Mga Sumasampalataya

Aug 15, 2008


Before I post about my second Featured Friend, I just want to say sorry for not being on time. You already know the reason, and there’s no sense in repeating myself every post. This isn’t how my original post was written, as it was done about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but I will try to write it as good as the first one. And no, I’m not making excuses… I’m just saying. Okay?


May 2005: I was already resting when my boss came to me and ordered (take note… ordered) me to make a sale for the non-performing newbies. There were about three of them, and I was tasked to call for this guy.

I noticed he was very focused with what he was doing. I know he’s determined to make a sale and impress us out of our wits. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a good day for him. He was on the verge of tears. “New hires!” I thought. He had those dumb puppy dog eyes, as if begging for me to help him. So I took the headset, sat down, did my spiel and a couple of minutes later, presto, instant sale. That’s how good I am. But this isn’t about me.

Apparently, he idolized my selling abilities so much that he started to depend on me for sales. And he wasn’t on my team!!! Not even close. So when I noticed his being a parasite I decided to say no. Sensing my irritation, he finally decided to bother his own Team Leader.

Obviously, he didn’t make a good impression on me. Things got worse as he got better in his work. Once he got his confidence in the program he suddenly became the loudest guy in the room. He had this weird Indian/Chinese/Australian accent which meant that he’s trying to seduce a language barrier customer into buying our service. It was annoying.

People’s first impressions of him were pretty much leaning towards the negative. Weird. Loud. Arrogant. Hot and attractive (not my words)… but still weird.

One lunch break, I was busy working (more like bullying my agents to write a friendster testimonial for me) when he came by my station and started talking to me. I found out that he likes to read a lot (something we have in common), he came from UP (a bit impressive) and he talked about some deep stuff that I barely understood (so he’s not an airhead after all).

Francis left our little program to bother his fellow Filipinos and later the recruitment department of our company. I guess that’s when we started to become friends. Iced coffee and movies were some of the things we have in common.

He's never a dull gimmick buddy. The guy is SO talkative!!! I don’t know if there is a minute when he’ll shut up. You can talk about anything, and he has an opinion about it. I am out of words when I’m with him, because honestly, I understand only half of the things that are coming out of his mouth. ONLY HALF!!! And we talk for hours... Precious time I'll never get back.

If you get a hold of Francis, he could be a very generous friend. But that’s a big IF. He’s very difficult to find. More difficult still, is to arrange a gimmick with this guy. He’s currently busy juggling two careers, one with a recruitment firm, and the second is for a home furnishings company.

He’s been through a lot all throughout his t----y plus years of existence. I’ve seen him during his best times, and I’ve seen him at his worst (If you read the prologue, you know this is coming). Believe me, I’ve seen his bad days. It was really bad. People thought he was on drugs when he lost a lot of weight because his 9 year relationship with his then girlfriend ended.

Like any man, he picked himself up from life’s challenge, and came out much better… (I hope so). I don’t get to see him that often anymore. But I think he’s doing much better now. I’m not really sure if he’s still single or not. I think he’s not… but who knows. He never replies when I ask him that question. Until now. RANDOM THINGS

Want to know Francis Joy Patrick better? Hmm… Where to start… The guy’s a golf enthusiast for one. He cries everytime he watches Joan of Arcadia. He likes chinita girls and would really prefer if she has the same IQ as he does. Well, not really. My opinion is that he IS easy… He IS!!! As long as you have long legs, I guess.

Oh, and at his age, he’s already showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Francis is very forgetful. Specially if you ask him to do something for you. I’ve had 3 birthdays pass, and his promised friendster testimonial is still filed in his mind somewhere. Non-existent.

Francis is also a movie buff and a coffee lover. But more than that, he is a heavy drinker… Leaning towards being an alcoholic. Nah, he just likes to party a lot. There’re no dull moments whenever he’s around. He talks nonsense whenever he’s drunk, and more nonsense if ever he’s sober. He just loves to talk.

Sexual innuendo is nothing new to him. He’s been offered twice about it before while he was still doing the interviewing. One was from a girl. And another one was from a guy... or was it a lot from other guys? I don’t remember.

Like I said a few paragraphs earlier, I don’t get to see him that much anymore. He knows it, and he does try to make sure he makes up for lost time. His birthday’s in 3 weeks, so this is my birthday gift to you. Matanda ka na!!! Manlibre ka naman!!!

He really has an interesting story to tell. And this is not the venue for it to be told. You really should get to know him. He might suck at everything else, but he fairs much better at being a good friend. That's my second featured friend... Francis.


Mugen said...

It's a rule we don't cross the straight world, but I have to say he's cute. Lucky are the ladies snapped by his charm

mikko said...

natutuwa ako dito sa featured friend series mo ah.. kakaiba.. hehe.

Anonymous said...

i had a lot of things to comment as i read the entry, but i was suddenly lost for words after all the photos finally finished uploading... HOT MUCH!

hahaha! anyway, i like the fact that you hated him before you became friends. you just don't really hear stories like that hahaha.

and Indian/chinese/australian accent? i can't imagine what that sounds like. :P

hahah! have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...


in my statement above, i meant to say loading and not uploading.

i dunno, i just wanted to say it. the obssessive-compulsive chick in me can't stand the error. hahaha!

TENTAY™ said...

hey hey, ano number nya? lol...

Roxy said...

wow. He's CUTE. :D Tentay. Siyet diba? :D

Mr. Scheez said...

I fourth the motion! Salamat sa pagvisita =)

Miss Elle said...

cutie nga pare. :p

jan vincent said...

MALIBOG NA BATA uhm err MATANDA!!! yun lang.

he speaks chinese, japanese, and when he's drunk some alien language that he alone speaks.

UtakMunggo said...

hey! i can very much relate! some friendships start off on the wrong foot, i guess. tipong, just when you thought you thoroughly detest the person you find out other things about them that you find endearing. before you know it, you're buddies!

it's when you start to embrace another person's entirety; that's what friendship is, in the profound sense.

i so miss my "beast" right now. i hope to write something as good as this about her, but i'm afraid masisira ko lang ang reputasyon ng lola kong iyon. hahhaha

churvah said...

ung isa sa mga bestest friend ko ngaun,di rin mgnda first impression ko sa kanya,but when we had some time to talk,ayun..ang dami pala naming things in common..dun na nagstart ang friendship.

ang sarap mo namang maging friend..eport kung eport ang testi,hehe.

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha. mukha nga siyang fun kasama... hehehe! siyempre UP eh. biro lang. hehehe


Professional Heckler said...

thanks for putting a link to my blog.

leviuqse said...

he should pay you for the glowing review ! hehe

dabo said...

hahahah.. cutie nga! lol!

jan vincent said...

Hey gilbert have you watched the ICT YOGO AVP on his multiply account? it says there 25 (or 24) years old daw sya...

ICT talaga kahit kelan!!!

Anonymous said...

hey! where's francis now? how is he? your blogs are good :)