! mwah*

PUSANG-gala said...

salamat, salamat sa pagdalaw....kaw, what are the things you are thankful for this year?

Lawstude said...

happy birthday to your friend and have a happy holidays too. take care. :)

jaja said...

shams happy birthday! inggit ako sa reunion nio sa 26..sana pwede ako magteleport papunta pinas..miss ko na kayo! merry christmas!