Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 30, 2007


This entry's not really blank because I have nothing to write. On the contrary, alot of thing's happened to me in the last few weeks that's worthy of I guess more than one blog entry. I've been scared, I've been happy, I've been infatuated, in love, angry and basically every emotion that's available to the human soul I've felt.


EMO... that's what I am the last few days because I finally opened up my heart to the person that I've been having intense feelings with the past few years. I coughed it up, and honestly I feel like a fool because I have the best intentions in what I did, the problem was the execution. IT SUCKED!!! I won't go into details but it's really embarassing. Trust me... Maybe I'll tell my other blog account about it.

Anyway, I would like to think that the 2 of us are in good terms still after what I did, but that's just wishful thinking.

At least now I know where I stand and can now move on. In short I got dumped.


Last week I lost two teeth. My wisdom tooth and the molar beside the wisdom tooth. YOu see my wisdom teeth are both impacted. Now one of the two needs to be taken out because it got some cavities or something. My mouth hurts.

The extraction was PAINFUL (but not as painful as what happened to my heart... Hehehe). It was a minor surgery. That was scary...


A couple of weeks ago, we went to Puerto Galera. Not my first time there, and not the last time that I'll be going there this year or this month because I'll be back there tomorrow. So now you know that two of my goals for this quarter are will not be done.

I loved my first visit this year because for the first time, I got to ride a jetski. I would love to post some pictures but I forgot to take pictures there.


I would really love to give you some more updates on my life but I'm working right now... I shouldn't really be doing this because....

Wait, the boss is here... Logging off!!!