Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 10, 2013


2013 will go down on my history book as the worst year of my life.

There have been ups and there were way too many downs.  And a couple of the lowest points in my life happened only a few days ago.

NOVEMBER 7, 2013

I hurried home because that was my father's birthday. It was supposed to be a rest day for me and I wanted to help out in preparing for the party that afternoon/evening.

I could have taken a cab, which was the safest way to go, but I took the bus.

Unfortunately we were robbed by three armed men.

One man pointed a gun to my face. He took my phones, but I did not give my wallet. I thought he was done with me, but before they got off the bus he went back to me and took my bag.

They took almost everything. He took my phones, laptop, my hard drive, important IDs.

I am just thankful he did not take my life.

NOVEMBER 8, 2013

A day after, Super Typhoon Yolanda came.

The first hit, Guiuan Eastern Samar is my father's home town. And Tacloban, the worst hit by the storm was my mother's. We have a lot of relatives down there that we haven't heard from in a while now.

We can only wait and watch the news.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we found some photos of the town, but what we saw is disheartening. Our family home was totally destroyed.

There's still no word if anyone survived or if everyone's safe. I honestly don't know if this is something we could ever recover from.

We could only pray.

I hope you could all pray with me.
Our family home totally wrecked
Photo courtesy of Central Command, AFP