Mga Sumasampalataya

May 12, 2008


"I've always wanted to walk there" pointing at the trees adorned by the yellow blinking lights. "I think it's romantic. You and the one you like, walking hand in hand. It's like in the movies. I've always wanted for a movie scene to happen to my life."

"What's stopping you from doing that? You're a beatiful girl. I'm sure a lot of guys are competing to give you that scene." deep down I'm starting to want to be that guy.

She just smiled. The picture of her smiling face beside those colorful lights will never be erased from my mind. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It was magic.

"You're doing it again... the grin?" she interrupted.

"I'm sorry. I guess I do this a lot when I see something enticing."

"Ah. The cheesy type."

"Cheesy type?" I asked curiously.

"I have met a lot of guys, as I'm sure you're already aware. And I noticed that when they're talking to me they sort of turn into 2 types. The cheesy types and the challenging types. The cheesy guys are guys who try to woe me with sweet words. And then there are men who when I talk to them, they challenge me. Makes me think."

"Okay. So which one do you prefer?"

"Hmmm. No one really asked me that before. I don't really know. I mean it's great if you learn something new that you haven't known before. But it really feels good to know that someone thinks I'm worth stealing the moon and the stars."

You really are, I thought. She was smiling again. She's thinking to herself. We didn't say anything anymore for the rest of the ride. As we were getting nearer to where I'll be dropped off, I knew it's time. I need to get her name and number before I go.

"I'm about to get off. I really enjoyed talking to you. Thank you for making this evening a little more interesting. My name is Francis by the way." I gave her my hand to shake, and she accepted.

"Diane. It's nice to meet you Francis."

Her hand was soft. The softest hands I've ever touched. I really don't want to let go at this point. But then one of my fingers touched something cold. Something hard. A ring.

I looked her hand and saw a ring made of white gold on her ring finger. "That ring looks nice."

Her cheek turned red. She smiled looking at the ring. She played with it for a little. "Yeah. This is my wedding ring." Outside it started to drizzle. Light rain. On television, when something surprising is revealed to a character, you notice the camera immediately zooms in to the character's face to see their reaction. I felt I had that kind of moment.

I got off a few moments later. She said goodbye as I closed the door. As it turns out she's a passenger that I need to forget about after all. The light rain washed away all desire I had for her, as I started my long walk home.

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