Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 31, 2008


Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying my stay here very much; but the thing is, like I mentioned on my previous post, when evening comes there really isn't that much to do. We tried to go shopping earlier, but was too late as most shops closed at 4pm. 4 in the frickin' afternoon!!! That sucks!!!

Like I said, I'm still enjoying my stay here, considering the dull nightlife.


After work last Friday, some of the peeps from our company invited us for a night out. 5pm, we were at one of the best bars in the area, the Loaded Hog. I finally got a taste of their much hyped beer. I chose the lager. It was okay. Sort of sweet with a lil bit of an aftertaste that I can't describe. It was good. But is it better than San Miguel Beer?

I don't think so. Now that I've tasted one of the beers, I'd still say that ours is still much better. I'll try to taste one again next weekend. Definitely, a different one.

So anyway, 5pm here in NZ is pretty much the same as a 10pm weekend at the bar in Manila. It's already full of people. They start early, because they end it early as well. But the crowd is nice. A lot of good looking people were there. A lot of eye candy. Young urban professionals like ourselves.

Not a lot of people smoke here, as cigarettes are some of the more expensive things you can purchase here in New Zealand. So if ever you're going here, I suggest that you bring your own ream of ciggies as it's going to cost you to purchase here.

Then we went to a karaoke restaurant. This was the first time I've tasted duck. We have a lot of that in the Philippines, but this was the first time that I've really tasted that fowl. It's good!!! Oh and their wine... aww... you should taste it, it's very good!!! Yum... I love it, and don't get me started with the chardonnay...


We met with our Manila trainer's husband yesterday to watch a rugby game. I now have a new favorite sport that I'll never play... RUGBY!!! It was the Wellington Lions against the team from Bay of Plenty. The home team (Lions) won!!! Actually they annihilated their opponents 42 - 12.

I wish I could post some pictures right now, but I'm just using the hotel's pc... which by the way is very expensive!!! 5 dollars (approx P150) for 30 minutes.

I'll probably post something about this game later on, once I'm settled back in Manila because frankly I'm not really sure about the rules of this game. What I know, is that it's similar to American football only you'll have to use more brains than brawns.

After that, we went to the botanical garden, which by the way is a sight to behold. It's on top of a mountain, and the scenery, the city of Wellington at night is breathtaking. We'll be going back one of these days. We didn't finish exploring the place as it got dark already.


Is shopping day. Well, not really. We went to the grocery for rations for the week ahead and for our lunch. I cooked spaghetti, and then what else? We didn't do that much because cooking took most of our time.

But we did go to the House Of Parliament, which was a nice place. Looking at the building, I wanted to burn Malacañan Palace because simply put, it's ugly (our palace). Like I said, nothing much to do here because at 4pm most of the shops are already closed.

When we asked before where's the best place to chill out, they said it's Courtnay Place because that's the most happening place. Unfortunately, when we got there, I can't help but ask, "what's happening?"

It's really different from Manila. But I don't miss the place. I'm so enjoying everything here. THeir museums are worth walking 2 hours to finish. I so wish the Philippines is like that. Oh well. One thing I noticed here, EVERYONE WALKS FAST!!! I swear, I get exhausted when we're following kiwis. And to think in Manila, people complain to me that I walk very quickly. It sucks.


Aug 26, 2008


I'm alive people... and I got here safe and on schedule... me and me mates came to the country wet and freezing, but it was GOOD!!! My first taste of winter... Anyway, more details later on, sorry if I can't post pictures yet... I forgot to bring my camera to the office... next time... and to the blogs that I usually frequent, I'm sorry if I'm not able to blog hop at the moment... I'm seated beside our trainer so I have to be good... I want to be naughty, but I can't (hehehe)...


It was around 4pm Sunday when we finally stepped out of Wellington Airport from a 3 hour flight from Melbourne. It was drizzling outside, and I believe the temperature was 3 degrees. Yep, we felt like we just stepped in a giant freezer. But like I said, it felt good... We're in another country. I'm not used to seeing this many white people walking pass me. It's like I'm in the movies. Choice!!!

The cab ride going to the hotel was awesome, it's like being in an opening scene of a horror film... you know where the car is being driven beside the ocean's coast... on the side of hills... yep, it was awesome!!!

The place is really nice. It's clean. The air is cool. The people are friendly. And it's not densely populated unlike Manila. I stay in the business district of the city, and it's not as crowded as say Makati. Well, Metro Manila has more people than the entire country of New Zealand.

And speaking of the people... Oh... the people... Kiwis have some of the most beautiful women I've seen. God, the office alone is swarming of pretty people. It's like I don't want to marry a Filipina anymore!!! Last Sunday, I was hanging out in front of the hotel I was staying in, and everyone I saw were eye candies... even those who are gravitationally challenged.


I really find New Zealand beautiful and peaceful, but I'm not really sure if I want to live here. While I really like the peace and quiet, I enjoy watching action more. People here really end their day when the sun sets down, and alot of places are closed by 7pm so you really won't have a night life here in New Zealand.

In terms of partying, I don't think any country will ever beat the Philippines. Maybe it's our happy disposition, because here in NZ, while people are generally friendly and active, they just don't have a nightlife. Or I just don't go out that much when the sun sets.

I can't really judge because I've only eaten in Subway McDonald's and Star Mart, but most of the food we've tasted kinda tasted bland. While us Filipinos really like to add flavor to whatever we are cooking, here in New Zealand, most of what I've tasted needed to have more salt and pepper. It doesn't taste bad (I love the lamb sandwich!!!), it just needs to have some more texture, I guess.

One more thing I liked here is that the people are really disciplined. A lot of people follow the stop and go lights before crossing the street. In the Philippines, that rarely happens. Or it's possible because a lot of those stop lights are NOT working.


I've been here a total of 4 days, and in that time, I think the number of kids I've seen is equal to the number of fingers I have in my hands. I don't see a lot of kids in the city. I wonder why that is. And the only dogs I've seen are the ones who sniffed our baggages in the airport. Outside, I don't think I've ever seen one. Hmmm...

Oh well, lunch is almost over... I need to go back to training (bummer)... just kidding!!!

Aug 20, 2008


Okay, so time to update you guys with my life. I haven't been posting about my trip because until today, I wasn't really sure if it's going to push through or not. We've been attending meetings and briefings about the trip, but still I'm not convinced it's going to happen. I just don't want to expect too much, so that if it did get cancelled, it won't hurt too much. But now, I'm sure we're going... so I'm in complete panic mode.

I still haven't bought any winter apparel. Still haven't chosen what to wear for our 3 week stay in Wellington. I still DON'T HAVE MONEY!!! Borrowing the old adage, so many things to do, so very little time.

I'm excited now because at least I already have a camera. I also already have a Visa. Oh, and we already got our atm cards. If you must know, my flight to New Zealand's going to be on Saturday night. I hope nothing'll happen to screw this whole thing up.

I guess now's the best time to segue to the real meat of this post. The first three paragraphs is just an introduction to my real post... this is really about BOOGERS!!! I'm just kidding...

No, but seriously one thing about us Filipinos when we know someone will be leaving for another country(or even out of town), the one thing that will never disappear is people asking for 'pasalubong.'

Just as you're about to leave the door on your way abroad, there's always one person who'll hand you a piece of paper with the sketch of his/her foot on it. Hinting that they want a new t-shirt. People always readily assume that setting foot on a different country equals having a lot of money.
(I'm already stating right now, this is NOT the case for me!!! Yes, I will be training there, and yes I will have allowance, but other than that, I have kaput... zilch... nada... nothing!!! I'm poor!!! Well not really, but you get the point...)
Anyway, going back to the Philippine culture is that we tend to ask anyone who'll be travelling (regardless out of the country or not) to bring back some stuff from where they're going. If you're going to Puerto Galera, people will ask for at least an anklet... Boracay, some sand... tarsier for Bohol... Switzerland, chocolates... kangaroos and koalas for people going to Australia or in my case New Zealand, people ask for Brown Cow, Nido or kiwis... It's a tradition that I doubt will ever see an end.
I really don't know how to continue this post after the above paragraph, so I guess for now I'll just list down the most common pasalubongs that travellers bring back when they get home. Brace yourself!!!
  • TOYS: If there are kids, this is a must. I remember when I was young that whenever my dad or aunts come visit and they don't bring toys for me I won't talk to them. I loved Duty Free back then because that's where they make up for forgetting to bring me things to play with. No, I'm not a spoiled brat!!! Yeah, I could be an ass, but a brat I certainly am not.
  • CLOTHES: This is what relatives/visitors bring the tweens and teen-agers. Unless you tell them specifically what size and brand you want, you'll have to settle with an oversized/undersized t-shirt or blouse that they hand to you.
  • SOAP: Dove, Caress, Irish Spring, Ivory... if they came from the States, expect that your gift pack will include one of these. I know there are people who are let-down if this is what they get, because you can simply buy all those brands in the supermarket. But the thing is it's not that expensive in the US, and it's useful. It's just that you can't put it in your trophy case or display case.
  • CANNED GOODS: When my parents came back from the States a few months back, I remember our house looking like a storage house for relief goods with the number of canned goods that they brought back. Corned beef, Spam, Vienna Sausag, artificial tomatoes, tomato sauce, canned vegetables, canned fruits canned whatever... I don't mind the spam, because I love eating spam specially the one with cheese or the turkey (yum), but everything else... better off given to other people.
  • LOTION: The more extravagant alternative to soap. Victoria's Secret is the more popular brand... But there are people who also give Johnson's baby lotion. I have received a couple already, eventhough I don't use it often, but I find it quite handy. Soft hands and everything, you know.
  • NATIVE SWEETS: For people going to provinces, this is the more common requests. From piaya to dried mangoes or durian sweets. As much as possible, I really don't want to receive food as gifts because once it's already eaten, it's gone you won't be able to enjoy it anymore. The joy you'll feel will only be temporary. While it's much appreciated, I really prefer something I can keep... and this brings us to the last most common pasalubong...
  • SOUVENIR WITH THE NAME OF THE PLACE: I love souvenir items, whether it's a t-shirt with the country's or province's name or a paper weight or even a keychain, I really love to receive those stuff. It depends on the item if it's going to be expensive or not, but I believe that these items are the most appreciated by the people who receive it. They can use it over and over and some of these items are actually eye candies. I especially like the man-in-the-barrel from Baguio.

That's it for me this week... Hopefully, I'd be able to post one more this week before I go. Wish me luck... I think I still have internet access there, so hopefully I'll be able to post in New Zealand.


Itodo na ang kajologan... To the next level na ito!!!



Pangarap ko
Sana tayo'y di magkalayo
Ang tangi kong hiling
Ay ang pag-ibig mo
Dahil sa 'ting mundo
Ikaw ay matutukso
Ningning at karangyaan
Ang nais makamtan

Di ba
Kahit umulan man o umaraw
Payong ko'y iyong maaasahan
Di ka na mababasa nang ulan
Di ka na mababasa nang ulan
Kahit ang bagyo ay kakayanin
Huwag kang lalayo sa akin
Di ka na mababasa nang ulan
Di ka na mababasa nang ulan
Di na, di na, hinde, hinde, hinde
Mababasa nang ulan
Di na, di na, hinde, hinde, hinde
Mababasa nang ulan
Di na, di na, hinde, hinde, hinde
Mababasa nang ulan
Di na, di na, hinde, hinde, hinde, hinde, hinde

Ating bituin
Kailan ba mararating
Tayo'y magniningning
Pagkatapos nang dilim
Umiikot ang mundo
Para sa akin at sa yo
Liliwanag ang lahat
Pag-ibig ay sapat

Sukob na sa payong ko
Yakap ko ang init mo't tanggulan (tanggulan)
Kahit bumuhos ang ulan
Payong ko'y nakalaan

Umuulan ohh umuulan... umuulan...
Umuulan ohh umuulan... ohh umuulan... umuulan... (2x)


Hayaan niyo, hahanapin ko din ang lyrics ng "Nagdurugong Puso" (Bleeding Love tagalog version) at ng tagalog version ng Clumsy, Smack That, bisayang version ng Low, tagalog ng With You ni Chris Brown... wala na ba itong katapusan?!

Ayoko nang sumakay ng bus na walang tv!!! Lagi naka-love radio... namememorize ko na ang lyrics ng mga kanta. Ang jologs!!!

And to think na napakahusay ng mga Pilipino gumawa ng mga awitin. Sasayangin lang sa pagmasaker ng mga banyagang kanta. Tsk, tsk, tsk!!! WTF diba?!

Aug 18, 2008



Okay, as you all know I'm just a guy, so most of the things that you'll be reading would be input of MEN (not boys). You are free to disagree and post your ideas on the comments area. If you want to answer with your own post about the subject, and you want me to post it in my blog, e-mail your reply post at and I will post this in my blog with your name as a guest writer.

I want this to be interactive, so hopefully you'll leave your comments right away. And please, don't be violent or threatening with your posts/replies. Let us all be civil here.


Kwentong hiwalayan sa pagitan ng mga kababaihan at kalalakihan. Ang tanong sino ang mas magaling tumanggap ng hiwalayan, ang babae o ang lalake? Ang tanong na ito ay para sa mga taong nanggaling sa isang seryosong relasyon. Hindi sa mga laru-laro lamang. Naiintindihan ko na minsan depende rin ito sa dahilan ng hiwalayan kung sino ang mas mahusay na magdala sa mga pagkakataong ito.

Tingnan natin ang mga puntos:


Naglalasing... tumataba o pumapayat... madalas ay nawawala... pero mas madalas na kinikimkim sa sarili ang sakit na nararamdaman.

Mas mabilis mag-move on ang mga lalake, at kahit na linoko ng babae, eh kailanman ay hindi isusumpa ang mga ito.

MInsan pa nga ay manunuyong muli, hanggang sa humiling ang babae ng restraining order.

May pagkakataon din na kapag ang lalake ay iniwan, lalong nagiging tarantado... natututong manggago ng babae bilang pangganti sa umiwan sa kanya.


Di tumitigil sa pag-iyak na para bagang nababaliw... ang babae kapag iniwan, ay hindi rin titigil sa kakadakdak na minsan pa nga'y pagmumukhaing kontrabida ang kanyang kasintahan.

May mga pagkakataon na ang babaeng iniwan ay pumapanget... at minsan pa nga'y isusumpa lahat ng mga kalalakihan sa buong buhay nila.

Ang babae, pag nagkahiwalayan, sasabihin sa sarili ang tanga-tanga niya... pero pagsinuyo, bumibigay agad... tapos maghihiwalay ulit sa parehong dahilan... tapos sisisihin ulit ang sarili...

Ang babae, kapag iniwan umaabot ng taon ang pagiging depressed... at kadalasan, hinahayaang maapektuhan ang ilang aspeto ng buhay niyang hindi naman dapat naaapektuhan.


Yeah, I know. Creative juices still not functioning. I'm trying to rewrite some of the other posts that I've written prior to the whole virus thing. Indulge me for this... hopefully this will only be temporary. I don't really want to abandon this blog.

Ayokong makisali sa mga umiwan ng kanilang mga blog... hehehe

Aug 15, 2008


Before I post about my second Featured Friend, I just want to say sorry for not being on time. You already know the reason, and there’s no sense in repeating myself every post. This isn’t how my original post was written, as it was done about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I will try to write it as good as the first one. And no, I’m not making excuses… I’m just saying. Okay?


May 2005: I was already resting when my boss came to me and ordered (take note… ordered) me to make a sale for the non-performing newbies. There were about three of them, and I was tasked to call for this guy.

I noticed he was very focused with what he was doing. I know he’s determined to make a sale and impress us out of our wits. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good day for him. He was on the verge of tears. “New hires!” I thought. He had those dumb puppy dog eyes, as if begging for me to help him. So I took the headset, sat down, did my spiel and a couple of minutes later, presto, instant sale. That’s how good I am. But this isn’t about me.

Apparently, he idolized my selling abilities so much that he started to depend on me for sales. And he wasn’t on my team!!! Not even close. So when I noticed his being a parasite I decided to say no. Sensing my irritation, he finally decided to bother his own Team Leader.

Obviously, he didn’t make a good impression on me. Things got worse as he got better in his work. Once he got his confidence in the program he suddenly became the loudest guy in the room. He had this weird Indian/Chinese/Australian accent which meant that he’s trying to seduce a language barrier customer into buying our service. It was annoying.

People’s first impressions of him were pretty much leaning towards the negative. Weird. Loud. Arrogant. Hot and attractive (not my words)… but still weird.

One lunch break, I was busy working (more like bullying my agents to write a friendster testimonial for me) when he came by my station and started talking to me. I found out that he likes to read a lot (something we have in common), he came from UP (a bit impressive) and he talked about some deep stuff that I barely understood (so he’s not an airhead after all).

Francis left our little program to bother his fellow Filipinos and later the recruitment department of our company. I guess that’s when we started to become friends. Iced coffee and movies were some of the things we have in common.

He's never a dull gimmick buddy. The guy is SO talkative!!! I don’t know if there is a minute when he’ll shut up. You can talk about anything, and he has an opinion about it. I am out of words when I’m with him, because honestly, I understand only half of the things that are coming out of his mouth. ONLY HALF!!! And we talk for hours... Precious time I'll never get back.

If you get a hold of Francis, he could be a very generous friend. But that’s a big IF. He’s very difficult to find. More difficult still, is to arrange a gimmick with this guy. He’s currently busy juggling two careers, one with a recruitment firm, and the second is for a home furnishings company.

He’s been through a lot all throughout his t----y plus years of existence. I’ve seen him during his best times, and I’ve seen him at his worst (If you read the prologue, you know this is coming). Believe me, I’ve seen his bad days. It was really bad. People thought he was on drugs when he lost a lot of weight because his 9 year relationship with his then girlfriend ended.

Like any man, he picked himself up from life’s challenge, and came out much better… (I hope so). I don’t get to see him that often anymore. But I think he’s doing much better now. I’m not really sure if he’s still single or not. I think he’s not… but who knows. He never replies when I ask him that question. Until now. RANDOM THINGS

Want to know Francis Joy Patrick better? Hmm… Where to start… The guy’s a golf enthusiast for one. He cries everytime he watches Joan of Arcadia. He likes chinita girls and would really prefer if she has the same IQ as he does. Well, not really. My opinion is that he IS easy… He IS!!! As long as you have long legs, I guess.

Oh, and at his age, he’s already showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Francis is very forgetful. Specially if you ask him to do something for you. I’ve had 3 birthdays pass, and his promised friendster testimonial is still filed in his mind somewhere. Non-existent.

Francis is also a movie buff and a coffee lover. But more than that, he is a heavy drinker… Leaning towards being an alcoholic. Nah, he just likes to party a lot. There’re no dull moments whenever he’s around. He talks nonsense whenever he’s drunk, and more nonsense if ever he’s sober. He just loves to talk.

Sexual innuendo is nothing new to him. He’s been offered twice about it before while he was still doing the interviewing. One was from a girl. And another one was from a guy... or was it a lot from other guys? I don’t remember.

Like I said a few paragraphs earlier, I don’t get to see him that much anymore. He knows it, and he does try to make sure he makes up for lost time. His birthday’s in 3 weeks, so this is my birthday gift to you. Matanda ka na!!! Manlibre ka naman!!!

He really has an interesting story to tell. And this is not the venue for it to be told. You really should get to know him. He might suck at everything else, but he fairs much better at being a good friend. That's my second featured friend... Francis.

Aug 14, 2008


This post is inspired by Leviuqse's comment on one of my posts the other week, and dedicated to one of my new colleagues. Before we proceed with the whole fight, let me just tell you a little bit of history about this whole thing.


If you still haven't heard or read, I've lost all my unpublished posts when my pc got reformatted. It's still inefficient, by the way. I'm using our office's resources to post this (I'm never leaving this job ever!!!).

So, these days I don't really have anything to post, and my head's uncreative and uninspired.

Anyway, last week was pretty much the whole getting to know each other stage in our new work. And what's a good way of getting to know your co-workers than to talk about their relationships. Well, I don't talk too much because I don't have input (over a year of being single), so I heard a lot of comments about guys and girls. And I thought: this is a could be a good post.


Okay, as you all know I'm just a guy, so most of the things that you'll be reading would be input of MEN (not boys). You are free to disagree and post your ideas on the comments area. If you want to answer with your own post about the subject, and you want me to post it in my blog, e-mail your reply post at and I will post this in my blog with your name as a guest writer.

I want this to be interactive, so hopefully you'll leave your comments right away. And please, don't be violent or threatening with your posts/replies. Let us all be civil here.


I don't mean physically violent. It's just the title. Who starts fights more in a relationship... men or women?


Si girlfriend ay di natuwa sa ginawa o sinabi ni boyfriend. Ang usually nangyayari, si babae ay hindi na mamamansin. Magdadabog. Magagalit. Habang itong si boyfriend, hindi alam kung bakit. Totoo, o hindi?

O kaya naman, si babae pipilitin si lalaki na sagutin ang tanung niya. "Maganda ba ako?" "Nagkita kayo ng ex mo no?" "Nasaan ka kagabi? Ano ginawa mo?" Ikaw na ang umiiwas, tapos pag sinagot ng lalake, magsisimula na siyang magdadakdak.


Ang lalake, nagsisimula lang ng away, kapag sigurado siyang may ginawa ang babae na mali. Minsan dahil nakulitan na ito sa mga maling akala (o tamang akala) ng kanilang mga girlfriend. Kung mahilig mang-away ang boyfriend niyo, hiwalayan niyo yan... Men are supposed to be gentlemen and not war freaks!!!

I know, I'm leaning towards the guys here. I can't help it, I'm one of them. NOthing personal... I'm just playing the devil's advocate.

So let's start the ball rolling... Let's get it on!!!

Aug 11, 2008



Ang hirap aminin nito...

Mabigat sa loob ko...

Matatanggap niyo pa kaya ako pag nalaman ninyo ito?!


Ipangako ninyo, hindi ninyo ako huhusgahan...

Tao lang ako... natutukso... nadadarang...

Eto na...

nanuod ulit ako ng A Very Special Love. Favorite ko na siya. In fairness naman sa akin, libre ulit ito... Hindi pa ako nagbabayad para panuorin itong pelikulang ito. hahaha

"Ni minsan hindi ko naisip na nakakapagod ka mahalin..." - Laida Magtalas

Aug 10, 2008


So naayos na ang PC ko... Dapat yay diba?! Pero feeling ko kulang pa rin siya. Wala na lahat ng dinownload ko. Wala na lahat ng files na sinave ko. Wala na lahat ng pictures namin... Basta ang panget ng hitsura ng pc ko. Ang hirap maging tanga pagdating sa computer... Anlalaki ng mga font sa screen ko. Ang panget magscroll up and down ng mga windows. At ang porn!!! Wala na ang mga porn!!! (joke lang)

Yung mga naisulat ko para sa blog ko wala na... Yung pagka ganda-gandang draft ko para sa Featured Friend ko, nabura na... yung listahan ng mga natitirang Top Films ko, nakalimutan ko na. Gustuhin ko man na ulitin, parang nakakatamad kasi alam mong kahit anong gawin mo, hindi siya magiging kasingganda ng una mong naisulat.

Wala ng games na nakasave sa pc ko... wala na si Hangaroo... ang Warcraft... yung walang kwentang mga nakainstall. Parang nakakatamad na mag download... Parang nawala yung pinakaprecious na bagay sa buhay ko tapos napalitan ng 2nd-rate-trying-hard-pussycat. Nakakalungkot...


On a lighter note, nagkita kami kahapon ni Jaja at ng ilang piling mga kaibigan. Masaya!!! Nakakaaliw... Naiwan ko yung chocolate na pasalubong sa akin, pero ayus lang... Sayang kasi masarap pa naman yun... Salamat nga pala Payat (kahit di na masyado ngayon... hehehe). Nakaleave kasi siya hanggang this week kaya naisipan naming lumabas.

Nanuod kami ng A Very Special Love. Ang galing!!! Nakakatawa siya!!! Di ko ineexpect na maaaliw ako sa isang pelikulang tagalog na kagaya nito. Ang experience ko kasi kay John Lloyd eh yung unang pelikula lang nila ni Bea na sobrang corny. Pero ito, ang ganda... jologs na kung jologs pero bagong favorite ko itong movie na ito... number 2 na lang yung Got 2 Believe nina Claudine and Rico. Hahaha!!!

Trivia lang, alam ko di kayo interesado, pero ikukwento ko na rin. Nung araw na nag-apply ako sa Option B (sa John Clements sa LKG), nakita ko nun si John Lloyd Cruz. Yun pala nagsushooting sila dun sa building na yon. Wala lang... Naaalala ko kasi na suot niya yung damit sa isang scene noong nakita ko siya. Sayang, kung sinundan ko siya, di sana naging extra ako dun. Yak!!!


Ang pinakamasayang mga lakad talaga ang mga lakad na hindi planado. Noong nagkita kami una, 3 lang kami. Tapos nanuod kami ng sine. Pagkatapos nun, pumunta kami sa bahay ng isa pa naming kabarkada, naghanap ng maaaya. Tapos noon eh dumiretso kami ng Timog para makipagkita sa iba pa naming mga kabarkada. Alas-4 na ng madaling araw ako umuwi!!!

Kulang man ang barkada namin kagabi, masaya pa rin. Ang kulit!!!

Nga lang, yung budget ko na dapat hanggang para sa susunod na linggo, ubos na... Mangungutang nanaman ako, pero sulit naman yung pinaggastusan. In tact pa rin yung barkada namin.


Yun nga... tatanga-tanga ako pagdating sa computer, so andaming kulang. Kung meron man isang tao diyan na may mabuting kalooban na maaari akong tulungan na ayusin yung ilang mga bagay dito sa pc ko. Mag-install ng mga games o kaya'y ayusin yung hitsura ng mga font size ng mga nakalitaw sa pc ko... Papasalubungan ko ng dodo ng cow pagbalik ko from NZ...

Basta, grabe na 'to!!! Ang daming kulang ng pc ko... para siyang naging retarded... ang laki-laki ng font size. Parang di ina-accept yung printer (kahit wala namang ink). Mahirap talagang maging bobo sa computer... Ewan ko ba kung paano ko naipasa yung mga kursong ito noong nasa kolehiyo pa ako (ah oo nga pala, kasi ang galing ko dati sa paint!!!).

Pero seryoso ako... sana may mabuting kaluoban diyan na maaaring makatulong sa akin...

Aug 6, 2008


My life semi-sucks at the moment!!! I'm still elated due to the news last week. But there are certain things that are keeping me from really being happy.


To those fellow bloggers who I frequent, nope hindi lumaki ang ulo ko... Nagcrash ang PC ko!!! I think it needs to be reformatted, but unfortunately the guy who's supposed to fix my computer doesn't have the time to go to my house and reformat my pc. It sucks but I can't do anything about it. I'm the one who's asking for the favor, so I can't demand, right.

Hopefully, everything will be fine by next week. Oh yeah, and since the computer will need reformatting... that means all files in my pc will be deleted. That's still 8 unpublished posts!!!

Thank you for still reading though, and commenting on my blog. I swear when everything's fixed I'll go and comment on your blogs as well. I just can't at the moment for I'm only renting (hoy ale, nakikita kitang nakikibasa ng sinusulat ko!!!)...


I'm really shallow... I'm depressed because my XBox 360 broke down. 3 red lights. For you non-gamers, that means the operating system of my console died. I have to shell out a few thousand bucks for it to be fixed. Damn you Grand Theft Auto IV!!!

I've been playing the game non-stop before it died on me.

So there you go... my life semi-sucks!!!

Don't worry, you haven't heard the last from me... but until my pc gets fixed I'm on blog rest... I miss this... There's nothing at home that keeps me entertained.

Aug 1, 2008



So I just ended my second day at work. I started yesterday in Option B. Just to refresh your memory, last month I had 5 options for my next job. a leadership position (E), a high paying call center work (A), a training offer (C), a job in a marketing consultancy firm (D) and a post for a pioneering unit for a huge multinational oil company (B).

I chose the last one. As for job specifics, I don't know yet what my responsibilities are, but judging by what the interviewers told me when I applied, it may have something to do with escalations and delivery.


In my original post on my choices, there was no option E. Option E came in late. I would like to believe that the people there liked me, and I was interested in what they have to offer. In terms of learning, there will be a lot because the work deals with different industries. So in terms of what I will be studying, it'd be helpful to make me a well-rounded person.

Thing is, they told me last week to wait for their call this week. Rewind 3 weeks back. I just turned down the offers of the rest of my options. I thought okay, Option B is okay. I mean it's a HUGE company. Great benefits. Salary is just a little less than what I was getting in my last job, but the team I'll be joining will be pioneers. I'll be a pioneer. So I signed up with them.

Back then, since it was only the beginning of July, I thought, hey there's still time to look for other options. Then came Option E. Yeah it was good. Option E in terms of size is just an ant compared to the elephant which is Option B obviously. But the work is something I would like to do. But they told me to wait. So Wednesday came, and still no call. What should I do? Running low on funds I decided to give Option B a chance.


2nd week of July. I already signed my contract. Submitted some of my requirements and then HR of Option B called again for another meeting. Shit! What now? I've already signed up with you guys, what more do you want?! But of course, I have no choice but to go there because I'm still the applicant.

The interview was okay. Just a repeat of my final interview where they asked me what I did in my supervisory post. So blah-blah-blah I explained. They told me that the position they're considering me to be in is sort of escalations. Okay. I'm used to talking to irate people. What the heck, right? So I said that's fine.


Standard first day at work happenings. Got to meet new colleagues. Had fun. Trainer was awesome!!! Hopefully, one day, I'd be able to convince him to be a featured friend. The usual... But then after our last bio break (5 minute break), I came in late.

And then the trainer called my name and asked me as well as one of the guys who came in late with me to join them outside. Shit!!! First day and I already screwed up. What now?!

So outside the room, the Training Manager talked to us. "So, you guys were chosen to go to New Zealand to train for 3 weeks for the blah blah unit."

Oh. My. God.

Hopefully, I'll be able to submit my requirements next week. I just need the Bank Certificate and to fill up the very thick Visa Application Form and I'll be able to go to New Zealand by August 23!!!

48 hours later, I still can't take this stupid grin off my face.


Props to St. Jude, last week I went there to ask for a sign as to which company I should go to. I'm so glad I didn't get that call from Option E. I'm forever in your debt.