Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 26, 2007


I am 25 years old. Quarter of a century's existence on this planet. I am older, not necessarily wiser, but much more learned.

I am not going to say that this means that I am going to be more mature. Hey, I am me. And changes (specially with regards my personality) do not happen in a day. I just am more aware of what I am doing, and dare I say it, this year I will be thinking more before I open my mouth.

There will be some risks that I am going to take. It may cause my heart to be broken again, but unrequieted love... not going to happen this year.

I'm having some heart issues at the moment. More like infatuated with a certain someone. I thought I already got over it, and will settle with friendship. But I guess as the old adage goes, true love never dies. At least I think that this is true love.

I am happy. I know people love me. I celebrated my 25 years for 2 days. That's more than enough proof that my existence has impact.

Feb 19, 2007


There was someone who said that this year would be a year of huge changes for people. I didn't really believe that at first because I was pretty secure of the things that's happening with my life. My job is good, my program's performing as expected, and everything seems okay.

Then one day, I was told that our program was chosen to move to Marikina.


That's all that I was able to say. For awhile I did some thinking about my career. I wasn't given an increase yet, and Marikina is just too far. I was ready to quit. But I guess, back then I was too happy to ever think of leaving the company.

So we moved. Actually, I'm living in an apartment right now with some of my closest co-workers. We dubbed the place "One House." It's nice, it's big and it's a happy place to be in. 5-minute walk to the office, actually. But then now, here comes the problem. I finally received my increase.

From what I'm getting prior to that, it looks like I only got a thousand peso increase. Now that's the straw that breaks the camel's back. I am now seriously contemplating on leaving the company. Regardless, I'm able to save money or not, I don't think I'm being treated fairly. I mean, before taking over as Supervisor, the program was dying. I was able to get revive this program and take it where the previous leader's only dreamed of.

I haven't been writing to you the past month, basically because i can't find my inspiration. If you're a regular reader and is looking for some updates about my life, there's one for you. And oh yeah, I broke up with the doctor. Time and definitely distance was a problem.


Only thing that keeps me smiling was what happened last Sunday. I was actually pissed off back then with my reps for doing some things in the office. But when nighttime came, after I did someone a favor, that someone texted me something special. It was something out of the blue and came unexpected, but it was a very pleasant surprise. I won't be delving with the details here, but it's actually something sweet. Makes me love life even if it's throwing shit at me.