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May 4, 2008


So Iron Man the movie is successful. This just goes to show that the trend of adapting comics to film is not going to die anytime soon. In fact, this year there are still 3 movies that came from the funny books (The Dark Knight, The Incredible Hulk, and Wanted).

I know there have been many awful comic book films that have been released, but the few that are good, are REALLY GOOD. So forget about Fantastic Four or Superman Returns or Ghost Rider, they're done in bad taste.

That's why, in keeping with this trend, I'm going to list down the best comic book adaptations as of now. Iron Man is included there, but I'm not going to put it here since I just wrote a review about it a few days ago.

But before anything else, I'm just going to warn you, I'm not the type of person who reads a lot of indie comic books, so if your favorite is not in there (say Road To Perdition, or A History of Violence, or Ghost World), that just means my taste is more of the mainstream comic books. I have nothing against these books (or films), I just don't like drama. Although I loved Road To Perdition...

Anyway, here are my 5 favorite comic book films of all time.

300: Who doesn't love this movie? Us guys love it because of the action, girls love it because of the men and gays... it's just you know... it's raining men. Hallelujah! Har har. Anyway, this is the story of 300 Spartans and their part in the Battle of Thermopylae. King Leonidas leads the army to stop the Persians led by Xerxes from invading his land of Sparta. This is a very stylish film. I remember my jaw dropping in a lot of the action scenes in this movie. I have the DVD, and everytime I'm feeling emo, this is what I watch. Don't ask why.

BATMAN BEGINS: Yeah, it took 20 minutes before Batman showed up (or was it an hour, I don't remember), but the long wait is worth it when you finally see the guy wearing the cape and the mask. You know Falcone is going to be fucked up. Batman Begins tells the story of the transformation of Bruce Wayne from victim to vigilante in the best Batman movie yet. It sets up some of the things that will happen to this year's film. And the best news is, it's just the first part of a supposed trilogy!!! This would have been the perfect comic adaptation, only thing I didn't like was Katie Holmes being in the cast. I love her as Joey in Dawson's Creek, I just don't think she fit in the whole cast. I hope Maggie Gyllenhaal does better in The Dark Knight.

X-2: I'm an X-Men fan, and although I didn't like the first movie, this sequel had me literally falling off my seat. I think I joined the millions of geeks who cheered during the whole assault on the mansion scene. From the appearance of Colossus, to Siryn, Shadowcat, and Wolverine raising hell with the soldiers, I think I cried because of glee. Everyone had a moment in this movie, from Mystique to Jean Grey even minor characters like Rogue, Iceman and Pyro. Oh yeah, and who could forget the most awesome opening sequence ever with Nightcrawler's attack in White House.

SPIDER-MAN: The first one obviously. I think this kick-started the whole trend of brilliantly adapting comic books to film. This started the whole hero's origin movies. The whole build up the character so that when the hero appears in costume, you'd be in awe. With the exception of the horrible acting of Aunt May when she was attacked by the Green Goblin, I actually thought the film was well done. I watched this movie in the cinemas like 12 times. 8 of which I paid for by the way. Like I said, this film isn't perfect, but it has an advantage of being the first of it's kind.

BATMAN RETURNS: I really liked Michael Keaton as Batman. I know he's not as good looking as George Clooney or Christian Bale, but his Bruce Wayne is quite believable. And his brooding Batman is much better. I kind of had a problem with Bale changing his voice when he's in costume. But anyway, why did I put this here? One word: Catwoman!!! Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle... sexiest bitch I've ever seen. I loved the whole "I'm Catwoman, hear me roar!" I think the first time I walked my dog was to this film. Yeah, I'm sick and twisted, but it's Michelle Pfeiffer!!! In a cat suit!!! "YOu know a mistletoe is poisonous when you eat it, but a kiss is more dangerous if you mean it" one of the best lines of the film. And oh yeah, there's Penguins here. Who hates Penguins? The animal, not Danny Devito.

STARDUST: Not all comic book adaptation needs to be about action and heroes and villains. Ghost World is proof of that (has anyone here in the Philippines seen that film... it's cute). But it could also be about love, and fantasy and falling stars and evil witches. This was one of my favorite films of last year. Neil Gaiman wrote the original story, and Michelle Pfeiffer is in it too. I have not yet read the book (I have every intention of doing so when I have budget to buy one). It may have been adapted from a book, not sure if the comics or the book came first, but the point is, it was done as a comic book, so there.

I love comics. I love movies. You combine the two together. Add a very creative director. Plus some great casting. All of these equals magic!!!


yoshke said...

agree ako sa lahat except Stardust. haha.

didnt like it.

Tisay said...

300, god that was a fantastic movie. and yes... the men. hallelujiah. but hey, i'm chick and i still loved all the blood and gore. harharhar.

batman rules! can't wait to see the new one with Heath Ledger as joker. he looked pretty scary.