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Dec 3, 2008


I already posted some of my favorite comic book adaptations before, but from that time, a lot of new films came out that I decided to post it again.

So yeah, the comic book adaptations are proving to be a very financially rewarding genre, and now they're making these kinds of films left and right. I'm looking forward to alot of them (Wolverine, X-men: First Class, The Avengers). It's not just because I'm geeky that's why I love them, the thing is, it actually appeals to everyone. I don't know a girl who hated Iron Man. I know a couple of guys who started reading Batman comics after seeing The Dark Knight (although I think he's confused with what's happening in the title right now).

The comic book genre is not just about superheroes. Acclaimed and award-winning movies like The Road To Perdition and A History of Violence all stemmed from the minds of comic book creators and were originally told in this medium. So yeah, comic books are not just for geeks.

Anyway, this is the updated list of my favorite comic book films.

Not all comic book adaptation needs to be about action and heroes and villains. Ghost World is proof of that (has anyone here in the Philippines seen that film... it's cute). But it could also be about love, and fantasy and falling stars and evil witches. This was one of my favorite films of last year. Neil Gaiman wrote the original story, and Michelle Pfeiffer is in it too. I have not yet read the book (I have every intention of doing so when I have budget to buy one). It may have been adapted from a book, not sure if the comics or the book came first, but the point is, it was done as a comic book, so there.

Some say that this is better than the original film. I'd tend to agree, it's just that the original film was really fresh when it first came out, that's why for me it's higher on the list. But the one edge it has over the original Spider-man is it's villain. In all aspects for me, Dr. Octopus is much better than the Green Goblin. Admittedly, this film is a whole lot campy, but I don't mind it. It's a film targeted mostly for the kids, so that's fine. I remember watching this movie, and the cinema was full, this was during the time when people prefer watching the film in the cinemas rather than at home with their pirated copies.

I'm not really sure if I should put this movie in this category, as the only thing similar with this movie from it's comic book counterpart is the first 5 minutes. The rest came from the brilliant mind of it's director (whose name is Russian and I can't spell, let alone pronounce). The comic book is about a world ruled by supervillains, while the film is mostly about fate. In the series, Eminem and Halle Berry were the basis for the looks of Wes and Fox, while we have and James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie as replacements. That was so cool. I loved this movie because it was very smartly written, and the action scenes were just jaw-dropping. One of the cooler movies of the year.

I really liked Michael Keaton as Batman. I know he's not as good looking as George Clooney or Christian Bale, but his Bruce Wayne is quite believable. And his brooding Batman is much better. I kind of had a problem with Bale changing his voice when he's in costume. But anyway, why did I put this here? One word: Catwoman!!! Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle... sexiest bitch I've ever seen. I loved the whole "I'm Catwoman, hear me roar!" I think the first time I walked my dog was to this film. Yeah, I'm sick and twisted, but it's Michelle Pfeiffer!!! In a cat suit!!! "YOu know a mistletoe is poisonous when you eat it, but a kiss is more dangerous if you mean it" one of the best lines of the film. And oh yeah, there's Penguins here. Who hates Penguins? The animal, not Danny Devito.

Yeah, it took about an hour before Batman showed up, but the long wait is worth it when you finally see the guy wearing the cape and the mask. You know Falcone is going to be fucked up. Batman Begins tells the story of the transformation of Bruce Wayne from victim to vigilante in one of the best Batman movies yet. And the best news is, it's just the first part of a supposed trilogy!!! This would have been the perfect comic adaptation, only thing I didn't like was Katie Holmes being in the cast. I love her as Joey in Dawson's Creek, I just don't think she fit in the whole cast. I hope Maggie Gyllenhaal does better in The Dark Knight.

I think this kick-started the whole trend of brilliantly adapting comic books to film. This started the whole hero's origin movies. The whole build up the character so that when the hero appears in costume, you'd be in awe. With the exception of the horrible acting of Aunt May when she was attacked by the Green Goblin, I actually thought the film was well done. I watched this movie in the cinemas like 12 times. 8 of which I paid for by the way. Like I said, this film isn't perfect, but it has an advantage of being the first of it's kind.

I'm an X-Men fan, and although I didn't like the first movie, this sequel had me literally falling off my seat. I think I joined the millions of geeks who cheered during the whole assault on the mansion scene. From the appearance of Colossus, to Siryn, Shadowcat, and Wolverine raising hell with the soldiers, I think I cried because of glee. Everyone had a moment in this movie, from Mystique to Jean Grey even minor characters like Rogue, Iceman and Pyro. Oh yeah, and who could forget the most awesome opening sequence ever with Nightcrawler's attack in White House.

3. 300
Who doesn't love this movie? Us guys love it because of the action, girls love it because of the men and gays... it's just you know... it's raining men. Hallelujah! Har har. Anyway, this is the story of 300 Spartans and their part in the Battle of Thermopylae. King Leonidas leads the army to stop the Persians led by Xerxes from invading his land of Sparta. This is a very stylish film. I remember my jaw dropping in a lot of the action scenes in this movie. I have the DVD, and everytime I'm feeling emo, this is what I watch. Don't ask why.

While there's no doubt that this was one of the best movies that came out this year, I do think it's still only second if we are to look at this as just a comic book adaptation. Sure, we LOVED Heath Ledger's take as the Joker, and were captivated by Two Face. And while it was really fun to see that this movie had multiple climaxes, upon seeing this film multiple times, I realized this movie is actually very long. The dragging kind of long. But still, you can't take away the fact that this is a very good movie. A great example of how awesome comic book adaptations can become if done right. Great story. Pitch perfect acting. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

The Dark Knight showed us how comic book films can be turned into an art, Iron Man on the other hand shows us what happens if a director who really knows and loves the character, is given the task of directing it's film adaptation. This movie opened 2008's summer season literally with a bang... I loved this movie, because even if it is science fiction, you'd still feel that it's possible for a man to don an iron suit. It's not the type of film where the costume magically appears (Spider-man) and it didn't take very long for the title character to make it's debut and it's just so good. Makes you wish you were born rich!!! Robert Downey Jr. IS Tony Stark!!! The best of all, this is just the beginning of the real Marvel franchise. Can't wait for The Avengers!!!


The Gasoline Dude said...

Iron Man was actually quite a surprise! Kaya naman nagpirmahan kaagad ang Marvel at Warner Bros. (though I'm not sure of this kung sila nga ang producer nito) for more Marvel adaptations in the future.

Where the hell is HELLBOY? Hmpf. *LOLz*

kosa said...

of ALL the items on your list...
spider man(both) at yung xmen lang yata yung napanood ko.

PUSANG-gala said...

really is a good thing Marvel is there----I love Marvel and X-men. If it is me thought I would put spiderman in number 1.keke. But wait a minute, isn't Avengers under DC? would really be a great idea though, including justice league? whatya think?

gillboard said...

gas dude: DC is owned by Warner Bros. kaya walang ipapalabas na movie from Marvel dun. ang Iron Man is from Marvel inc and Paramount Pictures... shet geek!!!

kosa: panuorin mo lahat.. di sayang sa oras.. hehehe

pusang gala: Avengers is Marvel. Justice League ang DC. Avengers include Captain America and Thor which all have movies coming out before the Avengers film

Skron said...

That I like about Marvel is that they keep their heroes and, most of their universe, grounded. That's why, I think, they'll have more success with their films than DC. DC universe is just messed up. But if they'll start looking into their Vertigo titles...that would be something else.

Skron said...

Oh...and I don't like 300. Not even the comics. I'm not a big Miller fan, both the beer and writer (well I did like Ronin a lot), sorry. So I'll just go with V for Vendetta instead of 300. Oh, and you're not looking forward about the Watchmen?

Anonymous said...

i love iron man and the kick-ass movie wanted. :)

UtakMunggo said...

AGREE AKO SA 300! hehehe

loin cloth is the way to go! woohoo!


the donG said...

ang astig ng mga nasa listahan mo. paborito ko dyan ang xmen united at spiderman.

my-so-called-Quest said...

300 and dark knight are soooo good!
pwere lang sa boses ni batman sa dark knight! hehehe
way beyond from what i expected. hehehe

yung stardust, i read it sa book muna then ung comic. ahehe, pahiram ko sayo! hehehe. dapat may library card. juk! hehe

tama si gasdude, more marvel adaptations sana!

paperdoll said...

wehehe. . hindi talaga aco nahilig sa comics at books. . isa lang nabasa cong book, ung LORD OF THE RING. natripan co lang kasi parang kinalawang natalaga utak co. .

ayoco ng batman. sa totoo lang yan lang ayoco jan kasi nacornihan talaga aco. . ewan co bakit. . ayoco lang siguro sa gumanap as batman. . basta!

ung stardust at ironman ang hindi co panapapanood. . hahanap aco ng time mapanood yang mga yan. . hehe. .salamat naman dito, talagang naghahanap din aco ng magaganda movie para pag na tuliro na naman aco.

Chyng said...

oh well, i found WANTED impressive. may twist hanggang sa dulo. I lovey Angelina there. Who cares if she's 40 something?! Simply Dyosa!

gillboard said...

skron: Yeah, I heard Y-The Last Man movie is already in the works with Vaughan writing the film... Watchmen looks okay, not too excited about that... yet.

josh marie: Both films ROCK!!!

munggo: Ilang buwan na lang, pwede nako magsuot ng loincloth... hahaha

gillboard said...

the dong: mataas dapat x2, kaya lang, magaganda rin talaga yung nasa top 3.

Doc Ced: sige I'll take that offer... pahiram!!!

paperdoll: iron man di mo pa napapanuod?! but why?!

chyng: angelina was really hot dun sa movie!!!

FerBert said...

baket hindi kasama sa listahan mo si Darna? haha

gillboard said...

ferbert: honga noh... yung kay nanette medved... di yung kay Anjanette Abayari

mikko said...

dude! where's hellboy? or 30 days of night? or a history of violence? or v for vendetta? or oldboy? hehehe..

so far, iron-man din ang number 1 sa list ko ng comic book movie. pero kpag lumabas na yung animated movie ng Mouse Guard, im pretty sure na yun na bagong peborit ko. hahahah!

lapit na WATCHMEN! whooohooo!!

gillboard said...

mikko: didn't make it. haven't seen it. boring. and barely got there, i just saw stardust a couple times more than the other, and haven't heard of it.

Mike Avenue said...

Stardust napanood ko. Favorite ko kasi si Michelle Pfeiffer.
Spiderman 2 (syemps kasama 1 at 3).
Hindi ako mahilig sa Batman series. Parang negative sa akin. Ewan ko ba. Kahit kasama pa si Michelle jan!
Mas gusto ko pa Hulk kaysa kay Batman! O kaya Sponge-bob! Hehehe

Eben said...

8 sa listahan mo ay napanood ko na,
yung The Dark Knight at Wanted hindi pa.

Ironman is syempre Stardust. :)

paperdoll said...

parang ang corny kasi ng title. hahaha. . hindi co din alam bakit hindi co naisip panoorin yan. parang lalaking plantsa kasi. . lol


sa Cubao puro bisexual at paminta ang makikita co. . ilang beses na aco naloco dun. . lol

Anonymous said...

for my Film Study class, we once had to do a movie review of any movie that we wanted to write about and that time 300 just came out in theatres and almost the entire class wrote about it. heheh. it really was a great movie. all the blood and gore, and all the 300 barely clothed men. WOAH. ahahah.

i like numbers 10, 3, 2 and 1.

i didn't like Wanted much. the special effects were great, but i thought they paid more attention to it, than the actual story. oh well.

yoshke said...

astig yung Wanted.

Love the Batman and Spiderman movies. Although weird yung taste ko, yung 3rd Spidey movie yung pinakanagustuhan ko. ehehe.

yung X2 rin yung gusto ko sa XMen Movies.

Yung Iron Man, kakadownload ko lang. Hindi ko napanood sa sine. Oo na, loser ako.

dylan dimaubusan said...

waha! i appreciate almost all of 'em.. except si batman.. di ko masyado type.. dark knight daw maganda..

i love marvel characters.. i play them on PSP nung di pa nawarak ng bro ko.tsk.

I've seen Stardust, yes.. Very nice movie..

WANTED's plot is not that great, ayus lang.. mahilig lang talaga ata ako sa mga assassin movies tulad nyan..

alam ko comic books ang review mo. pero di ko kasi sila binabasa eh..hehe

gillboard said...

Mike Avenue: Hulk, the Ang Lee one sucks big time!!!

Eben: kung ano pa ang mga astig sa kaastigan, yun pa di mo napanuod... you're missing half your life (I'm such a loser!!!)

manika: halos lahat ng babaeng kilala ko, after mapanuod iron man kras na si robert downey jr.

gillboard said...

tisay: but the comic book was really good... violent talaga...

yoshke: wala kaming sinasabing ganyan...

dylan: yung movies yung review ko, di yung comics.. di nako masyado nagbabasa ngayon eh..

Mys Lyke Meeh said...

I love the Iron Man, and yes Spider Man ( the original is the best than the second one)... Stardust, never watch it yet! Batman begins is some kinda of cool! but 300 is some kinda of bloody for me!

You don't like Elektra? It's in comic book too---I like it , more cool! U know woman kinda!

Take care!