Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 28, 2008


I've never been a religious person. I don't go to mass on Sundays, I only pray when I need something good to happen in my life. I've read only the first few verses of the Bible. And the closest I have to going to church is when I'm watching The Passion of The Christ. And I graduated from a Catholic School. Yep, all the
moms of those who I've ever dated can now crucify me.

But there's one thing that I do that makes me seem like I'm a real Christian, and knowing all my faults,will be devoted to until I am old... going to St. Jude. My devotion with the Saint of the Hopeless started back when I was in college. Not that I was a dumb student back then, BECAUSE I WASN'T. But I wasn't really that confident. And going there actually helped me achieve what I wanted back then. And it still does until now (except for my search for a love life of course). It's my modern day miracle, that's why I never forgot to stop going to that little parish beside
Malacañan (this is the correct spelling, ok).

(This is St. Jude by the way, the picture up there is actually the chapel in San Beda)

I also like going there, because I get to go back to my old alma mater.
ONe thing that I haven't
done with my high school.

And it's cool to see how much has changed since you last visited. I mean everything from the completed LRT2 to all the fast food restos that opened. Back in college, the opeining of McDonald's was like a huge thing. Now you have Jollibee, Greenwich, KFC and Chowking all serving our favorites.

Going back to St. Jude, I may not be this religious, but like I said I don't think my devotion to it will stop. I may not go there regularly, but I still go there. And I still have faith. And until I find THE ONE, I guess I'll be frequenting the parish. Not that I'll stop after I find that person. I mean, once I do, I'll be really devoting my time to Them people up there.

Mar 26, 2008


Snake Eyes baby!!! How frickin' cool is this. GI Joe may not be airing this year, but damn!
I'm so looking forward to this. Can't wait to see pictures of his nemesis Storm Shadow. That would be cool as well!!!


So I was watching Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 2 last night with my family, and I tell you that it is one hilarious episode. Not that this is really a big deal, but one of the housemates is still uncut. Would you fancy a guess as to who this housemate is? YOu only actually have 2 options, really as there are only 2 Eurasians on the show. I actually won't be surprised if both housemates turn out to still have their foreskins attached to their peepees. But the person who outed himself on national television is Alex, the Italian housemate.

Like I said, normally if this is a foreign show, it wouldn't really be a big deal. But this is a Filipino show, and here if you're over the age of 12 and you're still uncut... it's social suicide. I bet if he's still in the show after the first month, he'll be circumcised inside the house. That is not unlikely. Probably as a challenge for some kind of charity or for his family. That would indeed be interesting. This is PBB by the way. The show that will make you do anything for the ratings.

But anyway, back to the show. I'm normally not a huge fan of the show (stopped being interested after the first celebrity edition of the show). But I try to watch it if I get the chance. I really didn't like with the first Teen edition that they forced Kim with Gerald, when it was clear that Mikee (the Atenean, I'm not sure if that's his name) was the one who really liked the girl. It's probably because Gerald was the better looking one. Anyway, lost interest then and after that I just ignored the show.

It really didn't help that they put almost all of the good looking people there as well. IT's like a different version of the defunct Star Circle Quest. Actually I think it is just a rebranded Star Circle Quest. I mean almost all of the housemates are now in showbiz in one way or another. And honestly, if you ask these people why they wanted to join the show, they'll say that it's because they want to enter showbusiness. And I think this teen edition is really where they try to find the next matinee idol or the next leading lady. Judging by this year's contestants, and how loud most of the girls are... Good Luck!!!

And one more thing that irks me... the Atenean and the LaSallite trying to prove to their housemates that they've been best friends for years. They actually look less of that when they're trying to rub it in. They actually look like a couple... you know boyfriends who're still not yet out of the closet. I'm sure all gay people would like that. Ha!

Mar 24, 2008


NOpe I haven't been tagged on YouTube. But I liked the idea and I want to do it in my blog. I mean this blog is mine and I can do anything with it, right? So here we go 5 fun facts about me. I can't show my talent, but I'll try to make it graphic for your indulgence. You just have to use your imagination.


I have about 15 xbox 360 games in my library, but to date, I've only finished 1 game. Halo 3. The reason? I think I have adult ADHD. I have short attention span with games. I love playing RPG's but damn, once it all gets repetitive (or impossible to finish), the game's done. And rpg's tend to be repetitive. I think it's me. I really do. BUt I try to finish them all. Hey, it might not be me at all. Damn game publishers.


97. That's the highest score I got on our Magic Sing. My dad perfected "Let It Be Me" (and that's because that's the only song he sings). What's the song? "Goodnight Girl" by WEtWetWet. You think that having videoke at home will get you to practice singing more. Well I don't. I guess the only times I sing are days when me and my friends go karaoke somewhere. But that's very rare. And I don't really sing in the bathroom. Every time I do it, I feel something eerie. Like someone's scaring me so I'd stop. -shiver-


Everytime there is a full moon, I become more goofy. I really don't know why, but it's true. At work, I become noisier and more of a jackass whenever the moon is a perfect circle. Do I have like a werewolf syndrome? I mean I think I already am considering all the hair on my body. But am I like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Makes you wonder. Maybe I'm a schizo. Hmmm... Regardless, better a schizo than a klepto right?


This one you already know, I'm addicted to comicbooks. I can let go of everything in my life except comic books. Right now, to cut down on expenses, I am cancelling my phone plan and our cable subscription, but I'm not cutting down on my pull list. I think right now, I'm even adding some titles to my ever growing list. I guess what I'm thinking is that since I won't be paying for those two things anymore, I'll have more to spend on comic books.


I've been on television before. No! Not on those tabloid news every 6:30pm. I am not a wanted person. I joined a gameshow. ANd not that crappy Whammy show. Back when The Weakest Link was still popular, I was a contestant there. The other people considered me a strong competition that's why I was booted off on the 4th round, but I'm cool with it.

OTher facts about me: Back then my room was like a public library and my house could've been an outlet of Video City. Visitors would just come to my house and borrow some books or vcd's and not return them. That sucks. I could have like 200 books already. To those who haven't returned my books or vcds... you know who you are!!! I'm watching you.

Mar 23, 2008


NOt a lot, and I'm not perfect at it, but I can do some domestic responsibilities too. Mind you I can cook a meal, and not just fry hotdogs or corned beef or noodles or that kind of crap.

I've cooked spaghetti, caldereta, mechado, I've cooked adobo (not that perfect, but still okay), I can make burger steak (making my own patties by the way). That and I can make a mean mango float (that is not cooked by the way). OH yeah, and I really make very good pancakes. And at one point in time, I could cook up some special puto (I just don't remember how to do it now).

I relearned this ability late last year during my jobless days. I bought a cookbook and tried every dish there that isn't complicated. I wish I have an oven to cook pasta. I would really love to learn how to cook lasagna. At least so that I won't have to buy from Sbarro or something like that anymore. But I really am good. I want to let you know that.

Why am I all of a sudden writing about this? I don't know. I guess I was inspired by the marathon of Hell's Kitchen yesterday. Don't get me wrong, that show absolutely made me change my mind about working in the restaurant business. I just don't see myself being screamed at by another person on a regular basis. OH yeah, that's what I've been doing the last 5 years.

Hopefully, I'll have enough time now to cook good food again, and learn some more.

Mar 19, 2008


I know I shouldn't be bragging about making a good deed. It's better to be quiet about it, making the deed more sincere. But I can't help it. I feel good inside knowing that I made something unexpected of me.

I've been scoring points with the devil the past few weeks, and I feel that I should be making some for my the other side as well.

As for the deed itself, I was in a fast food chain earlier, and I was in front of this old lady who ordered something, don't really know. Thing is, it seems that she doesn't have enough money to pay for what she ordered. So I paid for what she was still lacking.

I believe in good karma, that's why I did it. Cuz I'm pretty familiar about bad karma. Yep, very familiar with that one.

Mar 16, 2008


Yesterday I was in Quezon City for the entire day due to some special reasons. The first one is our quarterly gathering with my very good friends/ second family from my previous job. This little gathering, I'll give some details and probably add pictures on my next post. And the second reason is to attend the christening of my college friend's son.

Brian was my classmate in college and was a good friend of mine. Although I never really heard much of him after graduation, I guess I made it a point to not lose communication with him like with most of my friends back then. A few months or was that a year ago, he got married to his longtime girlfriend. I promised to attend his wedding, but I didn't make it because my work back then prevented me from having a social life (as if my previous job is doing that now-badabump).

ANyway, earlier in the week, while doing my stalking sessions on friendster, I came upon their page, and found out his wife already gave birth. I thought was I really that out of touch with this friend of mine that I don't know anything anymore. So I congratulated them.

THe next day, I received a text from Bri, asking me to be their son's godfather. I was actually surprised because like I said earlier, haven't been in touch with him for a long time. I guess the last time we texted each other lengthily was during the winning championship game of the Bedan LIons 2 years ago. I accepted. ONe thing I learned from my parents is never to reject an offer to become a godfather to someone's child.

So yesterday, I went to QC. BUt being the eternal disappointment that I am, as my friend would surely have found out anyway, I came late and missed the ceremony. I got there during the picture taking sessions. Hey, in my defense, I made an effort. I normally don't go to christenings or weddings or anything social like that.

The thing that actually touched me was when he told me that for this child I am the only one from the college days that was the godfather of the boy. I really felt guilty for not being able to get there on time. (I was buying a gift).

ANyway, not to make any empty promises, but I'll be a good godfather to that kid. Herson and Sophia are special as they are children of my very good friends. I'm not saying that all others aren't special. Of course they are. IT's just that these kids have more weight for me.

I know I just said something that I shouldn't. To my other kumares and kumpares who's reading this. I'm just saying.

Mar 1, 2008


I did it. Yesterday, I submitted my resignation letter. This has been six months in the making. I'm looking at changing careers, but of course if you've been following my blogs religiously, you know that already.
Changing careers away from the call center industry has already guaranteed that my financial situation will be less desirable. This also means that I have to start saving money soon.

I've already planned this 3 months ago, and I'm proud to say that I've already saved some money. But of course there are some things that we can't expect and needs to be paid, so I have to spend my money wisely, specially now that my first bill from Globe still hasn't been issued after 4 months.

NOw that I have internet access, I actually don't need anymore to pay for my cellphone as well as cable. I'll have these services disconnected soon. Probably by this week. Even my comic books won't escape casualty. I'll be dropping some titles that I don't read anymore.

So starting this month I won't be buying anymore some comic books.
My pull list now will just include:
Captain America
New Avengers
Incredible Hercules
Secret Invasion
Mighty Avengers

Good thing also that I have a steady supply of video games on my shelf. NO need for me to leave the house and spend money for unnecessary things. Movies can be downloaded from the net. So good for me, right.

I just hope everything goes well with the companies that I applied for.