Mga Sumasampalataya

Apr 25, 2013


Movie trailers' purpose is to make people want to watch a movie. It whets the appetite of casual film goers, fans and geeks. I lined up the first day of showing of Iron Man 3 expecting this grand showdown between Tony Stark and the Mandarin. Little did I know that I should not come in with expectations about this film.

I'm not saying that Iron Man 3 is a bad film. Far from it. It's I think the best outing for Tony Stark (after Avengers of course). But it was totally far from what I expected. And it was good!!!

The film is loosely based on Warren Ellis and Adi Granov's Extremis storyline. A virus has been created that can enhance any man, and those who cannot regulate the virus turns into a Weapon of Mass Destruction. I was curious as to how they would add The Mandarin into the story, seeing as he is Iron Man's greatest nemesis.

Honestly, the change of director was initially worrisome to me. Sometimes it can go either way. I have never heard of Shane Black before this movie so I didn't want to bring my hopes up just to be disappointed in the end. Fortunately, the movie delivered. And it delivered in spades.

This is the first film where I thought that the super villains are really formidable. You will genuinely fear for the life of Tony Stark and those around him. Guy Pierce was really nasty in this one. I think he was a great choice for Aldrich Killian. And Ben Kingsley... wow!!! His Mandarin was something I never expected. It was awesome!!!

As usual, Robert Downey Jr. proved he's the best fit for the character. I honestly can't see anyone else who'd fill in his shoes if ever he decides to quit playing the part. And I don't know, I think this is the sexiest he's ever been playing the role of our heroic billionaire.

Just like the tradition, the movie is packed with equal portions of action, drama and laughs. I really loved Tony's interaction with a kid midway through the film. And there were significant developments for Pepper's character as well.

So the summer movie blockbuster's officially started with Iron Man 3. And honestly, this is the best way to start the season.

By the way, the post credit scene was hilarious. Predictable, but hilarious!!!

Bring on Avengers 2!!!

RATING: 9.5 out of 10 stars