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Jun 29, 2006


Yep, I've seen it already... Im one of those guys who have to see the film on the first day of showing... Im not geeking out or anything like that... Its just that I had high expectations for the movie (being the comic book geek that I am)...

Boy, was I disappointed!!!

Don't take this the wrong way, the film was good... It's just that it seemed to me that it's more for children than for the general viewing public... Don't get me wrong, I'm not doing this because I'm a Marvel boy (my favorite superhero comic books are Batman Begins and Batman Returns)... It's just that, it lacked something... I don't know what... But there was nothing there... for me at least... I'm pretty sure that people will hate me for this... I really did not enjoy the movie... I guess if I were six years old, then it would be different...

THe story... Superman left the earth to visit his home planet of Krypton... When he comes back 5 years after, Earth is different in more than what he expected... everyone's changed...lois has a son... it seems that Earth does not need a Superman anymore... But then there's Lex Luthor... Like any comic book villain, he's up to no good... And he holds a weapon that can decimate the entire US eastern seaboard...

Pretty much meh for me... Nothing that gave me goosebumps, or made me squirm on my seat... The twist in the film didn't even do anything for me... To sum it up, pretty much predictable... Nothing special or new or groundbreaking or anything about the movie... Maybe my fault, because I expected too much from the director of X-men and X2... Very disappointing...


Jun 25, 2006


LACK OF SLEEP: this is what you get watching 7 consecutive episodes of the second season of Lost. Because of my schedule, lately, i haven't been up-to-date with my favorite television show of the moment... But my boss provided me a copy of the entire 2nd season of this program, so now Im catching up on all of the episodes that I haven't seen....

Im halfway through the season, and Im telling you, this show... much better seen together than an episode per week... Hence my lack of sleep... I feel too bad for Shannon, as she was the only hottie of the program... They had to kill her at the beginning of the season... I felt that the death was senseless... But it doesn't necessarily drag down the show... In fact, the new characters are really interesting... Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko are very good additions to the cast...

Season 2 basically tackles what happened with the survivors of the Oceanic flight to LA... what was in the hatch... who the new people are... what happened to Sawyer, Jin, Michael and Walt... What Sayid will be doing now that the love of his life is dead... And what the hell is wrong with Jack, Kate and Locke?! This is a very good show, much like my favorite comic books... Its got intrigue, action, drama, suspense and that creepy-looking black fog...

I dont know if what Im writing makes any sense to you... Im typing blindly as my brain is not functioning really well today... Im quite slow... Blame it on Lost... At least now, I've got something to do when Im not working... And then next week, during our very long vacation, I will be watching marathon episodes of Prison Break... Ive been hearing a lot of good reviews about it, so Im curious, I hope it lives up to my expectations...

Jun 24, 2006


I never knew why I ever doubted Pixar's ability to produce a quality movie... Maybe watching the trailer for this film never really got me excited about this film unlike in the past with Finding Nemo and The Incredibles... They made a believer out of me... Disney and Pixar, I will never question the movies you make ever again!!!

Cars is THAT good... At first, I thought "what the hell kind of story could you make with vehicles as stars?!" Well there is a story... And it's a damn good one... Who would've thought cars would make better actors than real people... Lightning McQueen is a rookie at the top of his game... Second place in the Piston Cup, and best bet to become the next top race car... But thing is, he's got an attitude problem... He's ahead of himself... Until he got lost to a town called Radiator City... Suffice it to say, he caused a major problem to the small town and was forced to stay to fix the damage he's done... Obviously, there he will meet some of the best friends he could have... eventually...

This is a cheesy movie... I was almost (and I say ALMOST) brought to tears watching this film... Of course Im an adult, so Im not going to do that... And I was with friends... There are some scenes where you really say 'awwww' and there are a couple of fast-and-furious-esque races... Plus the backgrounds are beautiful... Its like you're watching a cut scene from Final Fantasy... I liked the movie... no I LOVED the movie...

Right now Im punching myself for not watching this film during its opening week... Im stupid...

Rating 10/10

Jun 20, 2006


You Are 19 Years Old
Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.
13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.
20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.
30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!
40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.
What Age Do You Act?

Jun 18, 2006


1.kung ikaw ay isang bolpen, anong tatak mo?>>
hmm... sa palagay ko ako ay isang panda...

2. kung ikaw ay isang cellphone, anong model ka?>>
3210 na may mp3

3. kung ikaw ay isang brand ng sapatos, ano ka?>>
gibi... uso pa ba yun

4. kung ikaw ay isang payong, anong kulay ka?>>
itim... parang sa bumbay... mukha daw kasi akong ganun... na gwapo...

5. kung ikaw ay isang isda, ano ka?>>

6. kung isa kang kulay, ano ka?>

7. kung ikaw ay kanta, ano ka?>>
awit para sa masa

8. kung isa kang subject sa school, ano ka?>>
sex education...

9. Kung isa kang pagkain na itinitinda sa schoolmo, ano ka?>>

10. kung isa kang lifeguard, saang lugar mo gustomag duty?>>
sa children's pool, para di ako malunod

11. kung isa kang brand ng damit, ano ka?>>
yeye bonel

12. kung isa kang printer, mabagal ka ba o mabilismagprint?>>
ano ulit ang printer?

13. kung isa kang cellphone, iskandaloso/a ka ba?>>
hindi noh... naka vibra mode ako palagi. hehe

14. kung isa kang koreanovela, ano ka?>>
bituing walang ningning

15. kung isa kang ulam, ano ka?>>

16. kung isa kang stuffed toy, ano ka?>>

17. kung isa kang gamit sa bahay, ano ka?>>

18. kung isa kang beach resort, saang beachresort ka?>>
sa tabi ng dagat

19. kung isa kang sayaw, ano ka?>>
macarena... o kaya how gee

20. kung isa kang tv program, ano ka?>>
ating alamin... o kaya kumikitang kabuhayan

21. Kung ikaw ay isang cartoon character, sinoka?>>
si panday

22. Kung ikaw ay Bahay, san ka matatagpuan?>>
sa subdivision

23. Kung ikaw ay fruit, ano ka?>>

24. Kung ikaw ay gatas, anong tatak mo?>>
galing sa dodo ng cow

25. Kung ikaw ay website, ano ang laman mo?>>

26. Kung ikaw ay Bag, ano ang tatak mo?>>
campus fever

27. Kung ikaw ay Bacteria, anong klase ka?>>
ewan ko

28. Kung ikaw ay pera, ano ka?>>

29. Kung ikaw ay insecto ano ka?>>

1.nakatanggap ka na ba ng love letter na nakasulatsa yellow pad?---
oo... pati sa 1/2 crosswise na paper...

2. pag nagsusuot ka ng underwear, anong paa anguna mong pinapasok?---
ulo ko...

3. nasubukan mo na bang manligaw ng saleslady?---
hindi pa... sa lady guard...

4. ano size ng battery ng remote ng TV nyo?---
yung square

5. bakit mas malaki ang plato sa platito?---
para mas madami ang malagay ko na pagkain

6. naniniwala ka ba na pag bagong taon at tumalonka tatangkad ka?---
naniniwala ako sa multo

7. ano ang msasabi sa hiwalayang kris at mark?---
ang ganda ng feng shui

8. may beeper ka ba ngyon?---
wala... nasnatch kahapon...

9. bat mas maraming manok sa mundo kesa satao?---
kasi masarap sila

10. bakit egg plant ang egg plant?---
kasi para siyang egg siguro... ano ba ang egg plant?

11. naniniwala k ba sa kasabihang,breast feedingis stil best for babies?---
sa tingin ko it's better for daddies

12. bakit shell ang ginagamit na example sacolgate commercial?---
kasi masakit kung tunay na ngipin ang babasagin

13. naniniwala ka bang bakla si frodo?---
di ako naniniwala sa chismis

14. kung c mickey ay mouse, c donald ayduck,anonman c boy abunda?---

15. bakit ang mga ad ng alak, puro babaeng semi-hubad ang bida?---
para may calendar

16. pano nangyayaring kulay purple ang ibangdahon?---
kasi hindi sila green

17. bakit mas malakas ang lalaki sa babae?---
dahil gusto ko...

18. naransan nyo na ba na i-hulog nyo ang sabongpang ligo nyo sa inyong inidoro na hnde nyocnasadya?---
bakit ko naman hahawakan ang sabon sa tapat ng inidoro?

19. bat karamihan ng babae kung maglagay ngcellphone ay s puwetan?---
dahil masarap pag nagvibrate... siguro...

20. bakit kahit tatlo na ang backride ay payagparin ang mga tricycle driver?---
kasi basta driver sweet lover

21. naniniwala kbang my asim pa c madam auring?---
ayoko siyang tikman...

22.naranasan mo na bang maipit ang tsinelas mosaescalator?---
saan may escalator?

23. eh maipit ang katawan sa elevator?---
sa pintuan ng mrt...


I know collecting comic books is a very expensive hobby... but my opinion is, that it is A VERY GOOD investment... This is not the type of merchandise that devaluates over time... On the contrary, the older your comic book is, the higher its value (of course you have to take care of it, silly!)... I've heard somewhere that this is the third best investment (next to land and then computer... I think)...

I don't see why people think that this is just kid's stuff... I don't believe the topic of rape, war, violence and gratuitous sex is something the kids would appreciate (although I doubt no one would enjoy these)... Anyway, comic books are not for kids anymore... the way stories are told have matured pretty much like their market... I guess it matured the moment Gwen Stacey got thrown off the bridge and died (for those not in the loop, Gwen is Spider-man's girlfriend who got killed by Green Goblin)... I buy comic books every week, and I have never seen anyone younger than 18 come in to purchase a title...

The reason Im writing this post is my mission to get new people to be interested in this kind of hobby... If you want to start, Marvel has this new event going on right now called Civil War... It's about heroes having to give up their civil liberties because of a law that requires them to give up their secret identities and register to work for the government... This results in the division in the superpeople of the Marvel Universe, as some of them thinks that it is a load of crap with no basis... I am not going to give up all of the spoilers in the saga, but I can tell you that this is one of THE BEST story I have ever read...

It's gotten a lot of media coverage lately because of one huge revelation on the second issue (the ending is great)... Great storytelling and even greater art... I bring this book to work, and piqued the interest of three of my colleagues... It's like a big budget summer movie that's big on action but does not forget about getting people to feel for it's characters...

This is not for those who have a tight budget... You'll have to buy a handful of titles to get a grasp of the whole story (as it crosses over almost all of the Marvel titles)... But even with that, you'd still get the idea: all of the heroes are at a war with each other... You just have to choose a side... their banner says it all: "Whose side are you on?"

It is an interesting and very entertaining read... For those who have money and don't know where to spend it on... This comic book is worth the 180php you'll pay for... and might be more, if you take good care of it...

Jun 14, 2006


It's fun having two cellphones... You get a lot of jokes all the time... I often get green jokes (although I don't understand why)... Apparently, I give off this aura of being dirty... My fault maybe cuz I don't take a bath daily (i hope you know that it's a joke)... Anyway, my favorites are those knock knock jokes... I know its corny, but what can I do, Im easy...

Alak... to move it move it...Alak to move it
may kumaway downtown walking fast, faces pass and im homebound
noodle deal or noodle? kris aquino...
sir... fries!!! gulat ka noh?!

And then there are those jokes disguised as quotes... i love them!!! Sometimes Id read them while in the bus and then I snicker... im pretty sure people around are thinking im crazy...

Love is a hidden fire, a pleasant sore, a soothing pain, an agreeable torment, a sweet wound, in short - a gentle death! ang lalim shiyet! Dati luv is blind lang!

Cherish things while u stil have them, not when they're gone. One of the hardest things 2 deal with is regret. Enjoy LIFE habang d ka pa SENIOR CITIZEN

kapag iniwan ka ng taong mahal mo... sabihin mo... PASALUBONG

Life is full of rewards... if you eat properly, exercise and take good care of yourself for 60 years...
what's your reward? A SENIOR CITIZEN'S CARD! 20% discount

Pag mahal mo sya... sabihin mo kahit alam mong walang kapalit yun ang mahalaga, nalaman niya... at kung magalit siya sabihin mo... NAGKAMALI LANG NG SEND, PAKYU! Tangnang to! Yabang!

When everything seems unfair... when all that you do is not appreciated... Ill go with you wipe your tears, take you for a walk and tell you... eto lollipop, tahan na, di naten sila bati...

Alam ko, marami kang FRIENDS mabait ka kasi. Alam ko marami kang ADMIRERS, iba ka kasi. Alam ko maraming NAGMAMAHAL sa iyo simple ka kasi. Pero marami man sila, lalayo din sila kapag UMUTOT ka!

wag sayangin ang time naipagtapat sa tao na mahal mo siya lalo na kung alam mo mahal ka rin niya dahil baka dumating ang araw na sure ka na, pero siya, ibang gender na!

Bakit ganon ang pagibig? kailangang masaktan, magparaya, magpasensya, magpaloko, nakakabulag... Minsan tuloy naisip ko ayoko na sa pag-ibig! philhealth na lang

Sometimes the feeiling is right, you fall in love for the first time, heartbeat and kisses so sweet, summertime love in the moonlight... ayipiyayo ayipiyaye... Title: Doctor Jones parang quote noh?

Jun 13, 2006


If I am living in the United States, I'd be branded a loser... Why? Technically, I still live with my parents...

What's with the technically? My relationship with my parents is a bit complicated... They are not separated (I would like to believe that they are happy with each other)... But anyway, to make things simple, they live in another house, and me on my own... Thing is, they own the house... So technically, I still live with my parents... Nevertheless, they've been squatting in my place for like three months already... and Im only home just to sleep and take a bath...

This weekend (actually, Ive been contemplating about this for months already), I realized that I really needed to live on my own... there are a lot of thigs that I need to do, that my parents don't need to know... Just so you know, even without my parents, the place I live in, I share with my grandmother (and she's one really nosy person!!! But don't get me wrong, I love the old bird)...

I would like to be independent for once... Far away from people who know me since I was a kid... Far away from people who would report to my parents every single movement that I make... Id like to be free for once... And of course, i would want to see something new... or some new faces... A condominium in the urban area would be nice... Hmmm... how much would a unit there cost? Millions...

Give me ten years... I will have one by then...

Jun 11, 2006


Since most of the schools will start this week, I will pay homage to them... err... schools... I've been out of one for more than three years already, and am proud to say that I did good after... I got promoted early on, and am enjoying the perks of yuppihood (see you learn new terms reading my blogs)... But right now, its not about work and the office... its about school... specifically COLLEGE!!!

Unlike most people in the planet, I enjoyed college more than my high school... Part of it is because I was more popular then than when i was in hs... and I was smarter too... I received medals when i was in college... back in my secondary education, the only medal i got was a loyalty medal... but in college, it was for something i did... a trophy, if you must... Suffice it to say, I was more involved... And i had more friends (too bad though, I don't get to talk to them anymore)...

Anyway, back to the topic at hand... college... Those were four good years of my life... Some of the most interesting people I met, I met during these four years... And I've had a lot of
(mis)adventures during these times... starting with...

ROAD TRIP: Of course now you'll have classmates who drives their own cars, so this is a given... My first one was on my first year... we had a project... and it's about getting to know your peers more... and for us to be able to do that, we have to go out-of-town... We've had none of those wacky moments that you'll see in the movies, but we did have fun though, and we got to know each other very well... the people who were with me during that road trip, were the people i hung out with for the rest of my college life... so it was cool...

TERM PAPERS/THESIS/DEFENSE: I know I hated this part of my tertiary life... its the sweat-inducing, sleep-depriving, and most mind-fucking thing a student MUST go through... I don't think college will be complete if you didn't go through this... and if you didn't go through that... WHAT FRIGGIN' SCHOOL DID YOU GO TO?! Im a nerd (a cool nerd) back when I was a student... but i loved doing this... in a way, I learned to talk to people with authority because of these... Im a slow-thinker, but doing these helped improve my debating abilities (if I have any... I'd still lose if I join a contest)... and my social skills as well...

NIGHTLIFE: This is the time of my life wherein my schedule allows me to have a nightlife... school ending at 9pm most of the time... although my click don't go out that much after school, i still am able to enjoy what the best bars in Makati had to offer... Dont get me wrong, i dont go out that much, BUT there are times wherein you just need to chill even for awhile... Those are rare moments... precious and few...

MONEY: I may be as bad as DAMIEN (for those not in the know, he's the boy from Omen), but im not the type who overprice my tuition fee... My educational plan pays half of my tuition fee, so I can't cheat on that... anyway, my money i get from my parent's pockets... or for my case, our business... I miss not having to worry about where I will get my money, because during college I can easily depend on my parents... Unlike now of course, having a bi-weekly salary... If I don't have anymore money, Ill just tell my parents about some made-up project for a non-existent subject and voila, instant cash to splurge on comic books... but now... 'sigh.'

I'd like to write some more, but then again, a family member might chance upon this site and i don't have deniability... this site being advertised on my friendster and all that... I miss college, but not that much...

Jun 10, 2006


Im 24, and i have a new goal: TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE BY THE TIME I HIT 40...

Now how do i do that, seeing that im a lazy guy... I mean if you take away my job, id be a bum with nothing better to do but watch television and sleep (and eat occassionally)... But then, Ive got all these weird ideas floating around me, and suddenly, i want to become a millionaire... I know how ill make my money grow... but the question really is, HOW WILL I GET MY FIRST MILLION?!

This is where my neurotic ideas come in... GAME SHOWS!!! Ive been a contestant of one game show before... Unfortunately I lost... According to the host it was karma... so I lost my chance on a hundred thousand peso pot money... Anyway, for those who are interested, it was The Weakest Link... it was on IBC 13 when it was still popular...

It may have been a sign for me to give up on the idea of joining game shows, but I guess it would be the easiest way for me to win a million... I mean, id like to believe that im a smart man... Some of my co-workers think so... There've been a couple of times that i was able to answer the million peso question on Game K N B?... But dont get me wrong, you will NEVER see me lined up to join Wowowee or Eat Bulaga... I still am earning money from my job... and I have a very decent job...

Anyway, that new Kris Aquino show seems easy enough... no mind numbing questions... I guess you just need to be extremely lucky to win the jackpot... Or, i could join Pinoy Big Brother... I am not that good-looking, and looks doesn't seem to be a requirement to have the viewer's votes... Although, i dont want to pour out my entire being to the rest of the country, or planet (depending if people have TFC)... And i've got this funny feeling that people may regard me as a villain, knowing my personality... Anyway, game shows, would be my best bet to getting to my first million... Which one? I honestly do not know...

So what would happen now? I guess you've got to tune in... I'm only on my 14th entry for the year... I still have another 80+ to finish til the end of 2006...

Jun 7, 2006


I think by now you know that im such a fool for comic books... And i think that this is the second time that im writing about it... From the last time that i wrote about this topic, some of the titles already ended, and then there are a few new ones that started (or in my case, I started to follow)... Here's my updated comic books pull list...

CIVIL WAR: All the hype about this title was right... The Marvel super heroes are divided, so now it's brother against brother, friend versus friend.. Everyone in this universe is affected, and no one will come out of this war the same... Mark Millar and Steve McNiven are delivering the best work in their careers... And us comics fans are winning. I so love it.

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Ever since I read Deadly Genesis, I instantly became a fan of Ed Brubaker, so now, every title that he writes, I must read... And this is one of them... It doesn't feel like its padded, the story is already 18 issues long but still you won't feel like its decompressed... Its thrilling, the pacing is SO good, it hurts to turn a page knowing you're almost the end of an issue... Its like you dont want the story to end... Its THAT GOOD.

DAREDEVIL: Following one of the most critically acclaimed run in comics of Brian Bendis and Alex Maleev, Ed Brubaker (again!!!) continues the story of the Man Without Fear... This is one of the best noir stories i've read ever... I love that the story plays like the tv show Oz and Prison Break... its so suspenseful, yet you can't help but feel for the hero... Its a great title...

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: Im following most of the Civil War related titles, and as the story goes, this could be the title where Spider-man finally reveals to the entire world his true identity... the end of last issue was a total cliffhanger... Will he take off his mask? Is he truly with Ironman? What does Captain America think about this? Do I have enough money to buy all of these comic books?

Jun 6, 2006


Hindi ako mabilis magalit, pero kapag nangyari yun, tiyak titiklop ang langit at lupa... May kasabihan nga tayo, iba magalit ang mga taong nasa loob ang kulo... Walang dahilan para magalit ako ngayon... Gusto ko lang ipaalam sa inyo ang mga bagay na nagpapainit ng ulo ko...
Gaya ng mga sumusunod:

Eto ang mga taong insensitibo na mahilig umupo sa gitna ng fx... Teka, wala namang masama na umupo doon sa gitna ng sasakyan diba? Mali!!! Lalo na kung naknakan ka ng taba... Alam nilang apatan sa gitna ngunit pilit pa rin nilang pinagsisiksikan ang sarili nila sa pwestong iyon. Mabuti sana kung ang binabayad nila e pangdalawahan!!! Good luck na lang lalo na sa iba na minsan sumasakto sa likuran nila yung bakal sa upuan... Nakakapanggigil!!!

Naiintindihan ko na kailangang kumita ng mga drayber sa pasada nila... Pero kailangan bang hintuan lahat ng tao na madadaanan nila?! Kahit na yung mga HINDI PUMAPARA!!! Mamang dyipni drayber, alam niyo ba na iba sa mga pasahero ninyo ay nagmamadali?! Sa mga bus drayber, alam niyo ba na kayo ang dahilan ng trapiko sa Maynila?! Sana man lang, ang mga taong ito, eh iniisip na hindi lang sila ang espesyal na anak ng Panginoon!!!

Nagtatrabaho ako sa isang call center, kaya napapaligiran ako ng mga taong ingglisero. Pero please lang, kung hindi ka marunong masyado ng ingles, eh wag ka ng sumubok. Kung ang nasasabi mo lang na ingles na matino ay ang script mo, wag mo na lang ako kausapin. Ako nga hindi ako ganun, kung hindi ko alam ang salita, nagtatagalog na lang ako, pano pa itong mga tao na ito na ahente lang?! Nakakaasar...

Marami pang taong nakakapang-init ng ulo... Wala lang akong maisip ngayon... Tumatakas lang kasi ako sa paggamit ng computer dito sa opisina. Sa uulitin, maaaring, magsulat ako ng ibang pinanggigigilan ko... o hindi... Abangan niyo na lang.

Jun 3, 2006


Im just excited... i finally dont have to go to kproxy to get to this site... so now i can update you regularly... i still am not able to do this on my station, but still, i can update my webjournal regularly again... i may be able to fulfill my goal of 100 journal entries by the end of the year...

Nothing new... im resting my manual journal for the next few days... i want my numbering and the date to be synchronized... on my journal, ive written more than 1300 entries already... thats still too few considering ive been writing on it for more than 4 years already... if you want to know about my life, that's the best thing to read... of course its more private so im able to put more things there than in here... like my sex life (a rarity if you ask me)... thoughts on people that i dont like (insults galore)... and stuff that are considered taboo... i love that journal... i put my goals there, and im able to accomplish... its a good thing having one, makes you remember where you need to be when you're treading the wrong path... id recommend you to do that if i were you...