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Oct 31, 2006


So it's Halloween today and we're all on a festive mood. You want to know why? Where I'm working, we have this annual contest wherein you decorate your floor into something scary. Our theme was the movie "House of Wax." It was really good that we won 1st place!

I really appreciate us winning because I have seen all the creators work their asses the whole of last week just to make this work. Suffice it to say, all the hard work paid off great. I mean there's no contest, ours is the best design in the building.

Nothing much to update to you. I have absolutely no idea what to write. I just want to fulfill at least one goal for this year. At least I need to accomplish one goal.

Oct 26, 2006


Okay, the story started last May, and by now it should've been almost to the end, but because of the delays on the artist's part we're only halfway through the whole epic. And that's not really a bad thing. So now I am dedicating this whole entry to Civil War, and where this story has taken Marvel so far. Of course I haven't read all the tie-ins, I'm just going to tell you about that I've read Let's start...

PROLOGUE: The SHRA (Super Hero Registration Act) is being opened again after a series of disturbing superpowered events shook America (ie Wolverine going fucked up crazy and engaged most of the superheroes, Hulk destroying some parts of Las Vegas, Philadelphia bombing). Dark times are ahead for the country.

CIVIL WAR 1: The straw that broke the camel's back happened. Celebrity wannabee superheroes called New Warriors battled villains that are out of their league and caused the death of more than 600 people in Stamford Connecticut. This automatically made the government push through with the SHRA, which divided the super community into 2... the pro-registration led by Iron Man and the anti-registration being headed by Captain America.

TIE-INS: Seeing that every hero wants to either fight or side with the law, Wolverine takes it upon himself to avenge the people who died in Stamford and stick his adamantium knives in Nitro's ass. Meanwhile the rest of the New Warriors are being threatened because of what their former teammates have caused, and She Hulk (pro-registration) is tasked to help these anti-registration kids. As for Spider-man, he chose to ally himself with the pro-registration heroes and Ironman tells him of the things he has to do and sacrifices he has to make being a pro-registration hero.

CIVIL WAR 2: The Act has been passed and approved and all heroes who chose not to register are being captured and imprisoned. SHIELD confirms that Captain America is not alone in his fight against the government, and are letting agents called capekillers capture the renegades. Over in Washington Spider-man takes his mask off during a press conference and reveals his identity to the world.

TIE-INS: The Fantastic Four deals with what happened to Johnny Storm the Human Torch who was mobbed by anti-heroes in front of a dance club. Spider-man deals with the aftermath of his unmasking, and Wolverine finally tracks down the villain Nitro. Luke Cage's wife (Jessica Jones) and child leaves the country for Canada, when they decided that it's not safe for them to be in the country anymore.

CIVIL WAR 3: The stage is set for the first face-off between the pro-registration and the anti-registration heroes. Captain America and company tries out their new identities while Ironman baits the AR's to a burning factory. SHIELD immediately takes care of the teleporters and a brawl ensues. Nothing is going in the AR's way, and things comes to worse when Project Lightning enters the fray... Thor returns!

TIE-INS: Jessica Drew, the Spider-woman makes her decision finally sealing her fate and choosing a different side from being a double agent for SHIELD and Hydra. The Fantastic Four during the transportation of the prisoners are ambushed by the AR's. A fight occurs, and at the end The Thing decides he doesn't want to be a part of this war... he's leaving the country. The Young Avengers try to help out the Runaways from being caught in the middle of an adult war. Unbeknownst to them, SHIELD has already targeted them and are doing the dirtiest tricks to get these kids to stop what they are doing.

CIVIL WAR 4: Sides change as the battle between the PR and the AR escalates. We learn that the Thor who appeared isn't the real Thor, but a clone created from a strand of his hair. Black Goliath dies during the fight and the AR are forced to retreat. Susan Richard, the Invisible Woman leaves her husband after realizing that her fascist husband really is not seeing the war reasonably. Some anti-registrants also thinks twice about the side they chose.

TIE-INS: Wolverine finds out there's more to Nitro than meets the eye. After being captured by the Atlanteans, the villain spills out that Damage Control is giving bad guys Mutant Growth Hormones to enhance their powers, basically for war profiteering. Wolverine literally takes out the head of the corporation. Finally, Spider-man comes to his senses and admits that he has chosen the wrong side.

That's it so far... The titles I'm reading connected to Civil War are Civil War, Amazing Spider-man, Wolverine, Captain America, New Avengers, Fantastic Four and Young Avengers/Runaways. More to come as the story continues. We're only halfway through this fun epic.

Oct 25, 2006



This word is used to describe the movie 'The Prestige,' which I saw yesterday. It's a movie about two magicians whose friendship turns into a bitter and deadly rivalry. The difference in this movie is that it's not a cliche. Although a girl is the reason for the fight, it's not in the way you would normally think of. No. Not in a long shot.

More importantly, this movie is about who among Robert Angier (Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Bale) is the better magician. They are competing with only one magic trick... and are doing everything to ruin the other's performance, one of which caused one magician to lose two of his fingers.

Just like the magic trick, this movie is of 3 parts: first is the pledge, wherein the magician shows the audience something ordinary. Then there's the turn where we see an ordinary trick do something extra-ordinary. Finally comes the prestige, where we see something shocking that we've never seen before.

Very smart movie indeed. Everyone in the cast performed admirably, from the cameo roles (Piper Perabo and David Bowie), to the support (Michael Caine and Scarlett Johanson) to of course the 2 lead roles (Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale).

It was magic.

RATING: 9/10

Oct 24, 2006


Nope, my birthday's still months away from today, but I just don't have anything to write to you right now, and I don't want to be redundant. So now I'll be writing about the most memorable birthdays I had...

Obviously my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th birthdays I have trouble remembering, seeing as I was practically a toddler back then. THe only reason I know that I celebrated parties back then was because there were pictures (and I was crying in most of them). I think it was a tradition that my cousins put icing on my face, and I guess I didn't like it back then. And I am doing my best to make sure that that tradition continues with my nephews and nieces (such cute little devils they all are).

My 7th birthday probably was my first memorable party. I mean children who turn 7 normally have a grand celebration, right? I had 2 celebrations for this one, the first was in my pre-school which was like the best birthday ever celebrated that year (I shared the same date of birth as the school principal). And then one at home. In our street, I think I was the first kid to have a merry-go-round in my party. I also received tons of gifts (some of which were stolen by jealous kids... hopefully not from my family).

My 9th birthday, my mum became creative and threw me a surprise party. The first and only one I had. So that was nice. I have no recollections as to what else happened then, only that when I came home from school, there were balloons all over our place.

My 13th birthday I celebrated with my best friends in 6th grade. We ate in Pizza Hut, and that was fun. But the most interesting thing that happened on that day was my first ever kiss... with my cousin. She thought that I'm practically a grown-up already, so I have to learn how to kiss good. And that was great (that is of course you think incest is cool)!!!

When I turned 15, that was the first time I brought home some classmates to celebrate the special day with me. It was a riot, and of course so much fun... until some of my friends came back from a scooter injury.

2000 was when I first celebrated my birthday as a college student. There was a huge rally in Mendiola (if you must know my bday is on the 24th of February and rallyists usually choose that day to protest or celebrate the EDSA Revolution Anniversary). We watched this Russell Crowe film which was boring. But it was memorable because my friends gave me a surprise party (and gift) afterwards.

February 24, 2002 was when I met the person who for the first time totally broke my heart. Nuff said.

Last year was the first time I celebrated my birthday party with my co-workers. That was cool. The celebration was for my birthday as well as the blessing for our new house. I believe more than 30 of the people I work with came over to eat and drink. Some of which didn't even bother to greet me that day (tsk tsk).

This year was sort of the same, but I spent my birthday at home and on an unplanned leave. I just wanted to rest that day. Forget about the worries at work, and just slept for most of the day. That was cool. I got like 3 perfumes from my aunt in the States.

Now the question is, how will I celebrate my birthday next year? Hmmm...

Oct 22, 2006


Kung nabasa mo yung mga previous entries ko, alam mo na isa sa mga paborito kong bisitahing blog ay ang kay Cofibean. Nakakatawa kasi siya. Ang nakakaasar lang, ang DAMI-DAMIng gumagaya sa kanya. Ano ba? Hindi kaya nakakatawa yun.

Mahilig ako na magbasa ng mga blog ng ibang tao, kaya bumibisita ako sa mga blog ng ibang tao. Pero kapag nakita ko na ang paraan ng pagsulat ng tao na ito eh parang kay Cofibean, sinasara ko na yung internet ko, o kaya lumilipat ako ng website.

Una sa lahat, walang sense ang sinasabi ng mga taong ito. Pangalawa, hindi ka cool kung mura ka ng mura. Lalo ka nagiging parang squatter. Pangatlo, blog ang sinusulatan ng mga taong ito, hindi cellphone, hindi ka kailangan magsulat na parang nagtetext ka, lalo kang lumalabas na bobo.

Parang nawawalan tuloy ako ng gana na bumisita na sa blog ni Cofibean. Hindi ako naooffend sa mga sinasabi niya tungkol sa industrya na pinapasukan ko ngayon, pero ngayon, para kasing saturated na masyado yung paraan ng pagsulat niya dahil sa dami ng gumagaya. Hay.

Oct 21, 2006


Okay, so the whole Friday night I was just watching DVD's instead of going to Metrowalk for the Oktoberfest celebration there (I really need to amp up my social life, I know)... Anyway, so the show I was watching was about best friends, and it made me want to have one...

Unfortunately, I never considered anyone a "best" friend. I mean I have a lot of really close friends, and I feel it's unfair to brand just one person as the best among all of my friends. They all had their moments, one way or another. I had a great friend during elementary, high school and college, and even with my first and my current job. It's hard to choose, specially with me because in a way, when we aren't together anymore, the communication just stops. We do see each other every once in awhile, but the closeness before aren't that much apparent anymore.

Even with my childhood friends, we don't talk too much anymore. We all grew apart, although we all get together every new year's eve, we just don't have a lot in common. All of us have very different lives now, and we're not kids anymore.

I envy people who maintained their best friends from childhood. Their bonds are strong, and I don't have any of that with my friends now. It could be my fault that I don't keep in touch once one friend moves away. But life does get in the way of friendships.

All I'm saying is, right now at my age, I would like to have a friend who I can talk to freely about anything (well except for politics, religion, the economy... I simply don't talk about it cuz I'm stupid). This is not about finding a partner or a lover because if things don't work out, everything ends. And I'm very bad with commitments (relationship-wise of course). I guess I would just like to know that there's someone out there who will fight with me against life's harshest trials. Or someone who enjoys talking about comic books religiously (of course he/she should be knowledgeable about the latest things going on in comics) or movies or tv. I guess being an only child and being used to be alone, I just want someone to be there.

Oct 20, 2006


I saw this movie last weekend... It was long... Normally, I won't have a problem with long movies, but this one... awfully dragging...

It's basically a story about two men who are both trying to redeem themselves from past mistakes. The teacher (Kevin Costner) lost his wife and his best friend. The student (Ashton Kutcher) trying to make up from a deadly mistake he did in the past. It's pretty much predictable what's going to happen. They don't like each other first, but then they find something common and then they both become good friends.

Why do I say it's too long. There are a lot of scenes that would've been better off cut from the movie. It's not that bad... but it's not that good either. I could've slept through the entire movie, but I don't want to watch it again. Wherein films would've helped in making you interested to sign up on the job, this one does the opposite. I don't want to be a lifeguard anymore after watching that. I don't even know how to swim.

I don't know what's up with Kevin Costner. I think this is his effort to make up for a long list of very bad films (no offense meant to his fans), but this did not quite make up for it. It sort of sucks... Just like The War, The Postman, Dragonfly, Waterworld... I hope he'd realize that if he continues doing these kinds of films, his almost dying career would truly be over... Where's the guy who starred in Dances with Wolves and The Bodyguard? Oh well

Rating: 6/10

Oct 18, 2006


I cannot believe the first time I went to the cinema to watch this movie, I slept throughout the film. Trailer to credits. I slept. I did not wake up at any point in the movie. It was a very noisy movie. How I was able to do that is nothing sort of a miracle.

It's a mob film with a very interesting twist. I rarely finish a Martin Scorsese awake... or at all... But this movie, just like the critics are saying, is brilliant. It's not a film that has a happy ending written all over it... But nevertheless, you'll be entertained by how the plot moves the story along. It's funny, it's gruesome, and most importantly, it is NOT boring!!!

I just don't have a clue as to how I slept through the entire film the first time I saw it. There were some heavy gunfights towards the end. Cars exploding. Sound of people falling from buildings and a lot of cussing. I slept through all that. Whasupwiddat?!

You have to give props to Leo DiCaprio... He knows how to choose his movies... This was great... I heart THe Aviator was good as well... Catch Me If YOu Can is brilliant. He's on a roll... Matt Damon was also good at being bad... He's funny as well... But I guess the actor who really shone in this film was Jack Nicholson... Frank was just bloody brilliant.

Rating 9/10

Oct 15, 2006


Tutal, gusto kong mag-update tungkol sa buhay-buhay ko dito sa mundo kaya ngayon nagsusulat ako (isa na ring dahilan ay kailangan kong makapagsulat ng 100 entries ngayong taon).

Ang kwento ko lang ngayon eh mga sari-saring bagay tungkol sa buhay ko. Alam ko hindi siya gaanong kainteresante. Pero blog ko ito, kaya walang pakialaman.


Noong kabataan ko, madalas akon malink kung kani-kanino. Hindi ako artista, pero halos lahat ng tao, gusto ako ipareha ng mga kapitbahay, kaklase at kaibigan sa mga taong hindi ko gaano kakilala. Ang una ay sa kaklase ko noong Kinder at Prep... si Katrina (di ko na maalala yung apelyido niya). Crush ko din naman siya dati. Hindi ko na siya nakita mula noong nagtapos ako ng pre-school.

Ang una kong naging crush (as in patay-na-patay talaga) eh nung grade 2 ako. Ms. Marianne de Leon yung pangalan niya. Science and Math teacher ko siya dati. Hindi na ako dumadalaw sa paaralang pinasukan ko nung bata pa ako kaya hindi ko na alam kung Mrs. na siya ngayon. Pero maganda yun. Kahit bading samin nagka-crush doon dati.


Una kong girlfriend high school ako, Love Ramirez ang pangalan niya. Uso pa noon ang mga phonepal kaya doon ko siya nakilala. Mas matanda yun sa akin ng isang taon. Ilang buwan lang kami nagkasama dahil siyempre nagkolehiyo na siya. Siguro hindi kasi masyadong naging matatag yung pundasyon ng relasyon namin noon kaya hindi na kami nagkatuluyan. May asawa na siya ngayon. Canadian. Himala nga na hindi pa namin natatawagan yung tahanan nila sa Canada ngayon.


Noong bata ako, mayroon akong kaibigang dwende. Hindi siya talaga nag-eexist, pero yung mga kalaro ko noon, paniwalang-paniwala na totoo yun. Weirdo ako dati, pero hindi na masyado ngayon. Siguro, ano lang yun, dala ng pagiging nag-iisang anak ko. Nasa tamang katinuan naman ako kaya di na kailangang magpadala ng psychologist para tingnan kung maluwag ang turnilyo ko.


Ngayon, hindi na ako masyadong nakakapanuod ng telebisyon. Pero noong nasa kolehiyo ako lumiliban ako sa mga klase ko para lang malaman kung nagkatuluyan ba si Pacey at si Joey sa Dawson's Creek. Panggabi kasi ang mga klase ko noon kaya hindi ko napapanoon ang mga paborito kong palabas. 9 ang uwian ko, 8 ang Dawson's Creek. Ewan ko ba kung bakit patay na patay ako sa palabas na yun.


Yun lang naman muna... Wala na akong maisip ngayon eh. Sa susunod na lang ulit.

Oct 12, 2006


Mga paborito kong website...

FRIENDSTER: wala lang... kasi madami akong friends doon. Nakakatuwa na makikita mo yung mga kaklase mo noong high school na mas mataba pa sa'yo ngayon. Tapos isa pang dahilan, eh natutuwa ako na marami akong kaibigan. Di ko inakala na iaadd nila ako.

NEWSARAMA: mahilig ako sa comics, at ito ang isa sa mga pinupuntahan ko para malaman ang mga pinakahuling balita tungkol sa mga paborito kong bayani. Nakakaaliw lang.

PINOYEXCHANGE: ang daming topic ang pinag-uusapan dito, mula call center hanggang blog at kahit pagtatalik, may forum na ginagawa. Natutuwa ako kasi minsan may mga tao na nagmamarunong. Ang sarap nilang patulan at ipahiya sa buong world wide web.

COFIBEAN: yung mga blog entry niya hindi ko gusto... pero yung mga reaksyon ng mga tao, tuwang-tuwa ako basahin. Ang galitin ang buong mundo (or at least yung mga nagtatrabaho sa call center tulad ko), yun ata ang dahilan kung bakit nabuo itong blog na ito.

MOVIES.GO: ang mga trailer ng mga paborito o magiging paborito kong mga pelikula ay pinapalabas sa website na ito. It's cool...

COCONUTER: etong tao na ito, bilib ako... kasi siya mayamang Fil-am na naninirahan sa mga rural na mga lugar dito sa Pilipinas. Akalain mong may mga tao pala talagang gusto ay ganun.

PROFESSIONAL HECKLER: 1 word: nakakatawa! 'nuff said.

MYSPACE: parehong dahilan ng friendster. pero di ko ito madalas puntahan. wala kasi akong friends dun masyado.

Oct 11, 2006


At least that's how I looked like today... My eyes are red, I only groan and moan and I can't utter a single audible word... Good thing I don't exactly look like one (thank god for my debonaire looks harhar)...

I'm obviously at work right now... Too tired from playing Final Fantasy 12 the entire long weekend... I'm actually surprised that I'm able to type words that connect and make sense... I only had 2 hours of sleep today........................... oops! sorry, I fell asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... this is what playing video games for 14 hours will do to you.....

Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhhhhhh!!! So sleeeeepyyyyyyyyyy! I'm doing it again... i'm sorry... I know it's annoying, but that is how i'm feeling I'll stop it I promise... you get it, I'm tired... You'd feel that way sometimes I bet... This is how I relax... I punish my eyes by playing video games non-stop and then taking a bath... without letting it rest for even five minutes...

I would be an eye doctor's worst nightmare (or best customer... think about it)... You know me, I'd do anything to die young... Blindness does not kill... but when you cross the street without looking at the road does... Off topic... but useful for those who have suicidal tendencies... poke your eyes and then cross the road...

Oct 7, 2006


IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been waiting for this game for 2 years now... It's great... I've only played it for like 4 hours only, but I'm still excited about it... I don't know how often I'll be playing this, but I'm sure it will take most of my restdays and rest hours to finish this... Oh crap, and I bought a new book... I might put it off for awhile...

The graphics are WAY better than x-2... And it's got a different (yet similar) gameplay... It's still turn-based, but in a real-time manner... I can't explain it well, but that's how the game goes now... It's still easy to pick up and understand though...

Like I said, I'm only four hours in the game... There are still a lot to play, and it's way too early to tell if this will be my favorite game... But just like the last Final Fantasy game (which I chose over a potential lover)... This is one pleasant distraction that will take my time away from having a decent social life...


The other potential social-life-killing-entertainment I picked up yesterday was a copy of Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys... It's one GOOD book... I'm only 5 chapters in, and I'm already completely engrosse by the story... Fat Charlie's father just died, to his relief... You see Fat Charlie's father embarassed the hell out of the poor kid... But his dad is no ordinary dad, he's Anansi, the trickster god... And he's got another son... Who's inherited every bad trait his father would've had... more notably, his POWERS... That's where I'm at right now... but things are looking bad for Fat Charlie... very BAD!!!


As much as I would like to write a review of The Departed... I slept ALL THROUGHOUT the movie... NOt that it's bad... But I was just very tired... I woke up during the credits... I wasn't even able to finish the trailers during the first part of the screening... That's like 150 bucks flushed down the drain... Good thing I was not snoring during my sleep (or was I?)... who cares...

Oct 5, 2006


Matapos ang isang malalim na pagtatanto ko sa sarili ko... Napagdesisyonan ko na ako ay may ADHD...

Huh? ADHD? Yeahbuhwhat?

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder... Wala lang... Feeling ko lang... Madalas kasi ngayon eh hindi ako maka-concentrate sa mga gawain ko... Hindi ako mapalagay sa isang lugar ng walang ginagawa... Tapos may mga bagay na madali akong pagsawaan... Siguro noong bata pa ako ay may sakit na akong ganito... Ngayon lang talaga siya nadevelop... Ang saklap... Supervisor pa naman ako...

Ano-ano ba ang simtomas na ang isang tao ay may sakit na ganito?
  • Inattention - madali akong magsawa sa isang bagay... maliban sa bago kong cellphone...
  • Hyperactive - sa opisina, hindi ako mukhang supervisor dahil mahilig ako maglaro sa floor... para akong bata na makulit at pasaway...
  • Impulsive - madami kang makikita sa kwarto kong mga bagay na hindi ko kailangan, na binibili ko... lalo na kapag malaki ang sweldo ko... ika nga, impulsive buyer ako...

Waah!!! Hindi ako tama sa pag-iisip... abnormal ako!!!

Oct 3, 2006


60 entries written this year, I'm about to reach one of my things-to-do for 2006... That won't be the first, but it's the one thing that I remember... Yep, I eat a lot of pork, which totally makes me sorta forgetful... Anyway, I'll write down some snippets again about my weekend...
Patty Laurel approved my comment for her... I know it's shallow... but hey, she's a celebrity (and a one-time crush)... Why one-time? I realized if I want something to happen, then I really put my foot on the ground and not really reach for stars... I haven't met the girl, and she's totally out of my league... She's smart and funny and basically all the things I'd like an ideal girlfriend to be... but of course Notting Hill was only a movie...
It is proven that I am a maid-magnet... This is awful... My neighbor's maid has a huge crush on me... I know that there are somewhat decent-looking people with nice jobs who have a crush on me, but servants?! Am I THAT plain-looking, that maids dig me? At least I know I'm attractive to one niche... Now if Patty Laurel makes a comment on my blog to announce her attraction to me, that really would be something... Does she even read my blogs?
I'm being a good friend these days to some people... Last week, Francis (if you've been a loyal follower of my blog, you know he's the one who did not return my vcd copy of "Shall We Dance") broke up with his girlfriend of 7 years... So I'm textmates with the guy for emotional support... And then yesterday, this classmate of mine from high school called me up because he was having a problem with his girlfriend... I don't give advice, I just listen... Fortunately, that's all he needed, because if I give him an advice, chances are his relationship would go down in an instant... What do I know about those stuff? If I were friends with Patty, would she be good to me?
I think I'm sounding like an obsessed fan of the girl, so I'm gonna stop it now... because I'm not... an obsessed fan... I'm just elated that she approved of my comment (which I think anyone who writes blogs usually do... I mean it's a compliment knowing people like what you write)... oh well...
I had my hair cut yesterday... I look like a high-school student... NOt bad, really... But I just feel like I'd be fit for the First Day HIgh commercial... I'd be the nice guy (totally a brainy guy... but Patty's the model for that so there... and I'm a nice guy)...

Oct 1, 2006


In my entire life, I only had 5 cellphones... My phones live long lives with me... I cherish and take care of my phones like family... They all have sentimental value for me...

Nokia 3210: This was my first phone... The one I used all throughout college... At the time when I bought this, I was one of the coolest student in school... It's one of only a few phones with a composer in it... But the popularity was shortlived, as a few weeks later, something better came out from Nokia... There was a defect on my keypads with that phone, but since it was my first, I really didn't mind... As long as I get to text my friends and do whatever, I'm good with my phone... But then when my anxiety days came in during my fourth year, I got sick of the phone because the only textmate I had then was Smart's promos which was really irritating... I got rid of the phone 3 months before my graduation...

Nokia 3530: When I stared working in 2003 (2 weeks after I graduated... yabang), I felt I needed a phone again... No reason really, I just felt that my co-workers would like me to be their textmate (which I found out was not really the case)... I applied for a line with Globe, and this was the free phone that I got... It was filled with nude and animated photos and videos (stuff my team leader kept sending me)... I sold it to upgrade my phone to...

Nokia 3100: I still have this phone... I bought it from my co-worker in eTelecare... I liked it because it's casing glows in the dark... That's basically the reason why I bought that phone... Plus, the pictures are clearer... It's got this zoom option to see the pics better... Plus, you can attach a camera to it (which my cat destroyed less than a week after I bought it... that's like 5,000 bucks gone in less than a week)... This is my work phone...

Ericson K750i: My first hi-tech phone... 2 megapixels... 90-something memory... has some quality speakers... and some heartless prick just took it away from me... Damn! It took some time for me to get over losing this phone... Heck, I don't think I'm still over it til now... Oh Enchanted Kingdom, how I loathe thee... But that's the thing of the past now...

Ericson W810i: My new phone... Practically the same specs as my K750 one... Just a bigger memory... Two days old... A child of Milenyo... I had to borrow money to be able to purchase this one... I would've purchased the Cybershot phone, but due to budget restraints, I made do with this one... I'm going to give my love to this phone as much as I gave to my other phones... this time I'll make sure that no one would steal this phone from me...