Mga Sumasampalataya

Sep 8, 2017


Video Upload Date: August 25, 2017

"Hellooooooo Youtube!!!

"Did you miss me?

"You must be worried sick right? It's been what 6 weeks since I last posted a vlog.

"As you can see, my situation has gotten... worse. The doctors said I have to wear this mask now. Honestly, I don't even remember the reason anymore. My mind wanders everytime I'm in the hospital.

"I'm also bald now too. What do you think? I still look dapper, no?

"Man, this whole Big C thing is a downer. The last 6 weeks I've only been in this room. The hospital and the cancer group I joined a couple of months ago.

"I miss travelling. I miss my 'TubeDudes'! They've been off to their Eurotrip the last couple of months. I was supposed to go with you! Ang daya niyo! I watch y'all's videos and inggit na inggit ako sa inyo!!!

"Stage 4 man. It's a constant struggle to stay positive. I don't really want to think of the "D" word. But there are nights it's just there screaming at you and trying to get your attention.

"A couple of days ago, there was this lady from my group who... how should I say this? She lost the fight. I was not close to her. But it still hit me hard... her passing. One day it's going to be me.

"It's scary.

"I'm fucking terrified.

"Sorry guys. This video's not about that. I just wanted to say Thank you! I know I haven't been active in any of my social media accounts, but everyday you're still messaging me with your well wishes and support. I appreciate it so much. Reading your comments, your tweets and your messages really keep me strong this last few weeks.

"It makes me want to fight and not give up. It's like I have these super powers. Knowing I inspire you, in a way it makes me feel more powerful than my cancer.

"So thank you!

"Although I think it's weird and kinda morbid that you still follow my channel. I mean I've been re-watching the videos I uploaded since I learned about my disease.

"I'm watching me die.

"It's weird you know.

"Hey. This might be my last video in awhile. Honestly, I'm getting weaker. I'm okay. I'm mostly in pain. And I can't really carry this heavy camera anymore.

"I just wanted to make this video to let you guys know I appreciate all of you.

"I'm grateful for your support.

"And goodbye for now."

Video Upload Date: February 17, 2018

"Helllllooooooo Youtube!!!

"Let me tell you an incredible story.

"About a miracle..."


I've been watching Youtube lately, and this story was inspired by what happened to this vlogger named Wil Dasovich.