Mga Sumasampalataya

Dec 31, 2008


2008 was definitely a fruitful year for me. I've had a number of great moments with my career, with my social life (for the first time in quite a long while I've entered a club again). While my lovelife's still a dud at the moment, I'm not as desperate as I was a few weeks ago.

Anyway, I'm not here to post about me. I'm supposed to write about the Best of 2008 and the things to look forward to in 2009!!! Yeah, this is a pop culture post full of geekiness. So turn away if you're not into what I like. It's a little bit quirky and cheesy.

Let's start with the Best of 08.


This one's a toss-up for me between Iron Man and The Dark Knight. Both were really good films. One was over-the-top fun, while the other was a classic in the making. But I guess I'll have to hand this one to DC if only because of Heath Ledger's awesome AWESOME performance as the clown prince of crime. But even if you take that away, The Dark Knight still has a very engaging story, full of twists and breathtaking action scenes. Plus brilliant performances from everyone involved.

Hands down, I give this title to A Very Special Love. The other day, on my off I bought a few DVDs of films shown this year, and this one was probably the best I've seen this year. I know it's kind of jologs to some of you, but I don't care. I know a girl from UA&P who's like so addicted to John Lloyd Cruz, it's disgusting. Anyway, I don't think anyone would disagree that the two lead stars had chemistry. The story's really quite shallow, but I admit, I enjoyed all the cheesiness.
RUNNER-UP: Ploning


No questions here... I LOVE Grand Theft Auto IV. If my Xbox hadn't brokedown on me again a few weeks ago, I'd probably still be playing this game. Rockstar Games really created a fully immersible game which you can play without following the story. I mean I could spend hours just driving around the city and just listening to the fm stations. But of course, you'd want to know the fate of Nico Bellic and his dumb ass cousing Roman. I haven't finished this, but I'll be buying a new Xbox 360 next week, so hopefully this time I'd be able to complete the GTA experience.
RUNNER-UP: Gears Of War 2


When I made two posts about it this year, I think it's obvious that the tv show you SHOULD be watching (specially if you have friends) is How I Met Your Mother. Ted, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall made my unemployment days seem productive for me. It's hilarious, it's touching, and I can so relate to the kind of friendship these people have. Even if it seems over-the-top, what I'm seeing is still realistic.
RUNNER-UP: Pushing Daisies

Yeah, I'm still able to watch Pinoy TV, and as gay as it may sound, I was an avid follower of Iisa Pa Lamang. If only because of the very entertaining banters between Claudine, Cherry Pie and Angelica. I wasn't able to fully follow the show as I was in New Zealand for the most part, but I think one time I found a blog that details all the memorable quips that was thrown in the show. I like the "desperate housewife from hell" and the "outbitch and karma" lines. Hilarious!!!


Marvel had a very good year in 2008. Their Secret Invasion event was very successful sales wise. They were able to launch a lot of well-written titles like Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool. They were already on a roll, but come December they dropped a huge bomb by having the villainous Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) take control of the world's foremost security task force effectively making him, ruler of the world. Along with his buddies Dr. Doom, Loki, Namor, The Hood and Emma Frost, together they make up what people dub as 'Illuminaughty'. That is SO cool!!!
RUNNER-UP: Bucky as the new Captain America

I haven't been listening to the fm stations lately, and haven't been watching MTV or Myx lately, but there are some songs that I was able to listen to which I found was awesome. Coldplay's Viva La Vida was one of them. I'm not sure if it's something you can dance to, but I love the beat to it. Normally, I'm into the lyrics of the song, but this one I'm not sure I understand what it's about. I don't mind, I still think the guy who made this song's a genius. Great song!
RUNNER-UP: I'm Yours and basically anything Boyce Avenue covered.


In a year that was full of controversies, crises and war. I don't think anything could beat the moment a man of color became the President of the most powerful country in the world. It's history in the making. I'm not American, but I'm proud to have lived during the time a great change happened. Of course everyone's waiting to see if he is good on his word. Hopefully this new era will usher in better days for everyone, not only in the US, but here in our country as well. Now only if we could have our President start doing her job and stop trying to lengthen her term. Sigh.
RUNNER-UP: Anything involving Sarah Palin.
Nope, no Manny Pacquiao here. I still think he's overrated. This year, I'd say it would be The Beijing Olympics. Eventhough no Filipino triumphed in any of the event we're in, that's fine. If there's one place where you can find a lot of nations competing yet still being friendly with each other, it'd be in the Olympics. Plus, history again was made this year with Michael Phelps hoarding most of the swimming gold medals in his category.
RUNNER-UP: San Beda Red Lions winning its 3rd consecutive NCAA Championship!!!
What's not to look forward to in 09?
TV's got the return of Jack Bauer in 24, and the latest season of Lost.
MOVIES has a lot to offer specially next summer with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Transformers 2 and of course Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!!! Not to mention, Dan Brown's Angels & Demons film adaptation will be shown next year.
GAMING also sees finally the release of probably MY favorite horror franchise ever... Resident Evil 5!!!
COMICS has me drooling over Iron Man: World's Most Wanted, War of Kings and of course the climax and conclusion of the villain's Dark Reign!!!
Good bye 2008!!!


UtakMunggo said...

aba totoo nga ang chismis sa blog ni gasul, na may nagpasimuno na nga ng year end blog report.

bongga naman ng post mo, pero as usual may isang entry diyan na hindi ako makarelate - yung sa best game. hihi

naknam andami ko nang naririnig tungkol sa very special love na yan ah. mahanap nga sa pinoy channel.

happy new year sa iyo!!

gillboard said...

yaan mo, pag lumaki sina bru at impaktita mo, matututo ka niyang mga games na yan... kahit pa babae mga anak mo... hehehe

kosa said...

andaming Best Best..
anu ba to, gradweysyon?
lols...joke joke!

sige sige
goodluck sa ating lahat sa pageksena ng taon ng kapong baka...lols

harooo harooo gillboard!!

Anonymous said...

the best saken ang very special love. di ko pinanood sa sinehan. sa dvd lang. kala ko jologs di naman pala. hehe. happy new year to you! :)

yoshke said...

yung mga picks mo, i won't say they;re the best but they are definitely my FAVEs. haha.

Happy New Yeaaaar!!!

Mugen said...

Happy New Year Dude. Pasensya na, hindi ako maka-pop eh. Kung gagawin ko yan, bah, iba ang mga lalabas sa entry ko.

Nawa'y mas maging fruitful ang iyong 2009.

Eben said...

happy new year gillboard!

ako wala pang maisip na year end report. hehehe.

dabo said...

happpy new year!

gillboard said...

kosa: haroo haroo!!! anuman ang ibig sabihin nun... Happy new year!!!

joshmarie: sabihin na nating jologs tayo, nag-enjoy naman tayo!!! hehehe

gillboard said...

yoshke, mugen, eben dabo and everyone else: Happy New Year you guys!!! Thanks for giving this blog some life with your comments!!!

Here's to a better 2009!!! Cheers!!!

Coldman said...

happy new year!

Dhianz said...

... naalala koh lang... 'ung gus2 kong movie ni john lloyd eh 'ung one more chance nilah ni bea... nde koh gano naapreciate so much 'ung kina sarah cuz i juz watched it online tapos labo pah... i guess sometimes i'll rent d' dvd baka mas ma-appreciate koh unlike kc 'ung one more chance eh napanood koh sa big screen... eniweiz... napadaan lang para bumati sau... have a blessed new year... sendali sa switzerland ka pa ren bah?.. wala lang u sounded like walah kah sa pinas eh... eniweiz.. so yeah... hanggang sa susunod na taon... GODBLESS! -di

my-so-called-Quest said...

happy new year! yehey! hihihi

alex said...

wow sarah and john lloyd! hehe di ba me part2??

anyways, happy new year! sana mas maging blessed ang 2009 sa 'yo ^^

Lawstude said...

it ain't cheesy at all, in fact i do agree with most of your choices here.

anyways, just blog hopping here and droppin by to greet you happy new year.

Skron said...

I didn't like Marvel this year. They suddenly went downhill with Secret Invasion. The only notable read I had is probably Deadpool and Wolverine's Old Man Logan arc. But I'm looking forward to see what happens in Dark Reign, and looking forward to read Secret Warriors.

FerBert said...

agree ako sa best pinoy movie. mahal ko na si sarah.. sya yung tipo ng babaeng ipapakilala mo sa magulang mo. yung pag nagjakol ka at sya pa iniisip mo nun eh isang malaking pagkakasala..

pati sa best music, at tv show at movie.. hahaha

Chyng said...


no way, may pasok kna din agad? nwey, parang mas may laban saken ang uhm ano nga title nun, yung kay tony and bong na movie? My only you!

I saw your family pics, ang ganda ng little girl dun! Half American ba relatives mo?

flor said...

Hi gillboard.i agree with you.dark knight is the best film this year. not only because of heath ledgers death but because the film is really really good.

i also like very special love.. ang cute tlga.pinanood ko sya sa crunchyroll kaya nakonsensya ako dahil piracy yun.

pero i dont agree with you na maganda yung teleserye nila claudine. parang naging gag show yun eh.sagwa ng script.hehe anyway.evrybody has their opinions. once again i love your blog!