Mga Sumasampalataya

May 25, 2008


I was really lucky to have been hired by the second company that I've worked for. It was there where I met most of the friends that I consider as my family. About 200 people came in and left our little program, and a lot of them left huge marks in my life. Some gave positive impressions on me, and there were few who left a bitter after taste. But there are a handful that I consider my really good friends... people who I would never want to cut lines of communications with. And this entry is for them.

MAYBE: Closest I have to a sister. I bully her, and sometimes I make her cry. But she's always been patient with me, and I can talk to her about anything. She's a nice person, and she deserves all the good things that's coming her way.

HANSI: My kuya, the older brother I never had. He's the person I talk to if I'm confused. If I wanted advise, I can always count on a mature one from this guy. And he always instigates the group's gimmicks.

SHAMAI: Never a dull moment when I'm with this girl. She never runs out of stories to tell, and all the juicy gossip about the company after I left that I heard, mostly was told to me by this girl. One day, our plans of going to Oceanarium will push through.

MORRIS: A natural born leader, I never thought we'd be close until we lived together. He's a natural born leader, and for his age, he's really a deep thinker. He's one of the people who took over after I left the company, and is one of the reasons why I am confident that I'm leaving the program in good hands.

RYAN B: I learned to love Granma because of this guy. And I love his pasta. God!!! During the kidnapping days, his house was always welcome to us piss-drunk friends. His house as well as Hansi's were the reasons why I'm not going to be lost in Quezon City.

LESTER: He's an example of a bad boy that turned good. While I still think that our group's the reason why his horns aren't totally cut off from his head, his little speeches about his experiences and beliefs makes me think about turning to God full time.

RYAN C: His daughter's one of the few goddaughters that I get to see from time to time. I'm proud that I was part of some of the highlights of his life. He's our group's bunso.

SUGAR: I admit, at one point in my life, I had a huge crush on this girl. If I wasn't so torpe I would've courted her already. But I guess we both know that we're better off as friends. Maybe someday. Time will only tell.

JOANNA: This girl... she's already a senior, and because of that, I know that I can trust her when I tell her my secrets. She's got a bubbly personality, and that makes her adorable. A little irritating at times, but we're so close that I don't mind writing it down here. I love her.

JAJA: She's like my little sister. My rich and successful little sister. Ha! She's the only person we rarely get to see these days as she's enjoying travelling the world. I'm proud to be her friend, makes me believe that there really is a good life outside of the call center industry.

PADZ: The eldest in our group. When he's drunk he's the most serious, and our source of stories and experiences.

There are a lot more: Malou, Gel, Eric, Steph, Karl, Ingrid, Roy, Mitch, Beth, Lui, Rossan, Karla, Francis(I'll make one for you next time...I'm sorry). They're always present everytime I invite them over for a house party, and I hope in the future they'd still be.

This is my little group of brothers and sisters who I dearly treasure. And although, some of us have already moved on, I'm happy that we still keep in touch. And I don't think any of us want to cut communications as we all know we'll never meet another people like these again.

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