Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 15, 2008


"Di ako aalis ng Puerto Galera hangga't di napapasakin si Wilma!!!"

That's what rumors say I said during one company outing a few years ago. I don't remember ever uttering those words. But I do remember I had a crush on Wilma back then.

Wilma, or better known as Sugar is one of the many friends I had from my previous job. We didn't have that awkward first encounter unlike the first couple of featured friends. Well, for one I never handled her when she was still an agent. Number two, when she was still new, I didn't really approach her that much because there's always something that prevents you from having the courage to talk to her.

But that doesn't stop us from having a good friendship later on.

I actually became close to her because before, she always brings food to work. And being such a loser, and not wanting to spend my money on food, I oftentimes choose to chow down on hers. I think it's partly her fault why I got fat in the first place. As an aside note, her mom is a really good cook. She hated it when my first friendster testimonial back then was about her mother's cooking.

Going back to Sugar, one of the things that I liked about her is that she's really HOT!!! She's a real cowgirl. You can take her anywhere and she'll be fine with it. In boyfriend terms, she's not high maintenance. And she's really not that choosy in regards to boyfriends. I SHOULD KNOW!!!

One thing I really love about Sugar aside from the fact that she looks a little bit like Angel Locsin, is that she can sing. She does a mean impression of Britney Spears that when we're in videoke houses people look our way when she does her rendition of I'm A Slave For You. And that's not only talent she has. She's also got the moves. I remember when she learned how to do the handstand, she does it whenever someone asks her to do it. She does it in the office, apartment, the mall and even inside fast food chains (just kidding).

As I mentioned earlier, she's not that hard to please. Yep, men and at times women have won her over. I'm not really sure what they did, because she never gave me the chance to be her partner, not even a fling. But she doesn't really have such high standards. I do know though she likes tall guys who have shaved heads. Guys that she likes, I know because she told me that. But as for the girls, I have no idea what got her to experiment, but a lot of people go through that stage. I should've known, because she's got tons of pictures of her locking lips with other women. Tons!!!

I told her this already, she's one of the people I miss from my old life. More than her mom's cooking, I miss talking to her about her love life. Sometimes, her sex life. I miss the drinking sessions when she's having problems with her life or her work.

Some things she gave me permission to talk about on my post about her:
- Sugar is a member of a popular fraternity in the Philippines. She's a sis!!!
- She's really stupid when she falls for a guy. She left a guy for a jerk. And stayed with the jerk even if everyone told her to forget about him.
- She joined a singing contest before that was shown on a really low-budget free tv channel.
- Shugs loves dance movies like Step Up and Honey, and she knows all of the steps in those movies.
- And she likes to watch horror movies too. She likes to be scared.
- Her mom makes the best ribs and adidas I've ever tasted. Yum.

Wilma or Sugar. whatever you call her, it cannot be denied, her life is really spicy!


Yeah, my featured friend is back. After 2 months absence. Hopefully this time, this will stick. I've got a couple lined up for the next couple of months. Those will be my birthday gifts to them. Let's just pray I don't run out of things to say. English posts are really difficult to write nowadays.


paperdoll said...

wow nmn! isa ka sa admirers nya, aminin mo. . mukhang may iba na nga. . hmmm. . sya talaga ang main topic. . hmm ulit. . cute nga sya at sexy ah. . hmmm na naman. . basted ka sa kanya? lol

Anonymous said...

uhm saan po galing mga pics na ipinost mo? stalker ka ba nya? lolz

she really looks pretty ha. sweet and spicy. ;)

gillboard said...

paperdoll and dylan: di ako basted, at di ako stalker!!! kaibigan ko yan... waaaaah!!! :D

RonTuron said...

Gill... Panalo pre! asteg!
sino ba naman ang hindi hahanga sa isang katulad nya di ba?!

naks naman! swerte mo naman! hehehe

Anonymous said...

ganun ba? ahehe. tsori.

sa pagkakapost mo kasi as if you really like her, not as a friend..lolz..

uhm, so di mo sya niligawan?
walang trabaho to, personalan lang.



FerBert said...

oi gilbert.. ikoclose na kita para kay wilma.. hahaha..
joke lang. :P

gillboard said...

ron: di ako ang swerte... siya!!! Hahahaha

dylan: di ko niligawan si sugar, kahit alam ko type niya rin ako...hehehe

ferbert: sure!!! wala boypren yun ngayon!!

UtakMunggo said...


i feel certain undercurrents that i shall leave unuttered. suffice it to say "she got you at the first whiff of her packed lunch." hehehe

case in point for that age-old saying, "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

hehe.. oo na you've staunchly declared na crush mo siya noon. (hanggang crush nga lang ba ang kwento?)


*mumbling* bakit yung mga beastie prends ko hindi ako pinaparangalan ng ganito?

sugar said...

guys, thanks for the compliments.. im really flattered..

Gil-mgkita na lng tyo sa reunion dis coming dec.. lagot ka sa kin...

kcatwoman said...

ahaha.nakakatwa ang comment ng tunay na sugar.ahahaha..shucks. ahahaha,parang wla na syang magagawa pa. parang fan blog post ito eh.ahaha

gillboard said...

munggo: hanggang friends lang ang kwento. hehehe

sugar: you're welcome!!!

kcatwoman: yaan mo, bubugbugin ako nun sa halik!!! hahahaha