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Dec 29, 2013

BEST OF 2013

I don't think I can wait anymore for the last day of the year. I have work then, and I think I'll be busy doing work at home. So let's just do this today then.

As with my other Best Of posts, I would like to first thank everyone who stuck with this blog event hough I don't post the way I do before. Even though I'm less funny, I write very rarely and sometimes I don't make sense anymore. Thank you.

So let's get it started.

BEST MOVIE (International)
LAST YEAR: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
I think this is the year where science fiction was taken seriously. It's not always about a chosen one destined to save the world. It's not always about super powered beings from another planet. Science fiction can also be simple. Something like... being trapped in space. Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity is a perfect example of a simple science fiction tale. It is unbelievable how you can be at awe at the beauty of seeing our planet from space and  the same time afraid for Sandra Bullock's character. That is the power of great filmmaking, storytelling, superb acting and today's technology.
RUNNER-UP: The Kings of Summer, Before Midnight

LAST YEAR: Unofficially Yours
This year has brought us a surprisingly good number of awesome movies. Of course, we're still getting a bulk of romcoms, but we also got quite a number of quality films. A few of them were actually action films. If this were a different year, It Takes A Man and a Woman would have won the title, but since it's 2013, I choose OTJ as the best movie of the year. It is an awesome action film. Is it original? I don't think so. Filipino movie directors have been "inspired" by foreign films and some may compare this film to The Departed. It's action packed and it's intriguing. The fact that this is not a rom com alone gives it an edge over other titles.
RUNNER-UP: Four Sisters and a Wedding, It Takes A Man and A Woman

LAST YEAR: Mass Effect 3
Wow, this I had a really hard time choosing. While there are actually only two games that stood out, a lot of the nominees, if they were released another year would have easily won this distinction of being the best game. But how could you really choose between Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us? Both are really brilliant games. One has a really outstanding story with great gameplay and beautiful visuals. The other is a really huge game which no one could possibly want to stop playing. I could just make it easy and make it a tie, but there really has to be only one. I guess sky diving and dropping directly to a dirt bike then racing down the top of the mountain against a crazy drugged up daredevil, just because you followed a talking dog would trump an awesome zombie game this time. So, it is with great difficulty that I give the Game of the Year title of 2013 to Grand Theft Auto V.
RUNNER-UP: The Last Of Us

This is the first new title I'm giving out this year to replace comic book awards (if you don't know yet I have quit downloading them this year). I think it's only fair to separate the handheld titles from the console ones just because the quality between the two are really different. But then again this year, between my PSVita and 3DS, I played my handheld games longer than my consoles. Nintendo really had a strong showing this year with Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, Pokemon and Animal Crossing. I think I spent literally hundreds of hours between the last three games. But the game I choose this year trumps them all not because of the length of time I played the game. Tearaway is a short game. But in the short time I played, it really pushed out all of the things my PSVita can do. From the touchscreen from the front back, camera, microphone, and everything else. All of them were used. Not all games could brag about that. And of course, it's got a great story.
RUNNER-UP: Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon X

BEST OF TV (Drama)
LAST YEAR: The Walking Dead
This is another tough category. But there are really only two shows that delivered really really strong episodes this year. Game of Thrones with Khaleesi's taking of The Unsullied and The Red Wedding. The Good Wife with it's Hitting The Fan and 100th episode. But really, only one episode is enough for me to give the title to The Good Wife. I have been a fan of the show since it's first season. But they really stepped up their game in it's first ten episodes this season. Just watch episode 5 (Hitting The Fan). I named it the best episode of any tv show ever. I clapped. I laughed. I sat on the edge of my seat. I got mad. All those different emotions just because of one episode. It's smartly written, brilliantly acted and generally just a joy to watch. I love this show.
RUNNER-UP: Game of Thrones

BEST OF TV (Comedy)
This is the other new category. Honestly, if I didn't separate the two categories, no comedy show would've won in Best of TV. I don't know why it took me five years to create this one. But I guess for one, there really hasn't been any truly strong sitcom on television the last few years. I think the golden era of sitcoms was the time when both Friends and Will & Grace were on air. Now, comedies just come and go. And this one, I'm afraid is a show that we may lose soon. The Mindy Project is a really funny series. Yes, Mindy can be a bit annoying. But really, there aren't that many shows that could make you laugh out loud or is tolerable to watch again other than this one.
RUNNER-UP: The Crazy Ones, New Girl

BEST OF TV (Local)
LAST YEAR: Be Careful With My Heart
Cathy Garcia Molina has been a strong presence in this annual thing I do, because she makes really 'kilig' movies. This year, she brought her signature work to television via my Best Pinoy TV Show, Got To Believe. This is again not originally nominated because it just started recently, but given it's newness, we it is a show that I really can't let go. I am not a fan of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, but I cannot deny that the couple has great chemistry. Something I last saw with John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. The show itself is funny, charming, sweet and Carmina is an effective villain. I hate her. How can you really deny giving the title to Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Care Bear, Teddy Bear and Gummy Bear.
RUNNER-UP: Honesto, Juan dela Cruz

LAST YEAR: Madness / Muse
Breakup anthems have been the most relatable songs there is. I mean everyone has gone through one. Hearts have been broken at one point or another. While technically this song is not a breakup song, it's almost one. Pink has been on a roll lately in delivering really great songs, but Just Give Me A Reason is the best on her discography. Who doesn't know the lyrics to this song? It's about a couple having a trouble with their relationship and are trying to find a reason to stay with each other. Who hasn't been in this situation? That's enough for me for this song to be the best song of 2013.
RUNNER-UP: Blurred Lines

LAST YEAR: Wickedmouth
There hasn't been any blogger who has experienced more success this year other than Glentot himself. He's so successful he's now published. It's one thing all real bloggers would want for their blog. And that alone is reason enough for Wickedmouth to be this year's best blog... Again. I have had a chance to finally meet him this year when he gave me a signed copy of his book (which unfortunately was among the things that was taken from me by those fuckin' holduppers). Glentot, if you're reading this I need another copy of your book please!!! Anyway, if you don't believe me, just click the link and go to his blog. I'll shut down my blog if you tell me you didn't laugh in at least one of his posts.
RUNNER-UP: Alfabeto Della Mia Vita

Dec 3, 2013


Naituring ko na ang 2013 na pinakapanget na taon sa tanang buhay ko. Sa totoo lang, I don't think things will get lower than 2013. Namatay ang parrot ko. Naholdup ako. Sinalanta ni Yolanda ang tahanan namin sa Samar. At naging miserable ako sa trabaho ko.

Kaya masaya ako at malapit nang matapos ang taon na ito.

Gaya ng nakaraan, ako'y mangunguna na sa mga year end posts. Ito ang ikalimang taon ng aking paggrado sa buhay ko.

Tingnan natin kung anong average grade ko ngayong 2013.

CAREER 78% (2012 - 88%)
Gaya nang nasambit ko kanina, nitong taon na ito naging miserable ang buhay trabaho ko. Nagkaroon ako ng mga issue sa mga bagay na hindi ko na dapat binibigyang pansin. Napabayaan ko ang trabaho ko. At may punto pang bumaba ako sa pwesto ko para matigil na lahat ng stress ko sa trabaho. Pero di naman lahat eh negatibo. Natutunan kong maging mas pasensyoso. Narealize ko na ako ang may control sa karera ko, at kung gusto kong umusad ay kailangan kong lampasan lahat ng pagsubok sa trabaho. Ang maganda nito, ay hindi napalampas lahat ng magagandang nagawa ko sa opisina. Hiniling na ako'y bumalik sa binitiwan kong posisyon at napatunayan kong totoo nga ang karma. Next year, papasa ulit ito. Itaga niyo sa bato. 

SOCIAL LIFE 75% (2012 - 70%)
Tanggap ko na na hindi na magiging normal ang social life ko mula nang tinanggap ko ang trabaho sa US Operating Unit ng gasolinahang pinagsisilbihan ko. Pero kahit papaano ngayong taon ay medyo nag-improve naman ang social life ko.

Siguro ipagpapasalamat ko nang nagkaroon ng kotse ngayong taon si Kasintahan kaya nakakalabas labas na kami ng mas madalas ngayon. Nakapag out-of-town. Nakipagmeet sa ilan sa kanyang mga kaibigan. Nameet din niya ang ilang sa mga kaibigan ko.

Mas marami akong bagong nakilala ngayong taon. Ngunit ang nakakalungkot lang ay hindi ko man lang nakita kahit isang beses ang aking barkada / ex-housemates.

LOVE LIFE 95% (2012 - 95%)
Hindi na siguro magbabago to hanggang sa kamatayan ng blog ko.

Ako ay umiibig. At ako ay masaya sa larangan ng pag-ibig. Marami na kaming pinagdaanan at tiyak ko marami pa kaming susuungin na mga pagsubok. Basta ang alam ko mahal ko si Kasintahan at mahal din niya ako.

Ngayong Disyembre, tatlong taon at anim na buwan na kami. Ang tagal na!!!  Wala lang, naisip ko lang.

BLOG LIFE 75% (2012 - 75%)

Ang mahalaga sa akin pagdating sa aking blog life ay buhay pa rin ang blog ko.

Nakalimutan ko man noong isang buwan, pero sasabihin ko pa rin, WALONG TAON na ang blog ko!!! Gaya nitong nakalipas na taon, hindi na masyadong aktibo ang inyong lingkod sa pagsusulat o kahit pagkukumento sa mga tahanan ng ibang mga bloggers. Siguro ito'y dahil sa sobrang toxic ng aking trabaho ngayon ay nakakaligtaan ko na magbukas ng internet paminsan minsan.

Ngunit, nakakatuwa pa rin na sabihin na kahit papaano ay may mga nakilala pa rin akong mga bloggers sa personal. Tatlong pangalang mamamarkahan ko sa listahan ng mga nais kong makilala. At mayroon pa rin akong mga nadidiskubreng mga bagong tahanan na mapaglilipasan ng oras.

SAVINGS 80% (2012 - 74%)
Sa wakas, sa tatlumput isang taon kong pamamalagi sa mundong ito, ngayon lang natupad ang sinasabi kong magkakaroon ako ng sarili kong bank account. Mauumpisahan ko nang mag-ipon.

Ngayon ko rin lang narealize, na tatlong taon na rin pala akong nagbabayad pambili ng stocks sa gasolinahang aking pinaglilingkuran. At medyo malaki na rin ang aking tinubo dito. Malapit ko na rin matapos bayaran ang aking insurance plan. Ibig sabihin, malaki-laki na rin pala ang aking naiipon at mayroon na rin palang perang nakakabit sa aking pangalan.

Natupad na rin ang matagal nang pinapangarap ng nanay ko.

HEALTH 78% (2012 - 72%)
Okay, aaminin ko hindi pa ako pumapayat muli... Ang totoo medyo tumaba nanaman ako. Pero nagdecide ako na pataasin ang marka ko sa Health ngayong taon dahil sa maniwala kayo't sa hindi. Regular na akong tumatakbo at nagboboxing.

Well, semi-regular.

Hindi na ako bumabata. Kailangan nang magbago. Ang kulang ko na lang talaga disiplina. Saan ba nakakabili nun?

Pero anyway ayun nga, imbis na magbabad ako sa aking kwarto minsan o madalas nagagawa ko nang tumakbo ng 30 minutos hanggang isang oras. At kung may oras talaga ako, nag-gygym ako at nagboboxing. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam na kasya ulit at naisasara ko ang aking mga pantalon.

Pero gaya nga ng sabi ko, kulang na lang sakin ay disiplina.

AVERAGE  80.17%


Tumatanda na talaga ako. Noong isang taon, tumigil akong bumili ng comics. Ngayong taon naman, nagbukas na ako ng account sa bangko. Kahit papaano, may pera na ako. Nasimulan ko na rin mag-ehersisyo.

Sana sa pagtatapos ng 2014, mailalagay ko nang tuluyan ko nang napapayat ang sarili ko.

Kayo ano ang magiging grado niyo ngayong 2013?