Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 13, 2007


* I just quit my job in Shipserv after 6 days... the reason... nothing beats my last job!!!
* I am currently relaxing at home... nothing really to do... just read books and watch television.
* Speaking of books, I just finished Map of Bones and reread Harry Potter Book 5 and 6 and eagerly awaiting Book 7's arrival this week.
* After 4 damn years I worked in the kitchen again!!! I cooked spaghetti, caldereta, made some great burgers as well...
* Currently undecided whether to lose weight or eat!!! I'm so torn...
* I am seated beside an old woman chatting with an old man right now...
* I am also seated beside a girl who won't stop singing. THe hell!!! ANnoying!!!
* Crazy about Transformers the Movie and Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
* These are just some quick hits...

Sorry for not updating but I have to rent a pc for me to be able to do this. It's not like I'm in the office anymore. I'm not even allowed inside the premises without security people following me around. As if I wasn't a supervisor there before.

That's the only grunge I have with the company right now. Oh well, I left so I just have to deal with the consequences, right?

Jun 2, 2007


It's June already and as of writing, I only have about 19 days before I officially become a statistic... UNEMPLOYED!!!

It's kind of exciting since I've been working for over 3 years already in the same company... It's not like I haven't had any vacation during my stay. I did have those weeklong leaves specially the last couple of months. I guess like any workaholic without a life, I got burned out. I don't want to say negative things about where I work because I loved my job. But I guess being a Supervisor took a lot from me. Not that I was not prepared or anything, it's nothing like that. It's just all the stress was more than I really bargained for.

My program's undergone a lot of changes this past few months, and I wish them all the luck. I believe that the person taking over me has great leadership style, and will do good for the program. I mean it's not as if he's going to fill in huge shoes when I'm gone. I do bumble on my job most of the time.

I'm happy that I'll be leaving. That means I don't have to worry about anything anymore... at least temporarily. I will find another job of course. I don't think I remember how to do the whole job hunting thing. Maybe in my free time I'll post some of my experiences online.

One of the good things about not having to work anymore is that I'll have free time to catch up with my other journal. The one that requires a pen and my hand to write on. I didn't bring it to Marikina since I don't want my housemates snooping on things that I'm writing. Some of them are personal... and dirty!!! Ha!

As of writing, I've been in a relationship for exactly 1 month. Longer than what I have the past couple of years. It's different from the doctor that I dated when the year started. Obviously it didn't work out.

Am I happy? It's difficult. We're both emo so it's not as perfect as I was wishing for, but we get along fine. I love not being single right now. But I don't know if it's going to last that long since we'll be on opposite poles when I return to Parañaque. I want to make it work. I do. I'm just hoping that it does.

Some more updates: My parents are stateside already. They've already left the country last May 17th, so technically I'm an orphan. I'm actually looking for a family that will adopt me at least for the next few months. I'm not that high maintenance. I just need to be fed three times a day.

I'm good friends again with my long time crush. The one that I poured out all my emotions one emotionally drunken night. I've moved on.

Just as my cash income is going to be limited, my comic book collection is becoming larger. The list is longer. Crap, I think my well-deserved vacation will be cut back when I start to lose money. Or I could drop a lot of the titles that I don't need to buy like the DC titles... Done.

Officially, my last day at work will be June 21. I think I'm going to cry on my last day. I hope it won't be that embarassing. And nope, I don't have a despedida party planned. Like I said, I need to save money.

What I plan to do during my days as an unemployed ex-supervisor?
  • Catch up on Grey's Anatomy, Smallville, 24, Lost, Prison Break, 30 Rock and all the great tv shows this season.
  • Finish Final Fantasy 12... But first, have my PS2 fixed.
  • Sell my newly purchased Gameboy Advance.
  • Lose weight.
  • Try to work on my soon-to-be long distance relationship.
  • Lose weight.
  • Finish my books. I have like 3 books still yet to be completed.
  • Blog some more. Catch up on other people's lives.
  • And oh yeah, lose weight.