Mga Sumasampalataya

Sep 29, 2008



Okay, as you all know I'm just a guy, so most of the things that you'll be reading would be input of MEN (not boys). You are free to disagree and post your ideas on the comments area. If you want to answer with your own post about the subject, and you want me to post it in my blog, e-mail your reply post at and I will post this in my blog with your name as a guest writer.

I want this to be interactive, so hopefully you'll leave your comments right away. And please, don't be violent or threatening with your posts/replies. Let us all be civil here.


Ang tanong: Sino ang kadalasan mas nag-eexert ng effort sa relasyon, ang mga babae ba o ang mga lalake?

Point for Girls:
- Ang mga babae ang nagdadala ng relasyon. Sa kanila madalas nakasalalay kung kaya pang ipagpatuloy ang relasyon o hindi na.
- Ang mga babae ang kadalasang martir.
- Effort sa mga babae ang maghanda sa mga date.

Points for Boys:
- Ang mga lalake, kadalasan ang nagpaplano ng mga "sweetest moments" sa relasyon. Mapa-date o proposal.
- Sobra sobrang effort ang binibigay namin kapag kami'y nanunuyo sa aming mga sinisinta.
- Dahil kadalasang nasusunod ang mga babae, effort sa amin ang sundin ang mga gusto (luho) ng mga babae.
- Effort din sa mga lalake ang maghintay (minsan hanggang kasal) sa babaeng mahal niya bago sila magsama.

I know, most of the points eh for the guys, alam na naman siguro ninyo kung bakit. Kung hindi kayo sang-ayon, pakisabi lang. Pero in fairness naman sa mga kababaihan, mabibigat naman ang mga puntos na nakalahad dito.

Sep 23, 2008


I'm reposting my quarter-life crisis entry about 3 years ago. Don't ask me why I chose this to be the one to post today, I don't have any other entries as proper as this one. Obviously things have changed, I'm at the end of my being in the mid-20's range.

I'm actually not having the whole quarter-life crisis thing. But there are certain things that I am realizing now, that I haven't before. There really is no crisis. I'm not having a moment of clarity. I just don't have anything of sense to post these days.


Don't get me wrong here... Im not being desperate or disheartened or depressed... Its just that Ive noticed lately that my life's been changing... I haven't had the time to reflect on whether Ive changed for the better or the worse, but I know that there are some things that I don't do anymore...

My tv viewing habit (which I REALLY love) has been radically changed... Actually, I don't have one anymore... I blame my work for that... Darn stupid schedule... Suddenly tv shows aren't that interesting to me... Gone were the days when I go gaga over Katie Holmes on Dawson's Creek... I haven't been able to follow the shows that i really like... Although some of them lost the magic and realism that's made me an avid fan (ie 24, Alias, Survivor and Smallville)... Now, I find myself watching National Geographic, Discovery and Donald Trump's Apprentice...

My radio's a bit soft now... Back when i was in high school and college, I've been a fan of Magic 89.9... I'd join contests... Religiously follow their countdowns and just try to be updated on the latest songs... But now, I find their songs uninteresting and loud... Im more mellow... I rarely watch MTV (I feel Im not one of their target market anymore)...

Being single is cool now... When before, I was like desperate to be in a relationship, now I have all the reasons to say being single is one of the best things anyone could ever be... I know having a partner has its perks, but you could still be alone but not lonely... Anyway, i guess its a sign of maturity...

Im not having a crisis... yet!!! Im not nearing my thirties (thank God!)... Still a few more years for that...But anyway I think im armed and ready to face whatever adulthood has to put in front of me... Ive got the guts and the balls for a little crisis management...

Sep 19, 2008


I have about 500 pics in my computer right now in my camera. I don't think I'll be able to post them all here. So I'll just post some of the highlights of my stay there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go reverse bunjee. That would've been the perfect way to end my NZ journey.

This is rugby at it's most brutal!!! Which is very cool!!!

That's a llama. I wanted to have a picture with him, but he doesn't like how I smell.

A cute baby sheep. Cute = delicious!!!

Me, milking a cow.

The parliament house. An explanation on another similar picture.

That's me feeding a ram.

A sheep before the killing... just kidding... that's before the shearing.

This is my favorite picture. A sheep dog doing her job.

THis is the beehive... from the Parliament House. NZ's Malacañan or White House. I was able to come inside, unfortunately, I can't take pictures.

This is a magician. He swallowed that big knife... or small sword.

A view from Mt. Victoria Peak. That's the whole of Wellington.

THis is a pipe from The Lord Of The Rings. My boss' husband works for the company that made it.

This is the boat from the movie King Kong. Nice eh?

On our way home... Cloud formation from which was really nice.

I still have probably one more post about New Zealand before I officially end the NZ Chronicles. ANd then I'll move on to my regular stories and my next Featured Friend... Sugar. By the way, I arrived safe and sound this morning.

Sep 16, 2008


The New Zealand chronicles will be ending in a couple of days. By Friday, I'll be back in Manila.

I loved my almost a month stay here, but sadly as with all good things, this too shall end.

I am certainly going to miss this country. The sights, the people, the whole kiwi experience.

As I'm pretty sure I won't be coming back anytime soon, I have to cherish whatever's left of our stay here.

I'm starting to dream of Manila again... and Filipinos.

Am I excited to go home? Not really. Because that means life will be back to normal. Bills to pay. Work. Same old. Same old.

But that's okay. If I stay here longer, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be at my heaviest. I have to stop eating unhealthy yet very delicious food.

Once I get back I have tons to post about my stay here. I still have some pending posts that I have yet to put up... And of course, pasalubongs to give away.

But that's a few more days away...

For now... I'll go bungy jumping... well... a different kind of that... post about it soon!!!

Sep 5, 2008


I'm not really sure what to put here today. I just wanted to put something here because it's been a week since my last post and that's quite a long time. It's mostly work that I'm doing here in New Zealand starting this week, so there's no more excuses to slack around (which sucks by the way).


My second weekend was awesome. I some New Zealand fauna. Finally saw a kangaroo!!! Yay!!! It's just too bad that during my trip to Wellington Zoo, my camera's batteries died on me. So you'd have to make use of my camera phone pictures once I've uploaded them in a couple of week's time.

Saturday, we went to Lindale Farm where we saw lots and lots of sheep. There were goats, rams, a midget horse, llamas, pigs, a cow and other farm animals. I got to feed a lot of them, which was nice. It was disgustingly dirty, but they were all cute. So who cares really.

There was a show. The host sheared the sheep's wool. It doesn't look painful at all. I thought when people do that, the sheep would be all scurrying about, but he (or she) was actually quiet. Didn't move a muscle the entire time.

Oh yeah, I milked a cow. It's easy.

Then Sunday, we went to the zoo. Yeah, like I said, I finally saw a kangaroo and a wallabee... and a lemur... and an otter... I wasn't able to catch a glimpse of the cheetah (he was very fast). Ooh, and the red pandas were beautiful!!! Would've loved it, if New Zealand had some koalas. But I enjoyed that trip very much.


One thing I'll really really miss here in New Zealand is the ICE CREAM!!! They have the best ice cream in the world!!! Specially the Kapiti ones. It's expensive... but it's so worth what you'll be paying. So far, I've only tasted four of their flavors, but damn!!! Damn!!! I'm lost for words.

Fig and Honey, Spicy Apple, Gingernut and White Chocolate. I know some don't really sound delicious. But God!!! Have you seen just how many exclamation points I've put in the last couple of paragraphs? That's how good it is. I love it!!!

If you never hear from me again, that's probably because I stayed in this country and am in hiding (TNT... hahaha... joke). New Zealand ice cream is something I'm never going to forget more than anything. Makes up for the bland food I've tasted my first week here.

That's it for now... Hopefully, I'll be posting some more this week... More pictures perhaps... Cross your fingers.

Sep 3, 2008


On top of Wellington... At the Botanical Garden... The view is of the city... obviously. Breathtaking!!!

Me at the game... Go Wellington Lions!!!
Wellington in the afternoon...

This is outside the office....

A view from my room in the hotel (City Life Hotel, Wellington)