Mga Sumasampalataya

May 31, 2008


After over a month of searching for a copy of this year's most anticipated video game, I finally snagged a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV this week. And damn!!! This game is so good!!!

I haven't finished the game obviously as there are a lot of missions that I have to finish and a lot of easter eggs to find. I've only played about 7 hours of the game, but I can't find a reason to switch off my console.

As of writing, I've already killed a couple of mob bosses, banged my sort of girlfriend three times, rode a train, expanded my circle of friends, got my apartment burned and ran away from the cops several times. There's literally a million things to do in Liberty City and a lot of places to see.

Nico Bellic is the star of this game. An immigrant from probably Eastern Europe. He bunks with his cousin Roman who owns and operates a taxi service, and unfortunately have some very bad people as friends. Initially, you drive around Roman's friends and help them out with their problems, and eventually get paid. As the game progresses these customers become your friends, operating with you in some missions, letting you in on some weapons store and giving you money. I love this game.

Like I said, there's a lot to do in Liberty City. You can surf the internet, shop for clothes, read blogs, drive around, watch television shows, kill people, and bang some chicks. Plus the setting, a virtual copy of New York City, beautiful. So far, I've been to this game's version of Coney Island, Queens and the Bronx. Manhattan will come in later in the story, but I can't wait already. I can't wait to be able to fly a helicopter and go to the Statue of Happiness (the game's version of Statue of Liberty).

The game is obviously for adults as it promotes violence and isn't tame with regard the language. But I don't know anyone who won't enjoy playing this game. The controls are easy to get acquainted to, and there's no dull moment. Listening to familiar music from over 10 radio stations will keep you from going out of your stolen vehicle. I love this game.

This is the superior game among all the installments of the game that came out. I'm talking in terms of everything. From gameplay to story to visuals and control, this is the finest. Driving is a breeze, and shooting and aiming is more precise than the previous games.
I feel that this game will further keep me from having a social life again, but it doesn't matter. I'm cool with it. That's how much of a geek I am. I'm even starting to talk with the Russian accent. Aaaagh! So far, among all the games in my library, this is already becoming my favorite. To hell with Halo 3 and Oblivion.

By the way, I'm playing the XBox 360 version of the game.

SCORE: 10/10

May 26, 2008



I admit, being in a relationship has its perks. But then again, there's some sort of freedom you're never going to get when you're tied up with someone else. I don't think a lot of people realize that.

Your money is your own.

Forgetting someone's birthday is not an unforgivable sin.

You don't have to ask for permission to have fun with your friends.

I'm not promoting promiscuity, but you have that option.

You're not forced to endure hours and hours of window shopping.

Yeah, there's no kilig and you don't get to hold hands with someone and yeah it's nice when you wake up and you're still beside the person you slept with, but that shouldn't stop you from being happy.

There's a reason why we make friends with other people. So that we'll never be alone. And if you chose the right people to be friends with, then loneliness is not going to be a problem.

I read this whole entry back, and I know I kind of sound like a selfish brat. It's just that I'm enjoying being a free man. And it's not going to take away the things that will make me a great partner or boyfriend. My being happy as a single guy does not mean that being the other half of a couple will make me miserable. Like I said, sometimes we need to feel the jitters.

I'm just making the most of what life hands out. I decided that I don't want to spend the last years of being in my twenties feeling miserable. Sulking is for superheroes. And I'm not a fictional character.

May 25, 2008


I was really lucky to have been hired by the second company that I've worked for. It was there where I met most of the friends that I consider as my family. About 200 people came in and left our little program, and a lot of them left huge marks in my life. Some gave positive impressions on me, and there were few who left a bitter after taste. But there are a handful that I consider my really good friends... people who I would never want to cut lines of communications with. And this entry is for them.

MAYBE: Closest I have to a sister. I bully her, and sometimes I make her cry. But she's always been patient with me, and I can talk to her about anything. She's a nice person, and she deserves all the good things that's coming her way.

HANSI: My kuya, the older brother I never had. He's the person I talk to if I'm confused. If I wanted advise, I can always count on a mature one from this guy. And he always instigates the group's gimmicks.

SHAMAI: Never a dull moment when I'm with this girl. She never runs out of stories to tell, and all the juicy gossip about the company after I left that I heard, mostly was told to me by this girl. One day, our plans of going to Oceanarium will push through.

MORRIS: A natural born leader, I never thought we'd be close until we lived together. He's a natural born leader, and for his age, he's really a deep thinker. He's one of the people who took over after I left the company, and is one of the reasons why I am confident that I'm leaving the program in good hands.

RYAN B: I learned to love Granma because of this guy. And I love his pasta. God!!! During the kidnapping days, his house was always welcome to us piss-drunk friends. His house as well as Hansi's were the reasons why I'm not going to be lost in Quezon City.

LESTER: He's an example of a bad boy that turned good. While I still think that our group's the reason why his horns aren't totally cut off from his head, his little speeches about his experiences and beliefs makes me think about turning to God full time.

RYAN C: His daughter's one of the few goddaughters that I get to see from time to time. I'm proud that I was part of some of the highlights of his life. He's our group's bunso.

SUGAR: I admit, at one point in my life, I had a huge crush on this girl. If I wasn't so torpe I would've courted her already. But I guess we both know that we're better off as friends. Maybe someday. Time will only tell.

JOANNA: This girl... she's already a senior, and because of that, I know that I can trust her when I tell her my secrets. She's got a bubbly personality, and that makes her adorable. A little irritating at times, but we're so close that I don't mind writing it down here. I love her.

JAJA: She's like my little sister. My rich and successful little sister. Ha! She's the only person we rarely get to see these days as she's enjoying travelling the world. I'm proud to be her friend, makes me believe that there really is a good life outside of the call center industry.

PADZ: The eldest in our group. When he's drunk he's the most serious, and our source of stories and experiences.

There are a lot more: Malou, Gel, Eric, Steph, Karl, Ingrid, Roy, Mitch, Beth, Lui, Rossan, Karla, Francis(I'll make one for you next time...I'm sorry). They're always present everytime I invite them over for a house party, and I hope in the future they'd still be.

This is my little group of brothers and sisters who I dearly treasure. And although, some of us have already moved on, I'm happy that we still keep in touch. And I don't think any of us want to cut communications as we all know we'll never meet another people like these again.

May 24, 2008



First of all, an introduction to Iron Fist. As per Marvel: Orphaned billionaire Daniel Rand was raised in the mystical city of K'un-Lun and grew to become it's champion. After defeating the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, Danny was granted extraordinary powers, enhancing his mastery of the martial arts and allowing him to achieve a superhuman level of strength, speed and fighting prowess. Now Danny - a captain of industry a hero on the run and a member of the underground New Avengers - stands between the innocent and the unstoppable hordes of evil and wicked men as THE IMMORTAL IRON FIST.

Now I'm sure a lot of you don't know who this guy is, as until recently, Iron Fist was never a mainstream superhero. He was created during the 70's in the wake of blaxploitation and kung-fu films. He was Luke Cage's partner in Heroes For Hire, and just recently joined the Avengers as part of the superhumans against Super Hero Registration. And he's the star of one of the most hailed Marvel series, The Immortal Iron Fist.

While the entire run of Ed Brubaker (Captain America) and Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man) is critically acclaimed, I wanted the maiden entry for my comic book reviews to be about their second story arc titled The 7 Capital Cities of Heaven (issues 8-14).

Danny Rand, the Iron Fist of this generation finds himself a weapon of his city K'un-Lun in a tournament between 6 other mystical cities vying for passage to Earth. The game... a kick-ass kung-fu tournament that makes Jackie Chan and Jet Li films look like amateur circus acts.

What's really interesting is that the entire tournament is less than half of the entire story, we also are thrown in the middle of a brewing war against corruption in Rand's home turf. Oh yeah, and a terrorist cell called Hydra is targeting the invisible city to turn into rubble and dust.

If I were to nominate a title that will get people to read comics, The Immortal Iron Fist will definitely be on top of that list. I believe that these characters will be myths in the future, just like the Greek, Norse and whatever gods we're so into these days. Brubaker and Fraction are weaving a great mythology for the character that makes him so interesting, and this title so hard to put down.

Where else can you find characters whose names are so cool, you'd hate your parents for naming you Michael or Jason? Fat Cobra? Bride of Nine Spiders? Dog Brother #1? Tiger's Beautiful Daughter? Steel Serpent and Prince of Orphans? If you could only see their looks and their moves, your jaw would drop to the floor just like mine did. Sumo Thunder Stomp, Whirlwind of Impending Doom, Burning Chi Thunderfoot, The Black Milk of Hell, Jawsnapper in Twilight and The Stabbing Newlywed are just some of the cool moves each player made throughout the entire run. If I wrote all of it here, I'd have no more room for the review.

This series is peppered with coolness, that each issue you're going to say 'wow' several times. Every character had a moment and the writers effectively wrote them that you'd care if something bad happens to them. Just like this line by Misty Knight (she's Danny's on-again-off-again girlfriend):

"You're all cold. You're all tired. And you've got to protect Momma Hogarth while trying not to get yourselves killed. My partner has a way with the blade. And clearly I'm unafraid of a tussle or two. Now, you might manage to bring down one of us, or maybe even both of us. But I promise you that--before we die--we will blind one of you. We will kill two of you. And three of you will never have children. Ever."

The comic book is mostly perfect, but there's only one thing that kept me from truly enjoying the entirety of this book. David Aja was not able to complete this story. I'm pretty sure not all people would appreciate the art, I know some prefer a manga style of drawing when reading comic books. But I really loved Aja's style. I don't know how you call it, but I've really warmed up to it. It has this European style which is detailed and conveys emotion effectively. And his action sequences are the bomb!!! I was wondering how he would've interpreted the scene where Iron Fist punches a train (yes, you read that right!!! That's how cool Iron Fist is). Anyway, his replacements Tonci Zonjic, Clay Mann and Kano did the best that they can, and were able to keep the art competent in Aja's absence.

There's a lot to love about this book and I'm not ashamed to profess all of it. I've got a man-crush on Iron Fist!!! There, I said it. This is the best and only kung-fu comic book in the market. I am not afraid to recommend it to non-comic book readers out there. This book won't let me down, mind you. This has got everything you need, action, suspense, great dialogue, great characterization, and a whole lot of kung-fu fighting. Definitely a classic!

RATING: 9.5/10

May 21, 2008


Am I finally free from the call center industry? Well, technically yes. In a sense I'm no longer working for a call center company. After 4 years of working there I'm finally free. But then again, the job that I have now still involves working on the phones. But this one I'm really really REALLY excited about.

I work for the real state arm of one of the (if not the) richest man in the country. I'll actully be pioneering this particular department along with 10 (although we're not complete yet) other people.

The projects that are lined up are so good I don't think we're going to have a problem selling each property. Hearing stories about how Account Managers are closing sales everyday gets me excited in closing one as well (even if I'm not full-time on the phone). 2% commission of the property I sell, can't do me no wrong. This could possibly be the best career change, and possibly the riskiest thing I'll do. But you know what, I'm an optimist, so I'm seeing good things for me.

Yeah, I deleted the last post, as it was a result of my being negative a few days ago. I changed my mind. Although I still am looking for people for my team. Anyway, it was not a good post, more like desperate, but I'm okay now. Just enjoying facing the challenges that come my way.
If I don't do good and not make sales, being in an office full of good looking people's reward enough for me.

May 16, 2008


Reading the title, I'd say you're thinking this is about how someone (a girl perhaps) telling me to stop touching them. Wrong! Number one, I don't touch anything without asking for permission... (maybe that's what's wrong with me)... and two, I just needed something catchy to write so you'll read this entry.

So what's this entry all about? I am on 'guy-giving-advise' mode today and would just want to share the things that we guys don't want other people touching. Whether you're a girl or a guy, there are just some things that are off-limits unless given proper authorization. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any problems sharing things. It's just there are things you should be careful before you lay your soft hands on or something. Men, particularly boys tend to go berserk if they find out that something's changed or different with these precious things.

CELLPHONE: I have seen relationships destroyed because the girl can't help but open her beau's phone and read his messages. This has something to do with the issue of trust. And probably guys who avoid lending their phones have something to keep from others. I'm sure guys won't have a problem lending it to you if you ask first. I know I don't. Seriously, this could also be for your own good. I mean, what would you do if you find out that his phone contains videos or pictures of him doing it with his ex?

WALLET: Look at your parents. Have you ever seen your mother open your dad's wallet. Even if she needs the money, and his wallet's lying there she still asks the man to give her the money. They know the silent rule between men and women that wallets are always off limits. I know sometimes it doesn't contain much, but whatever 'much' this leather treasure chest contains only
we understand. We don't have a problem sharing our money with you, but sometimes it's our decision to keep some for ourselves. Don't assume that because we're already intimate that we're already ready to share everything with you. It's all about respect.

HAIR: Remember Samson and Delilah? What happened after the bitch played around with the guy's mojo? He flipped and turned suicidal destroying some tower along with himself. This may not be accurate, but I guess you're smart enough to follow my drift. Our crowning glory!!! The only thing we are willing to spend 30 minutes just to fix. The only thing that completes our look. Yeah, I know when girls play with our hair, you'd still see us smiling after... but I'm telling you deep inside we want to punch the living daylights out of you. Respect the work we've put on our hairstyle no matter how outdated this look happens to be.

CAR RADIO: It's fine as long as you ask permission first. We understand if Love Radio is not your favorite fm station or that you don't like the house music cd that your guy's got in his player. Heck, we'll even sing-along with the cheesiest love songs if you want just as long as you tell us you want to change the tune. An awkward date will really go south once this happens, a normally jolly guy can become quiet and brooding when he hears something different inside his kingdom that is his car.

That's four things that are off limits from other people's hands. Everything else, you're free to touch and play with. And there are some things we want you to touch and play with. And this time I mean what I mean. Wink Wink!!!

May 15, 2008


Nah, I don't want to join the bandwagon of writing another American Idol entry. There's around a thousand blogs out there that's already said everything that needs to be said about the show and it's contestants.

So now my dilemma is, I can't think of a good entry to write about in this online journal of mine.


In my quest to find a new career, I stumbled upon this budding real state development company. I came from the call center industry and have never experienced anything other than that kind of job professionally.

What's interesting is, although it's a little new, it is a big company. A company that's connected to one of the country's richest person. It's a leadership job, so that I have experience in, and I'm hoping in some way that what I did and who I am will be enough to land me the opportunity of a lifetime. I mean from what I've heard during my interview last week is that this will be very satisfactory financially for me.

I guess, I just need to do good with my interview with the President of the company on Saturday. My readers, please wish me luck!!!

Oh yeah, and I visited their website today, and day-emn! I want to own my own condo unit and island house!!!


I've been visiting a lot of blogs lately, and I've found a lot of really interesting sites. For sure one of these days I'll be advertising these people's blogs and other websites that I've been frequenting when I'm not doing anything.


Speaking of future entries that I'll be writing here... Lately, I've been cooking up some things about my being an only child that I notice are similar to other people like me. It's just that when I re-read it, it got a little pessimistic and depressing (maybe because it became a story about me). I'm just going to edit it, no actually it needs a total overhaul before I post this here.


The past few days, I've been going to sleep at around 4am. One evening it's because I've been reading "Love In The Time Of Cholera." (haven't got far though, still on page 83). The other day it's because I was playing "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion." And then of course the other day it's because of drowning myself in alcohol.

I guess the point here is, I'm still losing the fight against insomnia. ANd I drink milk!!! A lot!!!


Oh yeah, I'd also like to take this time to write about the first short story I've posted here... FX DIALOGUES... just scroll down if you haven't read it. This was a story I wrote 5 years ago. It was originally entitled "Stoplights and Wedding Rings." Obviously I've changed some of the dialogues between Francis and Diane, because on the original it was really shallow and long.

Anyway, I've written about 10 short stories during the time when I recently graduated. I was actually hoping one of those would get published. This is the closest I'll ever get to being printed. At least I'll be reaching a wider audience here. Right?


I'll end my post here on this note. And if you're interested as to who I want to win AI... Cook.

May 14, 2008


After siguro ng 2 buwan, eh kagabi nakipag-inuman nanaman ako. Hindi sa mga usual na kasama ko uminom na kaibigan mula sa dati kong trabaho, ngunit sa mga maton kong kapitbahay na mula pagkabata namin eh nakakasama ko na.

Hindi ko na nga maalala kung bakit ako napasabak sa inuman naming iyon kagabi. Marahil ipinagdiriwang namin ang graduation ng isa, o ang despedida ng pamangkin kong uuwi na sa isang linggo. Di bale na, okay lang, basta wala akong ginastos kagabi, ayos na yun. (Hindi po ako kuripot, hindi lang ako gumastos)

Tang'na sumuka ako!!! Sa buong buhay ko eh hindi ako sumusuka kapag ako ay umiinom. Makakatulog, babagsak pag naglakad... makikipag-away sa mga kasabay kong pasahero, magsasalita nang kung anu-ano, yun nagagawa ko. Pero ang sumuka... Shiyet!!! Buti na lang at dito sa bahay namin yun ginawa kaya okay lang na magkalat ako, pero ayoko nang ganitong pakiramdam!!!

Gumising ako kanina na walang laman ang tiyan ko dahil iniluwa ko lahat nang nakain ko kahapon. Hanggang ngayon nga eh medyo lasang Jollibee pa bibig ko. Nagsipilyo na ako niyan. Kung maaari nga lang akong mabusog dun sa lasa ng laway ko, pero wala eh. Nanghihina na ako. Mahirap talaga na wala kang kasama sa bahay. Hmm... parang gusto ko tuloy buksan yung isang kwarto para iparenta... baka kasi multuhin ang bahay namin.

Pero para malaman niyo, hindi po ako lasenggo. Minsan lang mangyari ang mga ganitong bagay kaya napagbibigyan kong makipagtagayan ng Lola, Generoso at Emperador, sabayan pa ng pulang kabayo. Kahit nung nasa Marikina pa ako nakatira, eh behave ako. Ang sa akin lang, wala namang masama na malagyan ng alcohol ang katawan ko (basta hindi lang ethyl o rubber alcohol). At hindi ang inuman ang mahalaga kundi ang klase ng bonding na nagaganap sa mga ganitong patitipon.

May 12, 2008


"I've always wanted to walk there" pointing at the trees adorned by the yellow blinking lights. "I think it's romantic. You and the one you like, walking hand in hand. It's like in the movies. I've always wanted for a movie scene to happen to my life."

"What's stopping you from doing that? You're a beatiful girl. I'm sure a lot of guys are competing to give you that scene." deep down I'm starting to want to be that guy.

She just smiled. The picture of her smiling face beside those colorful lights will never be erased from my mind. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was magic.

"You're doing it again... the grin?" she interrupted.

"I'm sorry. I guess I do this a lot when I see something enticing."

"Ah. The cheesy type."

"Cheesy type?" I asked curiously.

"I have met a lot of guys, as I'm sure you're already aware. And I noticed that when they're talking to me they sort of turn into 2 types. The cheesy types and the challenging types. The cheesy guys are guys who try to woe me with sweet words. And then there are men who when I talk to them, they challenge me. Makes me think."

"Okay. So which one do you prefer?"

"Hmmm. No one really asked me that before. I don't really know. I mean it's great if you learn something new that you haven't known before. But it really feels good to know that someone thinks I'm worth stealing the moon and the stars."

You really are, I thought. She was smiling again. She's thinking to herself. We didn't say anything anymore for the rest of the ride. As we were getting nearer to where I'll be dropped off, I knew it's time. I need to get her name and number before I go.

"I'm about to get off. I really enjoyed talking to you. Thank you for making this evening a little more interesting. My name is Francis by the way." I gave her my hand to shake, and she accepted.

"Diane. It's nice to meet you Francis."

Her hand was soft. The softest hands I've ever touched. I really don't want to let go at this point. But then one of my fingers touched something cold. Something hard. A ring.

I looked her hand and saw a ring made of white gold on her ring finger. "That ring looks nice."

Her cheek turned red. She smiled looking at the ring. She played with it for a little. "Yeah. This is my wedding ring." Outside it started to drizzle. Light rain. On television, when something surprising is revealed to a character, you notice the camera immediately zooms in to the character's face to see their reaction. I felt I had that kind of moment.

I got off a few moments later. She said goodbye as I closed the door. As it turns out she's a passenger that I need to forget about after all. The light rain washed away all desire I had for her, as I started my long walk home.

May 11, 2008


It was a cold December night. I had a rough time at school with thesis and all those activities graduating college students usually are required to finish. Riding my transport, I was fortunate enough to sit in front, the most comfortable place in the vehicle. I was ready to sleep, but then the door opened and this really hot girl sat beside me.

I don't think she's a student like me. Probably a teacher, looking at all the papers that she had in her bag. She's really hot. I can still remember she was wearing this blue sleeveless blouse and black pants. Or maybe she's a student too, probably haven't graduated yet. No matter, she's just another girl I'll ride with once and forget about after.

I was staring at her probably the full 3 minutes after she came in. She noticed. I guess I have to turn my face forward.

"It's really awkward how we get to ride in one of these and we can't talk to people we like," she started.

I paused. I don't really know what to say with these kinds of things. I never had a conversation with a stranger in this kind of manner before.

"You don't do this, do you?" she asked again.

"Uh, honestly my mom taught me not to talk to strangers." Lame!!!

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just thought, cuz you've been staring at me, that you'd like to talk. I mean it's the season to be nice and all, right."

"You do this all the time?" I asked.

"Just with people I think who are nice." she replied with a smile.

I thought that was cool, I mean here's a hot girl talking to me. This could be the start of something good. A relationship perhaps?

"Nice? I look like a nice guy. Hmm, that's a first" now, I don't want this ride to end.

"I am a good judge of character. You could always tell by the way they smile."

I wanted to look behind me. See how people are reacting to our little conversation. From the rearview mirror, it seems they don't care. An old man was already asleep. I know some of them are listening... eavesdropping.

"So, was I smiling earlier?" I asked. By this time I don't want her to stop talking to me. It's actually good, that the stop lights are cooperating with me. It turns red everytime we pass by one.

"I won't put it that way. You have like a stupid grin pasted on your face. It's cute, actually."

Now I'm embarassed, I'm sure everyone heard that already. The girl in the rearview mirror's actually tried to veer away her sight at us. "It's that bad? I'm sorry."

"No, you shouldn't be. If you didn't I guess we won't be having this conversation at all, right? Points for you."

"It seems to me, you do this quite often."

"Not really. God, you must think I'm some kind of slut."

"Oh no-no-no-no-no!!! It's not like that. It's just - are you not afraid, you might have spoken with a creep... or a jerk?"

"Are you one?" she asked.

"No. Are you?" dumb question. I think I should keep my mouth shut.

She giggled. Oh that sound! Cutest giggle I've ever heard. I think I'm falling for her now.

"What do you think the people behind us are thinking?" she asked. It's embarassing because I'm sure everyone heard her ask that question. The driver evn looked at us. The first time he did after about 5 minutes of our conversation.

She's starting to sound really scary now. Is she crazy? She could be. I mean she started talking to me.

"Do you think I'm crazy? I'm talking to a stranger, and making him feel uncomfortable." she pointed out. As if she's reading my mind.

"No! Not at all. I guess you were just acting on my show of interest earlier. I'm actually surprised you're even talking to me, with my stupid grin and all."

"You're sweet." she gave me a coy smile, or a lopsided grin.It's really enchanting. By this time we're already by the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

This was the perfect setting, with all the Christmas lights blinking. If I've known her more, I'd say that the whole environment would've been enchanting. It already is.

By this time I know. I have got to at least get her name.

To be continued...

May 9, 2008


These are some of the examples why I love "How I Met Your Mother":

Girl: Tell me what you like the best about koalas?
Randy: Their... meat... is delicious.

Randy: So what are you doing later?
Robyn: Yeah, your nose is bleeding like a faucet.
Randy: Oh God, this happens everytime I get an erection, I'm sorry.

Randy is Barney's (Neil Patrick Harris) new recruit as a wingman after Ted lets him go as his friend. I loved this week's episode of How I Met Your Mother. Actually, scratch that, I love the show in general.

The series shows how good friends really interact. This is a more believable take of it compared to Friends. The chemistry of the cast is so good, and I surely can relate with everyone. I remember the days when I was staying in an apartment in Marikina. There were 5 of us, 3 guys and 2 girls. We were like that.

I don't know which network here in the Philippines shows this one, but if there is one try to catch it. Thirty minutes may not be enough though, cause it will leave you wanting more of Ted, Lily, Marshall, Robyn and Barney.

It's legen-wait for it and I hope you're not lactose intolerant-dary!!!
I'll write a much broader review of this show soon. I just wanted to write this today because the latest episode of this season is a riot!!!

May 8, 2008


Thursday is an expensive day this week. There's 3 comic books I bought, and I saw the movie Speed Racer. As for the reviews today, it's just the second issue of Secret Invasion and the film that I'll be doing. Like I said before I'll be doing something different with the comic books.

Let's start with:

SPEED RACER: This is a movie done by the creators of the Matrix Trilogy. If I remember my movie history correctly, the original film made huge leaps in terms of moviemaking magic. I remember going home thinking what if we're really living in a world controlled by machines, computers and programs. I almost started a cult. But then there came the two sequels. They're just okay. The effects were great, but the story... not so much.

Now, after some time, the Wachowski's are back. And looking at the trailer it seems that they're bringing their A-game in terms of effects. But did it deliver?

Yes, and no. It's hard to answer. I'm conflicted about this film, specially because I'm still giddy over the whole awesomeness of Iron Man. Yes, the effects are great! I love all the race scenes specially the one in Casa Cristo (I think) It's really like the cartoon coming to life. Unfortunately though, for me the story was a little dragging. There were a lot of scenes that I thought shouldn't have been added in the movie. And I could just imagine the kids getting confused because the story jumps from past to present, and add the whole corporate plot detail to the whole thing.

I am not a fan of the animated series, as I think when it was first shown, I was still a baby or toddler, or we didn't have television back then. Anyway, so I'm not familiar with the story of Speed. To the fans of the show back then, is this a good adaptation of the original story? Regardless, I thought this film is really targeted for kids. I'm sure a lot of people will find something good about this movie.

Anyway, it's about Speed Racer (that's his real name actually) and the story of how he was really born to drive. As a kid, he knows nothing but driving due mainly to his brother's being the greatest racer of his time. But something happens to his brother, and now it's all about bringing back the glory of the tarnished Racer name.

Like I said all the racing scenes (with the exception of the final moments of the Grand Prix race) are all great. The whole what-a-cartoon-looks-like-when-done-in-live-action is innovative and interesting. The whole movie is colorful, and it's fine considering that a lot of movies being done lately are dark.

It's a good film, it just was a little dragging. Seriously, I hated Speed's younger brother and the chimp. Yeah, they provided the comic relief of the film, but they're just nuisance. Kids will definitely love them. But I'm not a kid anymore.

GRADE: 7.5 out of 10

So I guess Iron Man is still the movie to beat...

SECRET INVASION 2 of 8: Before the review, let me just say this. I'm starting to hate event comics. It started with Civil War... 200 pesos for a page count of a regular comic book. It seriously sucks bad. If it were like World War Hulk that's got a huge page count, then I'd understand the increase in price. But come on!!! For this issue? Mighty Avengers 13 is better than this one.

Fortunately, it's a good issue. I would've preferred though if this whole issue is still part of Secret Invasion 1. It seems that the Skrull Invasion is not a secret anymore.

In savage land, it's an all out brawl between the two Avenger teams and the people from the Skrull ship that crashed last issue. It seems that not everyone on that ship is a Skrull. In fact one of the heroes that was thought dead is confirmed to be the real deal... It's Mockingbird!!! (I'm hearing only crickets). Yeah she's not that popular. But in the geek world, she's got a lot of fans. Apparently, she died before, and now she's back. I don't really know much about her.

Anyway, back on the mainland, the invasion is already full blown as Skrull ships finally take to the skies bringing with them supremely souped up versions of the Super Skrulls. For non-geeks out therethe original Super Skrulls are Skrulls with combined powers of the Fantastic Four (them I'm sure you're familiar). But now, the Super Skrulls have the abilities of almost all powerful heroes (one of them seems to have Dr. Strange, Iron Man and BlackBolt's powers).

I guess this is where the real invasion begins, and where almost all of the tie-ins will be taking it's plots from.

Like I said I like this issue, but the main problem is the price. I'm fine with the first issue as it was double sized, but this one is so thin. It's not really worth it. And me having a budget for collecting comics is making me think twice if I should continue following this story. I mean, I can wait until the trade comes out. There's always the web to look at if I want to read spoilers.

GRADE: 7/10: The guality of the story does not falter, it's my issue with the price. Probably, if they added some additional info or some background to justify the price next time.

May 7, 2008


With all the innovative shows being released in the US, there is still space for fairy tales. People say this show is a modern take on a fairy tale. My take... a charming show full of awesome genius!!!

This is the story of Ned, a piemaker with a gift. A rather complicated gift, cause you see, he can bring dead people back to life with just a touch. I know it sounds simple, but there are rules to this gift.. The facts were these: 1) Ned can only bring back a dead person to life for 1 minute. If it takes longer than that, another living being/thing will take it's place. and 2) once he touched the person he revived again, that person will die... this time it will be forever.

And that's just for starters, for you see, he sort of uses this gift to solve murders with his partner. And one of this case is his dead childhood sweetheart Chuck (she's a girl). Being the love of Ned's life, he can't help but bring her back for good. But being aware of the rules, if you've been digesting what I've been writing, Ned cannot touch her. A kiss or a hug would mean he'll lose her again... and this time it will be for good. Complicated isn't it? Oh and by the by, have I mentioned that Ned inadvertently killed Chuck's father when he was a young kid.

Ned and Charlie are joined by a lot of lovable characters. There's Digby Ned's dog (the first thing he revived when he learned about his gift), Emerson Cod Ned's partner, while not the comic relief, leads Ned to his more interesting cases. And also there's Chuck's aunts Lily and Vivian Charles (there's a surprising twist towards the end of the series about one of these two) and Olive Snook, Ned's Pie Hole assistant. She's in love with Ned. And she's the comic relief.

I've seen that this is being shown in ETC 2nd Ave starting last night, so I guess I'd help in bringing in more viewers for this gem of a show. Oh by the way, ETC I believe you're looking for creative writers (hint, hint). Anyway I've seen like 8 or 9 episodes already and I'm not sure if it continued in the States after... I need to look it up. It's all brilliant. Smart, and not the type wherein there's a deus ex machina to resolve some problems. Everything is clever about this show. Add the fact that it's painful to see that with all the chemistry between Ned and Chuck they can't be together physically. It's sad, but it's nice.

I just learned, there may be a possibility that this show might not have a second season. It's sad if that happens. So I guess, just enjoy it while it's still airing. This is a very good show.


Before anything else, I know that when I publish this post, I'd be incurring the wrath of many people. This is just my opinion, and I'm not generalizing, this belief to all disabled/disadvantaged brothers and sister.

This opinion of mine came from what I've seen in a teaser/trailer of last night's Pinoy Big Brother episode where Priscilla was arguing with Rona (I think) about this new girl, and was attacking the latter's personality. As I did not see the episode itself, it seems that Priscilla was having trouble with Rona's befriending the new girl. I'll be off topic for a little, I DON'T WANT PRISCILLA TO WIN THE CONTEST!!!

I honestly don't think that she has what it takes to be a winner, I think she's shallow-minded and isn't really a nice person in reality. Something about her rubs me off in a not-so-good manner. The fact is she's deaf, and thus does not know if the tone of the voice she's speaking with is sincere or not. She's a brat, and I believe she's one of those people who use her disability to gain an unfair advantage over other people.

That's sneaky and snarky and that's reality. Being a leader for 3 years I've encountered those kinds of people. I'm not going to name names, but I know this one guy who is physically disabled. Among his class, this guy is the one who's actually given us the most problems. He sleeps on his job, he takes his time in the wash room (one time an agent told me he caught the guy just playing with his wheelchair inside). And his Team Lead can't scold him as she's kind of anxious to reprimand a disabled person. Me, being somewhat naughty, when I see him coming to me I run away and let him try to catch up. Anyway, the point is, he knows people find it awkward to criticize him, so he uses that to not do his job right.

I know this is mean, but come on people need to realize that not all disabled people are good. And I think Priscilla is one of those people. I've had that feeling since I first saw her, and it's just enforced by what I've seen last night.

And please don't tell me that at least she's trying to live her life normally and is not the type of person who's boo-hoo-I'm-disabled-and-can't-do-anything-good. If disabled people want to live their life as equals with a normal person, then they should just take criticisms just as well.

Again, I don't have anything against our less privileged brothers. This is just my opinion.

May 5, 2008


Ang nais ko lang eh muling makasali sa isang gameshow. Wala akong pakialam kung ito man ay Game Ka Na Ba o Wheel Of Fortune, pero gusto ko talaga sumali doon. Napipikon ako na hanggang ngayon eh di pa rin ako tinatawagan. Yung katulong namin dati, 1 beses lang nagtext, tinawagan agad ng Wowowee at Wheel Of Fortune!!! Tapos ako, simula pa lang na mabalitaan ko na may bagong game show, nagtetext na ako. Dahil ba Globe ang phone ko at Smart siya?!

Buti pa dati, tatawag ka lang. Mas malaki pagkakataon nun na tawagan ako. Haay... Gaano kahaba ba dapat ang pasensya sa mga ganung bagay? Seryoso. Pakiramdam ko pa naman na kung makakasali ako dun, mananalo ako.

Nasabi ko na ba sa inyo na nakasali na ako noon sa isang game show. Yun tipong may 8 manlalaro, at pagkatapos ng bawat round ay mamimili ka ng patatalsikin. Si Edu din yung host noon.

Nakaabot ako ng 4th round, bago ako pinagtripan nung strongest link nung panahon na yun. Ayun, napatalsik tuloy ako. Sayang... Pero tapos na yun...

Maraming nagsasabi na kung makakasali lang daw ako dun, eh maaaring manalo ako kasi matalino raw ako. Tapos kung maririnig niyo kung gaano ako kalutong magmura kung ang isang contestant ay tatanga-tanga. Siguro, gusto nilang makaganti kapag magkakamali ako. Seryoso, wala akong pakialam sa pera, pero gusto ko lang makapaglaro.

Di ko ba alam kung bakit ko naging obsesyon ito ngayon?


May isa akong katext ngayon. Di ko alam kung paano niya nakuha yung numero ko, pero pinatulan ko na rin, dahil wala akong magawa. Ewan ko ba, naghahanap din siguro ako ng kilig ngayon. Medyo isang taon na rin nang huli akong nagkaroon ng sininta. Matagal na iyon.

Sa mga nais mag-apply (naks), meron akong entry kung bakit ako ay magiging isang mahusay na karelasyon. Basahin niyo na lang iyon. Hehe magcomment na lang kayo kung gusto niyo mag-apply. Hahahaha!!!


Pasensya na at wala akong mahusay na mga tala nitong nakaraang mga araw. Medyo balisa ang utak ko ngayon. Di gumagana nang tama dahil ang laman lang nito ay puros Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. ITo marahil ang isa sa napakaraming dahilan kung bakit ako ay hindi natatali sa ibang tao ngayon. Hindi na ako lumalabas ng bahay dahil nasa harap lang ako ng telebisyon, at naglalaro ng XBox 360.

Sa mga naging interesado sa inilathala ko kanina, eh wag kayo mangamba. Marunong ako magprioritize. Hahaha!!!

May 4, 2008


So Iron Man the movie is successful. This just goes to show that the trend of adapting comics to film is not going to die anytime soon. In fact, this year there are still 3 movies that came from the funny books (The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, and Wanted).

I know there have been many awful comic book films that have been released, but the few that are good, are REALLY GOOD. So forget about Fantastic Four or Superman Returns or Ghost Rider, they're done in bad taste.

That's why, in keeping with this trend, I'm going to list down the best comic book adaptations as of now. Iron Man is included there, but I'm not going to put it here since I just wrote a review about it a few days ago.

But before anything else, I'm just going to warn you, I'm not the type of person who reads a lot of indie comic books, so if your favorite is not in there (say Road To Perdition, or A History of Violence, or Ghost World), that just means my taste is more of the mainstream comic books. I have nothing against these books (or films), I just don't like drama. Although I loved Road To Perdition...

Anyway, here are my 5 favorite comic book films of all time.

300: Who doesn't love this movie? Us guys love it because of the action, girls love it because of the men and gays... it's just you know... it's raining men. Hallelujah! Har har. Anyway, this is the story of 300 Spartans and their part in the Battle of Thermopylae. King Leonidas leads the army to stop the Persians led by Xerxes from invading his land of Sparta. This is a very stylish film. I remember my jaw dropping in a lot of the action scenes in this movie. I have the DVD, and everytime I'm feeling emo, this is what I watch. Don't ask why.

BATMAN BEGINS: Yeah, it took 20 minutes before Batman showed up (or was it an hour, I don't remember), but the long wait is worth it when you finally see the guy wearing the cape and the mask. You know Falcone is going to be fucked up. Batman Begins tells the story of the transformation of Bruce Wayne from victim to vigilante in the best Batman movie yet. It sets up some of the things that will happen to this year's film. And the best news is, it's just the first part of a supposed trilogy!!! This would have been the perfect comic adaptation, only thing I didn't like was Katie Holmes being in the cast. I love her as Joey in Dawson's Creek, I just don't think she fit in the whole cast. I hope Maggie Gyllenhaal does better in The Dark Knight.

X-2: I'm an X-Men fan, and although I didn't like the first movie, this sequel had me literally falling off my seat. I think I joined the millions of geeks who cheered during the whole assault on the mansion scene. From the appearance of Colossus, to Siryn, Shadowcat, and Wolverine raising hell with the soldiers, I think I cried because of glee. Everyone had a moment in this movie, from Mystique to Jean Grey even minor characters like Rogue, Iceman and Pyro. Oh yeah, and who could forget the most awesome opening sequence ever with Nightcrawler's attack in White House.

SPIDER-MAN: The first one obviously. I think this kick-started the whole trend of brilliantly adapting comic books to film. This started the whole hero's origin movies. The whole build up the character so that when the hero appears in costume, you'd be in awe. With the exception of the horrible acting of Aunt May when she was attacked by the Green Goblin, I actually thought the film was well done. I watched this movie in the cinemas like 12 times. 8 of which I paid for by the way. Like I said, this film isn't perfect, but it has an advantage of being the first of it's kind.

BATMAN RETURNS: I really liked Michael Keaton as Batman. I know he's not as good looking as George Clooney or Christian Bale, but his Bruce Wayne is quite believable. And his brooding Batman is much better. I kind of had a problem with Bale changing his voice when he's in costume. But anyway, why did I put this here? One word: Catwoman!!! Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle... sexiest bitch I've ever seen. I loved the whole "I'm Catwoman, hear me roar!" I think the first time I walked my dog was to this film. Yeah, I'm sick and twisted, but it's Michelle Pfeiffer!!! In a cat suit!!! "YOu know a mistletoe is poisonous when you eat it, but a kiss is more dangerous if you mean it" one of the best lines of the film. And oh yeah, there's Penguins here. Who hates Penguins? The animal, not Danny Devito.

STARDUST: Not all comic book adaptation needs to be about action and heroes and villains. Ghost World is proof of that (has anyone here in the Philippines seen that film... it's cute). But it could also be about love, and fantasy and falling stars and evil witches. This was one of my favorite films of last year. Neil Gaiman wrote the original story, and Michelle Pfeiffer is in it too. I have not yet read the book (I have every intention of doing so when I have budget to buy one). It may have been adapted from a book, not sure if the comics or the book came first, but the point is, it was done as a comic book, so there.

I love comics. I love movies. You combine the two together. Add a very creative director. Plus some great casting. All of these equals magic!!!