Mga Sumasampalataya

Apr 30, 2008


I haven't reviewed a movie in a very long time, and this film deserves to be the first movie I'll be reviewing this year.

First off, WATCH THIS MOVIE UNTIL THE END OF THE CREDITS!!! Obviously, no one knows this will happen, so now I'm telling you for your benefit. Stay after the ending! It's unfortunate that only 5 of us inside the cinema saw the epilogue.

Anyway, on to the review. If you're going to watch the movie to look for drama, you won't find it here. This is a mindless popcorn summer movie. Nothing more, nothing less. And I'm not saying that negatively because this movie wreaks with AWESOME!!! What a way to start the movie season!!! I have a feeling that this entry will be full of exclamation points!!!

Iron Man, for you non-geeks out there is a comic book character from Marvel. Tony Stark is one of the heads of the world's biggest weapons manufacturer. And when he was abducted by terrorists using his own weapons to almost kill him, Tony finally has an epiphany. He needs to use his technology for good. Hence, Iron Man is born. It's a little bit predictable, but hey, you don't go to popcorn summer movies to overthink and predict... you just enjoy it's awesomeness.

If you want to do that (think) December's a few month's from now. The thinking films are normally released by then.

The story is very believable and up to date. Some might say that this is reflective of the real world. Geek moments like Rhodes' eyeing a spare costume, and the mention of 10 rings (Mandarin as villain for the sequel... hell yeah!!!), also the ending... the real one after the credits... I think I'll have a heart attack because of pure excitement!!! There are no cheesy moments here (all Spider-man films)... no long wait for the hero in costume to appear (I'm talking about you Batman Begins) and no ridiculous villains (uh... Superman Returns' Lex Luthor). This is a perfect comic book adaptation. And oh yeah, did I mention, it's also funny?!

Obviously, I love this movie. I'm a Marvel zombie, and this is a great origin story. I'm sure this movie will have sequels and I'm psyched for that. Everyone was great. Robert Downey Jr. is perfect for the role. Gwyneth Paltrow was equally amazing as Pepper Potts. I am having problems with the voice of Terrence Howard as James Rhodes, but his acting is great... can't wait for him to don War Machine's costume. And Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane...that's the kind of scary I like... I love it!!! Pepper and Tony have great chemistry together, and I think they have the best non-love-team tandem yet. Sorry, non-comic readers, just a tidbit. Pepper eventually married Tony's driver Happy Hogan in comics, but seeing that films are different, this makes me wish that Ms. Potts end up with the billionaire.

I'm having a hard time ranking this with other comic book movie adaptations. It's hard to place a number on it along with X2, Batman Begins and Spider-Man. But definitely, Iron Man is right there on top.

SCORE: 9.5/10 only because I'm having trouble with Terrence Howard's voice.

Apr 29, 2008


It's actually good that I have an active mind. I like it, because I know I'm not getting dumb. I have ideas coming from my brain. It's cool. What's not cool though is that it seems to be active mostly at night... you know, before I go to bed. Prevents me from what's-the-word? Oh yeah... Sleeping!!!

This really annoying thing that's been bothering me for almost a week now is what they call insomnia. I have no idea why this is happening to me. I'm living a pretty normal lifestyle without any stress. It's not that hot as I'm now sleeping in the 3rd floor with my fan at it's strongest and all windows opened. I hate that not being able to sleep at night makes me hungry. Like right now... it's 3:00am and I am hungry.

I want to go to sleep, but I can't. 30 minutes ago, I spent an hour tossing and turning on my bed. I tried counting sheep (I lost the sheeps at 243... some of them ran away). I tried reading (my eyes went heavy for a good 10 minutes then I'm awake again). I tried to walk my dog but realized that it definitely was not a good idea. So now, I'm back downstairs typing all my thoughts away hoping that with the last word, I'd be able to exhaust my mind and finally go snooze.

If this turns out to be the longest entry I'll ever make, then you know that this option failed.

Dear Brain, GO TO SLEEP!!!

Hey, since I'm on the subject, I just want to let you know so you'll avoid having the same problem as I have. Here are some things you should do when you're already cozied up on your bed...
  • Switch off your phone. 3 things that this does: 1) you don't get tempted to text the cable channel's text channel (as if I do that... a lot... anymore) 2) total darkness... 3) there's no 3... I think there was but my mind's so messed up right now I can't think clearly.
  • While you're on the habit on switching off things, do that to your television as well. Saves energy... and it helps you avoid switching your cellphone on and posting your digits on tv. (I swear to the Lord, you're not going to meet the one that way).
  • Don't listen to music. I know some people get to sleep that way, but me... It. Does. Not. Work. If let's say for example I'm listening to mp3 or fm (random music is on). Once a familiar song starts playing, I tend to sit up and sing the lyrics. After the song, I find myself struggling, waiting for the sandman to come.
  • Never play with your thingie (I'm sorry, you have to forgive me... I haven't slept vocabulary is astoundingly poor). It only gets your adrenaline pumping. Then you'll get uncomfortable in your position in bed, and then the next thing, you'll find yourself awake. AT 4 in the morning. I didn't do that this evening... just so we're clear.
  • Don't think of ghosts. It'll only get you scared. Next thing you know, you're imagining hearing or seeing things.
  • And oh yeah, switch off the lights as well. It's easier to go to sleep when it's dark.

This has gone long enough. I've released most of my thoughts out of my system. But I'm not yet sleepy. The pc's light is keeping me awake. And I'm not lying down. And my room is on the 3rd floor.

I really don't know if I'm making sense at the moment. I'm just typing random words. I know what you're going to say, I do that even if I had completed 8 hours of sleep.

I knew it was a bad idea going down to write this crap.

Apr 28, 2008


Seriously, I don't want to be a corporate slave anymore. If only I'm rich or if I've saved enough money for myself, I wouldn't be working for a corporation or a boss. I want to be my own boss. I want to control my time. I don't want to wake up early in the morning, or worse at night to go to the office. If only there's a way to just sleep to earn, I'd do it. Life sucks hard.

I swear, if I'm able to go abroad, Ill have enough money to have myself my own business. There's a lot I could do. Or maybe for now, I'll stick to trying my luck with game shows. Come on, Game Ka Na Ba and Wheel Of Fortune, call me!!!

HOUSE FOR RENT: We have one house not being used at the moment, there's no sense leaving it rotting, I swear, if my parents weren't here I'd have it rented. The money I'll get there's enough to get me through a month.

COMICS SHOP: What's the best business for a geek like me? THey say that if you're entering one, it should be something that you really love or passionate about. I love comic books!!! Now it may not be feasible where I live so a little relocation might be something I need to do.

BAKESHOP: My tita wanted to do this when she comes back from the States. Maybe I'll help out. I like eating pastries. There's nothing wrong with making them anyway. This could be a good idea.

COMPUTER SHOP: If I want a fast return of investment, this may be the best business to have. I swear, when I was still working in the evening, whenever I pass by a computer shop at midnight it's still full of customers. I know it's a lot of work, but it beats having nothing right.

SARI SARI STORE: If it's a steady business I want, I could opt for this one. Although I don't think that this one is for me. I tend to eat what I sell. So restaurant is out of the question as well. But if I can control myself, this may work.

The point is, I don't want to work for someone, but having no money on my own, I need to just suck it up.

If any of you want to hire a writer, please let me know.

Apr 26, 2008


I really don't know where these ideas are coming from. I haven't been in a relationship for some time now. I haven't held on to one for longer than a month ever since I graduated from high school. Believe me, I'm no relationship guru, but what I'm writing here comes from experiences of other people. People I'm close to, people I read blogs from, and people who came to my life.

Anyway, I thought about this earlier, as I was thinking about past relationships. I thought, that there really are only 4 kinds of boyfriends a girl will have. They won't have four if they're lucky, but generally I think that there are typically just these. I didn't categorize them according to personality, but as to what kind of boyfriends they will be.

MR. WRONG: The first kind of boyfriend. Probably your first boyfriend. Anyway, he's all kind of wrong. Not necessarily bad wrong. Just wrong. Nothing about the two of you says compatible. A sign that you're dating Mr. Wrong is if you're arguing with the littlest of things. Even the good things he does, you find you have to criticize. Mr. Wrong could be the nicest and sweetest person in the world, but the two of you just are not meant to be together. The world will find a way to keep you from being together.

MR. RIGHT NOW: He's the trophy boyfriend. You have an open relationship, where it's fine for you to see other people while you're together. Heck, I'd even say that you just became an item because you need to do the dirty deed. Could even be a fuck buddy, but you're too ashamed to admit to your friends that what you have is less than a relationship. Nevertheless, he's not the one. He could be Mr. Right... just not right now. Right now, it could just be because of the sex or the company. He may be stupid to realize that what you have is special. Who knows, right?

MR. PERFECT: Being Mr. Perfect doesn't necessarily mean he could be Mr. Right. He could be the nicest, richest, most good-looking, greatest in bed, or all of the above, but he's still not the right one for you. You still have doubts in your mind that he's the one you want to be with forever. You constantly find yourself being with another guy. Or even when you're with him, you're still thinking of your ex. Who knows, anyway the point is, he could have everything you ask for, but you still find yourself wanting for more.

MR. RIGHT: The soul mate. The person you'll marry. He doesn't necessarily be Mr. Perfect, he may even once have been Mr. Right-Now. You could have arguments that last a lifetime, but at the end of the day, you still find he's still the person you want to be with. Despite all the shortcomings, or the weird habits, or his being monetarily challenged, you still love him. No one can replace him in your heart. At night, he's the last thing you think about, and the first person you want to see in the morning.

Yeah, girls these are the four kinds of boyfriends you'll ever have. Guys, one of these days I'll write about the kinds of girlfriends you'll have. Or something similar.


Lately I've been stuck at home watching mostly Filipino made shows. And I noticed that they've really been more creative. Gone were the days where a telenovela is about lovers who's against the world, nor about long lost children who's being maltreated by their stepmother or the devil. I miss those shows. I miss Cinderella stories.

Now, when you surf to the big 2 channels, you'll see Philippine franchises of foreign game shows, fantasy series which defies logic (negatively). You see the same stars practically doing the same thing only with a different name (and sometimes a different costume, like fish tail perhaps). I think it's better if I put down my general observations of Philippine tv in bullet points.

  • Only in the Philippines do you get a talent/star search disguised as a reality tv show (Pinoy Big Brother!!!). I bet Survivor Philippines will be like that as well. I bet Survivor Philippines will have it's own love team too.
  • You know you're watching a Pinoy show when towards the end of the series the leading lady gets kidnapped.
  • One more thing, Filipino-made television show often if not always involve a missing son/daughter/grandchild/nephew/niece/godchild of a wealthy parent/grandparent/uncle/aunt or godparent.
  • A plot point for any comedy show is about a character assuming something for the truth. I don't know if it makes any sense at all.
  • Ahh, this one I find funny, so I was watching the ending of Palos the other night, and the villain was shot by an armalite several times, but still he got to say a minute worth of dialogue. Only in the PHilippines. Maybe the guy's wearing anting-anting or something.
  • Maids are actually precious on Philippine television as they're mostly smarter than the lead characters, or they're the only ones who know the whole truth about the family they're serving.
  • Only in Pinoy tv do you see a gameshow pulling out audience members to participate in a game only to ask them to lose (I'm talking about you Willie Revillame!!!). I hate that they do that. ONe day, I'll write a whole entry about how that irks me.
  • One more thing about game shows, they offer to help out the needy, but most of the players in their shows are actors/actresses. And they still ask people to text them so that they'll be able to play as studio contestants. I mean WTF?!!! I've texted Game Ka Na Ba and Wheel of Fortune like a hundred times already, and not once have I ever been called nor texted to join.
  • Oh yes, only here do you see contestants who claim to be poor, cry a lot on television, and when the host asks them what their talent is, they'll dance the macarena the liveliest that they can.
  • Going back to telenovelas, only here in the Philippines do you see the villains to be more popular than the heroes/heroines. Oftentimes they're being chased by old ladies swinging their umbrellas.

I know there's more. A lot more about Philippine television. Even Bob Ong had a lengthy topic written about that on one of his books. DVD's of the latest series in the US can't come too soon. Sigh.

Apr 24, 2008


So earlier today, I had some time to organize my blog. I actually labeled the topics of the blogs that I've written over the almost 3 years that I've been blogging. I decided to do this as I've noticed that there've been a few new people that's been visiting my blog. This way they can actually read stuff that they're interested in.

I don't write a lot of stuff, but I try to write what I think will peek your interest. I have to apologize as I don't know how to put it as a quicklink. If anyone can tell me how to do this, I'll be in your debt aside from my eternal gratitude.

So anyway if you're new to reading this blog, let me introduce myself and what my blog is all about. Take a look at the left side of the screen. Joke. But yeah, that's what this blog is all about in a nutshell.

ANyway, the following are a list of labels of the topics I've written over the years. I'll give a brief description as well as to what's it about.

COMICS: This is about comic books. What I've been reading, and what it is about. I've written reviews as well. Although, I'll skip this week's review as I didn't buy anything this week. I might just do this as a monthly thing.

FRUSTRATED: I'm a frustrated comedian, and the entries here shows it. It might not be funny if you don't know me, but it's mostly about me ranting about how sucky my life is (kinda). But if you want to smile, try clicking on that label.

GAMING: This only has 2 entries as of now, but I will try to write some more in the future. I just finished Bioshock last night, so who knows.

MOVIES: Reviews of films that I've seen, probably lists of my favorite films or my rants about the worst flicks ever made. Although I don't watch a lot of films these days, whenever I see a new one, in the future I'll makes sure to write down one. Hey, May's just a few days away so summer blockbuster season's about to begin.

MUSIC: I love listening to music, but hate writing about it. But every once in awhile, when I'm struck by writer's block I put an entry about music. A few descriptions and the lyrics. So don't expect too much about it in my blog.

PERSONAL: My personal insights on stuff... aging, friendships, and mostly about me. I don't remember anymore.

RELATIONSHIPS: Mostly about my lack of one. But if ever I had, you'll read a little about it here. The perks, the peeves. Anything under the sun.

TV: I'm a couch potato, and some of the entries here prove it. Sometimes I can just stay in my room the whole day and watch a show without doing anything else. To hell with eating, when I'm watching how Michael Scofield is escaping prison.

Yeah, so that's what's inside my blog. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to let me know what you think. I can take any comment, suggestion, marriage proposal, death threat or what have you. As long as you enjoy, then it's my pleasure. Again, thank you for visiting my personal online journal.

Apr 22, 2008


Now I was watching the second season of "How I Met Your Mother" last night and it got me thinking of how us guys usually deal with break ups. What normal guy hasn't been in that situation? Oh yeah, those people who've been single since birth. So anyway, I want to write something today so I guess I'll just list down what I've seen us guys do to cope with ending a relationship. This may apply to girls too... I think.

  • AN UNEXPECTED DIET: When guys break up with someone they love, there's only two outcomes: you lose weight or you gain weight. Let's deal with the first one. THere are guys who lose their appetites. I guess depression overpowers their need to feed. In some ways it turns out good for us, as we become more attractive with less fats. But that only applies to overweight people. Now if a guy already has a thin frame, and then lose weight (like someone I know), there is a possibility he'd look like he'd done drugs.
  • BEER BELLY BOY: The opposite also applies to other dumpees. This is a result of being a patron to beer houses, bars, friend's homes, and/or soaking the sorrow at home. I unfortunately became a victim of this. As depression actually makes me want to eat more (not necessarily drink though, I don't like drinking more than 3 bottles of beer). THis sucks, but we have to suck it in, I guess.
  • DENIAL IS NOT JUST A RIVER IN EGYPT: This is not just for guys, it's irritating when girls do this. How in the world are you ever going to move on if three months into the break up the guy/girl still sms you to know how you are, as if nothing happened. While there's a chance that you'll be friends with your ex, it does not and SHOULD NOT be forced at once. Otherwise you're just giving mixed messages. I don't do this, I know people who do (guys AND girls).
  • THE GIFTED ONE: There are guys who find it easy moving on. He gets dumped today, tonight he's already out in the ocean searching for his next prospect. I guess it's the attitude but I notice that guys who do this, are the physically gifted. I'd really like to be like this, but seeing as I don't have a social life, it might take time for me to be like this.
  • THE INDIANA JONES EFFECT: This guy, after ending a relationship starts searching to find his true self. The treasure hunter whose search leads him to becoming a better person. This may actually be the reason for the break up. This makes the next girlfriend really lucky.
  • PRIEST/MONK... SINGLE: This could be me, a guy who realize that being single is actually great. Unlike women, I never met a guy who after a break up turned into a woman hater. A jerk to women, maybe... but a woman hater? Unless he became gay, I don't think this would be an option. We have certain needs that should be fulfilled that only a woman could give. While a relationship is not a must, we just enjoy the status of our lives right now. Yeah, I think this is where I was, and where I am right now.

This was supposed to be an entry about that show, as I really loved it, but I thought that this could be more interesting than a silly little tv show, don't you think?

Apr 20, 2008


I notice lately my posts have been geared towards my female readers, so now I'm going to cater to my other readers. I'll write about games!!!

I have an XBox 360, and if I have time to go up to my entertainment room, I play a lot of games. I don't get to play a lot these days as I'm mostly occupied by this other computer. But later, I'll play again. I like playing as I'm enjoying everything, specially because I have a kick-ass sound system. But it's really tiresome to go to the 3rd floor and set up everything. Although the console I have won't let me log in online, that's fine. I still enjoy playing by myself.

So anyway, I'll list down some of the games that keeps me occupied every other evening or afternoon. I don't have a lot of titles in my library because games are expensive.

GEARS OF WAR: The first game that I got addicted to when I first got my console. It took me one whole day to play the game. You play Marcus Fenix, and you and your men have to go through the game to kill Locusts (alien beings that apparently took over our world). It's an action game, and fills my Resident Evil cravings. I love this game. Great graphics, and cool cutscenes. I love how the next gen consoles have improved everything about gaming. It's great to be played with your speakers on full volume. It's the type of noise that'll get you reported to the barangay, but it's worth it!!!

ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION: The first RPG game I got for this console, and this one like the first on the list, is addictive. THe world of Oblivion is huge and you can actually explore the whole place. It's so cool. The story is quite engaging, and you have tons and tons of sidequests. Actually, I've played the game mostly trying to finish the sidequests than the main story itself. I'm trying to make my character stronger, and am trying to improve my magics. Just thinking about it, I actually don't remember what this game is about. But it's fine. I still love this game.

Before anything else, I just want to let you know, I'm not going to comment on the graphics anymore as all games that I'll be listing here all have great graphics.

MASS EFFECT: Another RPG, but this one I like better. It's like Oblivion, only you're in outer space and you're using guns instead of swords. This one is another huge game. You play Commander Shepherd, and you have to stop some alien bad ass from conquering the entire galaxy. I like that I can create my own character, and I get to see him/her during the cutscenes. There are a handful of galaxies and star systems you can visit and explore, and a lot of quests you have to finish. One more thing I like about this game is that you can choose what kind of person you're going to be and you can choose what you can reply to people and it changes the outcome of your story.

LOST ODYSSEY: Japanese turn-based RPG is a rarity in this console, so I take what I can. And this game is a good one. I'm almost finished with this game, I'm just exploring the world, so that I can empower my characters. There are tons of things to do with all of my characters so that when I finally face the final boss, it would be a breeze, but sometimes fighting the same enemies could be tedious. These sort of games need patient players. Fortunately I tolerate these kinds of games. Been into this one since the Final Fantasy 7 days.

BIOSHOCK: This is the game I'm currently playing. It's a First Person Shooter set in a subterranean city under I believe the Atlantic Ocean. It's sort of creepy in a Silent Hill manner, but it's very engaging. I like my powers, I like that I can pummel my enemies using a wrench. It's just a bummer that the enemies get stronger as you progress in the game. A great game to play with full volume speakers and lights switched off (although I don't recommend this as I believe it's not good for the eyes).

HALO 3: I don't know any XBox 360 owner who doesn't have this game. The last part of the Halo Trilogy about Master Chief's fight to save Earth from the swarm of invading aliens. This is actually the first game I finished. Gears of War has a very difficult Final Boss Raam. I'm not into FPS games, but this game got me into it. This is the reason I'm also enjoying Bioshock right now. This is a great game. Not necessarily the best, but a vast improvement compared to all the games that I've played in the past.

Apr 19, 2008


For a guy, I tend to shed tears quite easily. No, I'm not a cry baby, but I actually get touched by nice and tender moments on film, tv, music or literature. This entry will list down the things that made me whimper a little.

DAWSON'S CREEK: Not the entire show of course, but one particular episode. I think it's the first season finale of the show when Michelle William's grandfather died. It was the scene inside a chapel after gramps died, her grandmother was trying to be strong, and that's when she finally broke down. It was emotionally heartbreaking, losing your partner. That particular episode's highlight I believe, it's a powerful scene.

THE STORY OF US: I did not come from a broken family, but I really feel for this movie. It's sort of a chick flick, but not the type that you'd be embarassed if you're caught watching it. No, I take it back... it is that type of film. Anyway, the movie is about how a married couple's relationship is about to reach the end. The part that affected me in this film was actually the end part. It's the one I think in the end where they finally decide that they want to... they need to try again. It's touching.

SHALL WE DANCE: This one, shamefully is a certified chick flick, but this is my guilty pleasure. Actually, this was the film that made me want to write this topic. It's actually the song "Book Of Love" by Peter Gabriel that affected my tearducts. The touching part was towards the end where Richard Gere came to Susan Sarandon's work to ask her to dance with him. Awww!!!

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HOLLOWS: ***SPOILERS*** If you haven't read the book (it's been almost a year, are you living under a rock?!) and don't want to be spoiled then read another blog... the part where Hedwig and the servant elf (the name escaped me).

GREY'S ANATOMY: It's sort of a comedy but there are epiosodes that just push the right buttons. The episode where the Cristina was left on her wedding day, also the death of Izzy's lover. Mostly when someone dies... It's sort of morbid, but it's me.

Again, let me say I'm not a crybaby. But there are some things that easily make me feel for people. Heck, some contestants of Wowowee make me wet my eyes. I don't think it's pathetic, I actually should've put this as one of the reasons why I could be a good boyfriend. I think it's actually sweet. I mean for my female readers how many guys do you know would admit to being easily emotional on stuff like this, right?

Does this make me weird? Maybe. But I'd rather be weird than have an emotional capacity of a teaspoon (I borrowed that line from Hermione).

Apr 17, 2008


I will try to do this weekly thing from now on, writing reviews of the choice comics I purchase every Thursday. It's not a lot as I'm a Marvel Zombie, so I only buy Marvel comics. Sorry, but I can't really understand the whole continuity thing of the DC Universe. This week, I bought 4 titles with one that came out last week. First up is...

WOLVERINE 64: Part 3 of the 'Get Mystique' storyline, and this seems like the climax of the story. Mystique's been able to escape Logan's grasp because she's - you know - a very crafty beyotch. While back in the past, things go wrong when Logan, Raven and her bunch of grifters try to rob a bank. How does these 2 stories connect? It doesn't really. Just shows us the dark and bitter history between Logan and Raven. I love this story arc, and Mystique's starting to be my favorite villain of all time. I like how she uses her powers to manipulate people so Logan will have a hard time catching her.
The art is by Ron Garney which perfectly compliments the great story by Jason Aaron. I can't believe the art is by the same person who drew AMazing Spider-man last year. I can't compare both works as it's really different... in a very positive way. I love the crispy fried Wolverine in one of the scenes of this issue.
Looks like Wolverine will have his chance next issue, but looking at all the artillery Mystique has in her arsenal... boy a grudge match is going to be an understatement!!!

SCORE: 8/10

X-FACTOR 30: Part 2 of 'The Only Game in Town'. It's a good story, but lacks the humor that it is known for. The plotlines of Layla and Siryn both have been put in the sideline for Arcade's torture game. I really want to like this issue, but something's pulling me away. I can't put my finger to it. I can't even bring myself to want to read this issue again which isn't normal for this title. Peter David please give me a reason to keep this title.
This issue, Arcade's plan is already put in motion and we find out who hired him to target X-Factor or Rictor specifically. And Mutant Town is put in very grave danger. I can't even tell the story properly. I'm confused.
The art is by Valentine De Landro, and it's pretty much consistent with the other artists. Maybe it's the art that I'm having problems with. I mean while they look similar, it's really different from Paulo Raimondi's which in my opinion is spectacular. It could be... Anyway, it doesn't look good. Hopefully, next month will improve story and artwise.
The confusion this story's giving me is disappointing.

SCORE: 6/10

INCREDIBLE HERCULES 116: A new storyline starts this week and is the prologue to the tie-in to this year's event Secret Invasion. This is practically the 5th issue of Hercules' title and I'm really warming up to it. Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente transformed this title into one of the most fun comic that ever been released. I love it. This is one title that I did not expect to enjoy.
Amadeus, Herc and his sister Athena goes to San Francisco to prepare for an impending invasion and crosses path with another set of gods called the Eternals. You see Ikaris Thena and Makkari thought that Herc is one of their missing brother, and this leads to something we all expected. A brawl!!!
The art is by Rafa Sandoval, while not on par with the previous artist can actually hold it's own. I like that Marvel, when they're changing artists makes sure that it's not radically different from the previous one. It's actually good. You're not going to hear anything bad from me with the art. It's great.
The ending for this issue is good. I don't want to spoil anything with this one, but let me tell you the characters Athena gathered in the end to fight the incoming invaders made me drool. It' so cool, that I hate that I have to wait one more month to find out what's going to happen next.

SCORE: 9/10

CAPTAIN AMERICA 37: Is there any title that's better than this? I've read Ed Brubaker's entire run of this title and I hate that a comic book like this is issued only once a month. It should be released weekly, if not daily. God, it's so intense that even if this issue doesn't have any action in it you still find yourself at the edge of your seat.
Red Skull, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Sharon Carter, guest star Hawkeye even minor characters like Doctor Faustus and Senator Gordon Wright all give weight into this amazing title. This title is what you get when you combine tv shows like 24, Prison Break, The Unit, Alias and whatever cool spy show together. It's really that good. I can't recommend this enough. I actually have a feeling that this title whenever it comes out will be easy to review. I'll just have to cut and paste every good thing that I write every week.
The art is also great. Whether it's this month's artist Steve Epting or Mike Perkins or Butch Guice, you'll have a hard time spotting the difference. It could be the colorist Frank D'Armatta's fault, but it's not a bad thing. The consistency is great.
The ending of this story bodes something dark in the future for all the characters involved in this title. And I can't wait for that to happen. Bravo Mr. Brubaker! Bravo!!!

SCORE: 10/10

Apr 16, 2008


Do not get me wrong, this is not a plea for me to be in a relationship. These things, for it to work out, takes time. It's just I was thinking the other day, I'm a nice guy. I should be, if given a chance, a good boyfriend. While I may not be that gifted in the looks department (konti lang...), I have other things going for me.

No, I haven't been dumped recently. I actually haven't had time to pursue a lovelife lately. But being single for almost a year now gets me thinking. WHat makes me a good boyfriend?

  • I'm smart. That means that I can carry an intelligent conversation. While I'm not interested in politics, religion, economy or current events. I make sure, that I know what I'm talking about. And hey, I may let you win debates or conversations from time to time.
  • I know and understand that you need some alone time yourself. If you want to have time to hang out with your friends. No questions asked, I'll let you.
  • I'm not needy, clingy or will be dependent on you. I myself hate parasites, and I'm not like that. I respect your space, and will only come in if you let me.
  • I am not demanding. Nuff said.
  • I guess it doesn't hurt that I'm a good kisser.
  • Oh yeah, and I have great friends that are not a bad influence on me.
  • I am spontaneous and I don't back out on adventures. I guess that's nice for making great dates.
  • In a weird way, parents like me. i guess it's the good boy image that I show off. Even if it's just an image.
  • I have sense of humor.

Like I said earlier, I'm not writing this so that I could be someone's boyfriend. It's cool being single. But I don't find anything wrong in being in a relationship as well. This is just me thinking out loud.

Apr 13, 2008


So I was watching television with my mum last night, and on ABS-CBN, they showed this teaser for the show XXX. It was about I think a maid being maltreated by her employers. Apparently, she was forced to wed or have sex with a dog. I'm not really sure as I didn't see the show.

Mum: Ano yun, nabuntis ba? (Did she get pregnat?)
Me: Huwaaaat?!
Mum: Pinaasawa sa aso di ba, nagbuntis ba? (She was forced to marry the dog right, did she get pregnant?)
Me: ?! (speechless)

WHat can I say, really?

Apr 11, 2008


I'm not an avid fan of the show anymore. My taste in television shows vary now compared to like 4 or 5 years ago. Actually, the only reason I was watching this show this season is of course because of Filipino pride. But she was voted off one week ago. I'm not going to blame anyone as she really hasn't been performing greatly after the first week.

For Ramielle, I really think the best performance she's made was during Hollywood week. AFter that, I've been constantly disappointed with her choice of songs and mostly her performance. But she's already voted out so enough about that.

This week, it's goodbye to Michael Johns. The Aussie singer who in my opinion is one of the better singers in the competition. Oh well, one more reason to not watch idol anymore. I didn't catch the performance episode the other night, but judging from today's episode, it was one of his stronger performance. I only saw his farewell performance, so it could sound more different from the other day. But I loved the song. I can't believe that Kristy Lee is still in the frickin' show!!!

So I'll run down the Top 7 of the show:

David Cook: My favorite performer this season. Could be the runaway winner if he keeps his performance as is. I loved his version of Lionel Ritchie's "Hello". I like the emo vibe he's bringing to the show as well as the rockstar appeal. If I can make a vote, this singer would be it. Makes me miss the other singing show "Rockstar..."

Syesha Mercado: The only black contestant on the show. But that's ok. I think black singers sound the same... I wish her luck though. I don't think she'll stay longer than two weeks in this competition.

David Archuleta: If you put this kid in a talent competition here in the Philippines, I don't think he will last more than a week. I really don't find his singing talent as amazing as the judges do. He can sing, that I won't contest, but is it amazing? I don't think so. I guess he's lucky cuz he's cute like Puss in Boots. Makes you want to torture that little Shrek sidekick. Awww...

Carly Smithson: I think she's smug. I don't think she sounds as good as she believes. I don't know, I just don't like her. I don't even want to talk about her. Nuff said.

Kristy Lee Cook: For the life of me, I cannot believe she still is in this competition. My theory is, if there's another country singer in the top 12, she wouldn't be here anymore. Is country even that big in the States that Kristy Lee outnumbered Ramielle and Michael and even Chikizie in votes. I want her out by next week, but judging by the way votes are going, I'd say if she makes a good performance or good song choice next week, she'd make it to top 5. The thought actually tortures me... I don't hate her though. She's just very lucky.

Jason Castro: I wonder, if he doesn't look like Piolo Pascual, would he still be in this show. By God, I can sing better than this guy. They're saying that this is the best top 12 ever in the history of AI, but they say that every year. I don't know how he survived longer than everyone else who's been voted off. God, he's the worst of this group.

Brooke White: She's nice. I hope she makes it through atleast the top 3. I like her. But she's sort of hit and miss for me. I really loved her version of Every Breath You Take. But hated her other Beatles song. I forgot the title. I hope Americans love her. She could be a good winner. Not like Kristy Lee or Carly. I just hate those other two girls.

I can't believe I wrote an entry about American Idol (more importantly that I know who the top 7 idols are.... pathetic)... I think I finally ran out of things to write in this blog. I'm so bored!!! People help me find something to do!!!

Apr 7, 2008


Kalokohan!!! I have no idea but why is this song in my head?! Di ko nga alam kung saan ko napakinggan itong kantang ito, pero nagpapatugtog siya sa ulo ko!!!

"I don't want anybody else
when I think about you
I touch myself"

Waaah!!! Ayaw siyang mawala... Kelangan ko na sigurong tumigil kaka touch myself!!!


Ampotah!!! Ang INIT!!! Kelangan ko tuloy ngayon maglock ng kwarto pag natutulog dahil ngayon eh medyo semi-nude ako matulog. (Wag niyo iimagine masyado... baka bumaligtad bituka niyo). ANg point ko eh sobrang mainit ngayon... Lalo na pag tanghali... Siomai!!! Para kang nasa loob ng oven...

Ngayon tuloy kelangan ko nang maligo araw-araw!!!

Nanay!!! Wala nanamang tubig!!!


I was in MOA yesterday... Nanuod ng "Shutter" tapos nanuod magbati ang magsyotang kaibigan ko.

Hay naku!!! Mga nagtatampururot... Sana may syota tuloy ako... para kunyari magtatampo ako... tapos pag nagbati kami... i'll stop touching myself...


Muntik nga palang nawala phone ko kagabi... Akala ko talaga katapusan na ng walkman phone ko!!!
Nahirapan akong makahinga kagabi...

Pero meron kaming koneksyon na hindi mapuputol... nagtago siya sa kasingit-singitan ng likuran ng upuan ng kotse ng kaibigan ko... pinakiramdaman ko ang vibration alert ng phone ko... salamat nga pala sa lahat ng tumulong hanapin ang phone ko...


Isa na lang, wala na kasi akong maisip isulat eh. Hayaan niyo na kung nag tataglish ako ngayon. Ganito naman talaga ako magsalita sa totoong buhay. Medyo maarte, pero medyo bulul. Nagpapacute lang. Kahit naiinis mga tao. May pagka KSP ata ako.

Thank you pala sa lahat ng bumibisita at nag-iiwan ng comments sa blog ko. Keep it coming.

Apr 4, 2008


High school was a very difficult time for Gillboard. He's never good with numbers. Most of the subjects he had dealt with the devil's creation. He never found any good use for it. The only time he appreciated it was with his previous job where he'd use imaginary numbers as amounts his customers will save if they buy what he was selling.

His distaste for numbers started when he was still in the second grade. He was a top ten student during his first grade, but sort of bumbled during his second. He was too much into playing trading cards (those Marvel superhero ones). One day he came home with the results of his Math test and showed it to his mum.

12/50. That was his grade for the addition test. His mum got so furious that she burned all of his trading cards. The same cards that he won from all his neighbors and classmates. He had like "4 na dangkal" of those cards turned into ash. From that moment on he swore Math out of his life...

And so the dark times of his life begun...

To be continued...

Apr 3, 2008


I am the type of person who likes to read spoilers, and last night I've been all over the net looking for early reviews of what happened to Marvel's event of 2008... SECRET INVASION.

There have been alot of mixed reviews about the first issue of this series, and it actually makes me wonder why. The kick off issues of the last two events were actually critically successful, but this one... not so much. But nonetheless, I am coming in to this series really excited about what will happen.

Now I truly understand why there are haters. Not that the story was terrible, because for me it's not. It's actually awesome. But if you come in to this series really with no previous knowledge of what's been happening in the Marvel Universe the last year and a half, this series will have no weight... no bearing. Simply because you wouldn't really know what's going on. In fact, I think that the people who will truly enjoy this series would be those who've been following Bendis' work for the last few years. This is as they say the payoff for our patience.

This is the start of the next phase of the Skrull's plans of invading our planet (hence the Invasion in the title). And it does start with a bang!!! A really big bang!!! A lot of players are being revealed as Skrulls, and in this issue there were about 3 major reveals. Dum Dum Dugan who destroyed the SWORD space station, Jarvis who planted a very destructive virus that caused extensive damage to Marvel Universe's most famous landmarks and Henry Pym who let's just say made a mess out of Mr. Fantastic.

Comparing this with Bendis' other event title House of M, he did improve a lot in terms of pacing and storytelling. And everything is really more interesting now, more questions are being asked. Who else is a Skrull? How can they be stopped? What now?

The book has three cliffhangers in it and all are relatively interesting and exciting. There's one that I'm sure will raise alot of eyebrows (this probably is where newbies will be lost as well). It is, in true Marvel tradition going to be another huge event and I'm in it for the whole run (no plans though of getting all the tie-ins). It may even be as big or even bigger than the Civil War event. Hopefully, the strength of this series will be consistent all throughout.

I saved this for last as I am a proud Filipino, Leinil Francis Yu, the artist for this event is AMAZING!!! It's detailed, the expressions are great and the panel with Hank Pym and Mr. Fantastic that I told you earlier about is very disturbing (in a positive art critique way). It certainly helps with the inks of Mark Morales (can anyone tell me if he's Filipino as well?) and the colors of Laura Martin. Yu should be recognized here in the Philippines as he's putting our country in the map as well by being in this project alone. His work here hopefully will put his name along side other great artists like Jim Lee or Steve McNiven or John Romita Jr.

Call me bias, but this is a good start if only because I've been reading this story from it's inception during Avengers Disassembled, New Avengers 1 and Secret War. Can't wait for Nick Fury to show up and kick Skrully ass!!!

Rating: 8.5/10

Apr 1, 2008


Just before you speculate, I'll let you know right away... no I did not get bitten by a genetically enhanced dung beetle nor am I a billionaire whose parents got shot by a pellet gun when I was a teenager. I also did not overdose on glue and paste. My origin is actually simple. Boring even. I'm like this because (don't hold your breath)... I'm an only child.

Do I have any special qualities? Yeah, I can be very very VERY sarcastic. Where did I get that from... Probably from being a frustrated comedian... I am not funny at all. I may actually border on being bitter.

So let's start from the very beginning. As a pre-schooler, I was an achiever. Always second in class (that may be due to school politics... you know how that goes). I always thought that I was really smart. I had a love interest already at an early age. Puppy love and the whole nine yards. I lost touch with the girl as I was shipped to an all boy's school.

Getting through my childhood may have been difficult as I found out that there are a lot more boys smarter than I was. I got addicted to playing trading cards. And slowly my little brain got more and more into playing than to studying. And I held on to the best class by the skin of my teeth.

College was easier for me, as I found out that I could be smart again. But I may have adapted another personality... nerdy me. Soon, I became the person who took down notes in class, and slowly rose to be one of the smarter students. I did not want that to happen... I'm not a nerd!!! I started skipping classes for movies and to watch anime. I rebelled, but I guess my brain wanted to unleash what it wasn't able to during my primary and high school days... I became (gasp!) a Dean's Lister!!!

to be continued...