Mga Sumasampalataya

Jan 5, 2007


This year, I'm not going to have many goals because obviously I won't be able to fulfill all of that just like last year. But what I'm going to do is I will work on 5 easily doable things, and make sure that I fulfill all those 5 every quarter. I will be reviewing this every 3 months, and everytime one goal is finished, I will mark it down as achieved.

Now for the 1st quarter of 2007, my goals are:

  1. Open a new bank account for the first time.
  2. Celebrate my birthday differently.
  3. Be 'in a relationship' for longer than 2 months (ultimately the goal is longer... but we have to take it baby steps).
  4. Lose 5 pounds.
  5. Start a new hobby. Maybe exercise again.

Jan 4, 2007


I hope that the way I started the year is not an indication of how the year will be for me. While the highlight of course is greeting my special someone a Happy NEw Year, everything else was like tame. Boring.

I sort of made a documentary of the fireworks display which started at around 10:30pmof Dec. 31. I believe it was 45 minutes long. Basically I recorded all of the fireworks that went on all around our area. It was beautiful. But after 12 midnight, I got tired. So I went back to my room, had a little dinner and then watched the final episode of the The 4400 season 3.

On New Year's Day itself, I watched the entire season of How I Met Your Mother. It was funny, and basically that's where all my interest fell on that day. I didn't leave my room the whole day because I didn't know who our visitors were. Of course there's the obligatory call to my special someone. It was nice. But then again, nothing happened.

They say this is the year of the Fire Pig (absolutely no idea what that means), and that this year will be the year of endings and beginnings, in short there will be a lot of changes for this year. I am eager to know what the changes would be with regards to my life. One nice change, definitely is my love life... I finally have one after so many years.

I think that was the best Christmas gift I got this year. And 'us' lasting until after February (of course forever would be more appropriate), would be the best birthday gift for me.

As for work, I don't want to think about my work much this year. Of course, my career is still important to me, but I'm doing a good job at it right now. I'll just have to keep it up. I don't want to exert any more than what I'm getting as I feel that I am not compensated well enough as of yet. I'll just do that after I get my increase (which Supervisor do you know other than me is still being paid with an ordinary rep's salary?).

Still, with that said, I'm still positive that just like in other years 2007 will still be great for me. I'm in my prime (and am about to turn 25!).