Mga Sumasampalataya

Nov 29, 2006


There's this one person who I really have a huge thing for. We're very good friends, and I know that whatever it is I'm feeling, I know it will never be reciprocated. And there have been a lot of times that I have psyched myself to move on. To forget about it. To not have feelings anymore. But I can't.

And what's fucked up is that everytime... and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME that I decide to give up on that person, she pulls on something that prevents me from doing so. She does something nice, she asks for the two of us to go out. She comes to me with her problems and then all those feelings all come crashing back. It sucks because I can't move on!!! I can't go forward. Everytime I meet a new prospect, a few hours later I will receive a text message from that person. I can't forget about her.

We're not meant to be. I know that. There are forces beyond our control that prevents her from falling for me. But those same forces are doing something that stops me from not having feelings for her. It's crazy.

A friend of mine asked me, would I rather do something wrong and be happy? Or do something right, and be miserable?

With this person, I feel I would rather do something wrong and be happy even if I know it's just short-term. Damn!! I think I need to have some therapy. I don't know what to do anymore.

Nov 28, 2006


After what happened to me more than a couple of months ago, I came back to Enchanted Kingdom last Sunday. I never in a million years thought of coming back because that's where I lost my phone (well, not really). EK is a happy place, and going there is something you don't make second-thoughts of.

The funny thing is that, the decision to go there was something totally last minute. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. An impulse. And that's why all of us have either debts or no money at all. But it was a lot of fun! A LOT of fun!!! Definitely much better than my last visit there.

I'm listing down the differences from my previous visit with last SUnday's...

SEPTEMBER VISIT: I went with Beth, Lui, Steph, Lirio, Dio, Joanna and Karla
SUNDAY VISIT: I was with Shamai, Hansi, Ryan B., Mervin, Maybe, Steph, Eric, Francis, Audrey and Wilma

SEPTEMBER VISIT: I lost my phone
SUNDAY VISIT: I did not lose my phone

SEPTEMBER VISIT: It was planned
SUNDAY VISIT: Totally out of the blue decision to go there

SEPTEMBER VISIT: I didn't have money to go there
SUNDAY VISIT: I still didn't have money to go there

Here are some pics... Enjoy!!!

Nov 26, 2006


Okay, some pictures and a little bit of explanation about who they are and what's up with some of them...

The first one is a collage of baby pictures of my reps. I would really like for you to look for me on those pics. I sort of look cool as a kid (that's a hint).

This next picture is my niece Julia. She's half-Filipina and half-Brazilian if I'm not mistaken. I just want to post this pic because she's really cute.

The next couple of pictures are obviously my program's pizza party last week. Thanks to our generous client for giving us budget for this party this visit. I honestly believe we deserve it. Everyone worked hard to get to where we are right now.

I'm not on this one because I was not in costume for this 70's and 80's party. The people you're looking at are the winners of the best in costume for that day. I was sick during that day but I came to work just to see my peeps wearing their funky get-up.

Nov 25, 2006


The last few entries I've written are mostly about films that I've seen recently, and there have been lots... It is indeed the holiday movie season in the States... But the last one I have seen sort of came out last year... Fragile (A Ghost Story)

It's a horror flick about a haunted children's hospital. I cannot really tell you what the story was really about as I lost interest in the movie 5 minutes in... It's not scary. Matter-of-fact, it's boring!!! I'd rather listen to an FM station than tolerate 1 hour and 50 minutes of uninteresting crap.

I know it won awards somewhere, and I'm sure there was a story that was told, but it just did not click for me. Maybe I just wasn't the movie's target audience. Unfortunately for me, this week has been a bad week in terms of watching movies. Happy Feet wasn't as happy as I expected it to be... and Fragile was really crap.

I'm not going to review this film any longer, as I basically described what this abomination already is.

RATING: 4/10

Nov 24, 2006


I've seen Happy Feet yesterday, and it wasn't what I expected it to be. It's a nice film, and there were some really hilarious bits, specially when Mumble finally met those Latino accented penguins. But it was the story that kind of put me off. I think the story specially towards the end kind of took off on a totally different direction.

Plot: (What it's supposed to be)... Emperor Penguins basically meet their mates through song. But Mumble was different, he's the only one of his kind who cannot sing. Instead, he's more of a tap dancer, and that was disturbing for his folks. (But then what happened)... towards the end of the story though, humans got involved... I'm not going to be specific about it because I don't want to spoil some of the story plots to those who wants to see the film.

Story aside (although it's important), it's a cute film... Penguins talking, walking and dancing just does something to me that sort of makes me want to pinch something, or someone. I specially like the part when the lead characters were still babies. They sound so... adorable? Ramon (voiced by Robin Williams) probably was the best character among the cast of penguins. He's hilarious in the film. I think I like him even better than the lead.

Final verdict, like I said it's a cute film... I just was disturbed about the ending. It doesn't look like a kid's film. I like Ice Age 2 better.

Rating: 6/10

Nov 19, 2006


No more clients... I can finally go back to sleeping long hours... I can smile again... I can do anything again on the floor... Basically at work, I can be myself once more!!!

I mean being serious wasn't difficult, but then again it's not me... I'm more of the goofy kind of supervisor... Carefree and nonchalant (whatever that means)... I also don't have to dress-up and fix my hair daily (that was a lot of work)... I know I still have to look good, but what I'm trying to say is that I don't really have to dress up (as if I did that during their stay)...

I guess the operative word here is relaxed... I am more relaxed now... No more stress of entertaining our client and client services (who's really nice and everyone loves in Manila)... And what better way to relax than to watch Happy Feet... I'll watch that movie this week...

Nov 17, 2006


Cool origin for Mr. Bond. I think this is one of the smartly written James Bond flicks. It's a little predictable knowing the nature of the movie, but it's still a great film to watch. I'm not saying that this is the best James Bond film ever... but it does place high on my list at least. I actually think that James Bond movies are trying to outdo each other. It started with Goldeneye, and with the exception of Tomorrow Never Dies, all the films after it got better and better.

Casino Royale is basically about the first outing of James as a 007 agent. In this adventure, he has to catch terrorist financier Le Chiffre, and the only way to do that is to win a high stakes poker game in Casino Royale in Montenegro. I'm going to be vague about the story as there are twists in the film... every 30 minutes...

If you're used to watching these types of movies, then you'll know what happens... Predictable as it is, I'm not saying that the film sucks... They're all predictable, but they all occur brilliantly... there were a lot of well-executed fight scenes... It's not boring. i personally love the opening act wherein James chased a bomber all throughout the construction sitesof somewhere in Africa... It was inhuman, but it is cool...

People say that Daniel Craig is the ugliest James Bond... I won't comment, but the looks definitely did not matter, as I believe that he did perform extremely well as the suave British spy... And he's deadly serious in this movie... Not the funny Bond, but still has that sense of humor...

Anyway, I like the film... That's about all I can say.

Rating: 8.5/10

Nov 15, 2006


These days are turning to be some of the more challenging days of my career (if you call being a supervisor in a call center a career) so far. I think these days are the most dreaded by any Supervisor (specially those whose programs aren't performing.


This is the most stressful week for me so far. Our client is always unsatisfied with everything. We have improved by leaps and bounds from the last time that she was here, yet she still finds something to bring our spirits down. It's not that disheartening to me personally, I even find it more like a challenge to overcome. But what I was thinking was the agents who feel that they aren't that greatly appreciated.


My uncle is going to stay in our home this week. A few months ago, he had a stroke, and his family thinks that his time is coming. He's in Manila to go to the doctor, but the thing is he wants to see all of his siblings one last time. My mom was telling me that he's always crying, and that he wants all of his brothers and sisters beside him. He actually wants to spend the remaining days of his life in his province of birth which is Samar.
I don't know the reason, but his brothers from the province decided to just come to Manila to meet him (hopefully not for the last time). Too bad though they won't be complete because their sister is in the States and cannot come back until she becomes a citizen there.

He is one of my favorite uncles because he was one of the people who really looks up to me even when I haven't proven my worth in anything yet. If I see myself positively today, he's one of the people who boost my morale. And he gave us Kukay, our parrot, and Pikoy, our myna.

His sickness has been a burden to his family financially. It made me think: and this may sound cruel... but I would rather he be taken earlier than survive and let everyone suffer emotionally and financially.

Nov 13, 2006


I was in Makati a few hours ago (I'm not saying what I'm doing there as I have co-workers who reads my blogs). I don't think it's successful anyway. The point is, I was walking around, and everything was to my liking. I miss Makati.

I was born there, and before we moved to Parañaque, I lived there for more than a year. When I was younger, we constantly visit our old apartment. And that is the place where we usually go to enjoy our weekends before. Life was really good back in the old days. And I was mestizo back then before I came to our new home.

Before our program was moved to Ortigas, I was a self-professed Makati boy. I will never get lost in Makati (well except for that one time that I got lost looking for that building no one ever knew... ). I was born in Bangkal, and even if I haven't been there for more than ten years, I can still point where our old apartment stood. That's how nostalgic I become when it comes to my place of birth.

I learned a lot in Parañaque, that's where I grew up. I became a man in Manila. And right now Ortigas is where I am working. But Makati will always be the place where I come back to. If only land is cheap in that area, I would buy myself a home there. If I become rich, I'll buy a condo unit in Makati.

I LOVE MAKATI!!! One day, you really will be my home... The moment I inherit our homes in Las Piñas, I will sell them and purchase one in Makati... I'm a sick sick man.

Nov 10, 2006


I know I don't have much visitors yet... Somehow my goal is to get a million people to read my blog (like that's gonna happen)... maybe in a thousand years... Thing is, lately I haven't come up with any witty remarks or funny banters or silly anecdotes... I think I've got what people call a writer's block...

What's nice is that people still come back every now and then to read my blogs and sometimes even leaves comments. That lifts up my spirit somehow. Thank you for visiting my site, and I hope you are enjoying what you are reading. As I enjoy writing for you guys.

Hehe, I've got visitors from the United States. I do hope they understand what I'm saying when I'm writing in Filipino.

Nov 2, 2006


Maraming dahilan upang ang matibay na pagsasamahan ay malalamatan at masisira. Marami na ring mga tao na nagdaan sa buhay ko at biglang nawala dahil sa iba-ibang dahilan. Minsan kasalanan ko, minsan sa ibang tao, at minsan din ay dahilan sa paglipas ng panahon. Ang mga sumusunod ay ilan sa mga dahilan kung paano nasisira ang pagkakaibigan...

-PRIDE wala na akong maisusulat pa...
-PANAHON pagkatapos ninyo magtapos sa pag-aaral, minsan ay hindi niyo na nababalitaan kung ano ang nangyari sa matalik ninyong kaibigan noong kolehiyo o high school.
-PAGSISINUNGALING kung lolokohin ninyo kaibigan ninyo, at nahulin kayo... patay na
-BAGONG FRIENDS minsan may mga bago na kayong sasamahan, kaya ang kaibigan ninyo dati, medyo makakalimutan ninyo... hanggang sa mawala na yung dating matibay na samahan.
-BABAE/LALAKE minsan ang pag-ibig ay sisira sa pagiging malapit ng dalawang magkaibigan.
-PERA kaya ayokong magpautang o mangutang sa kaibigan, dahil ito ay isang matinding dahilan para bigyan ng lamat ang mabuting pagsasamahan.

Ano man ang dahilan, masakit talaga ang mawalan ng kaibigan. Minsan ito ay pagsubok lang para talagang mapatunayan na matibay ang pagsasamahan. Pero kahit ano man ang pagsubok, kung ito ay iyong ipaglalaban, kahit ano pa yan hindi kayo mag-iiwanan.

Nov 1, 2006


Ano nga ba ang depinisyon ng tanga?

TANGA /ta-'ngah/ (adjective)
- isang taong walang alam kundi mangolekta ng kaibigat tapos magrereklamong single
- lalaking mahilig mambabae at nagugulat pa everytime ayaw pagtiwalaan ng mga nililigawan
- ex mong iniwan ka for some reason then biglang magpaparamdam ulit after some jurassic years
- babaeng ilang beses na naloko sa pareparehong dahilan pero di matutu-tuto
- bading na pamen, na nagrereklamo na walang jowa
- taong nanakit ng feeling, tapos magtatanong kung nakasakit ba siya.
- taong gagawa ng kalokohan sa bahay ng magulang tapos hindi naglolock ng pintuan.
- taong magsusulat ng mga sikreto sa blog, tapos magtataka bakit alam na sa opisina mga ginagawa niya
- o kaya naman taong nagkukwento ng mga lihim sa isang taong tsismoso/tsismosa
- taong kain ng kain sa mcdonald's o jollibee tapos magtataka bakit hindi siya pumapayat