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May 31, 2008


After over a month of searching for a copy of this year's most anticipated video game, I finally snagged a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV this week. And damn!!! This game is so good!!!

I haven't finished the game obviously as there are a lot of missions that I have to finish and a lot of easter eggs to find. I've only played about 7 hours of the game, but I can't find a reason to switch off my console.

As of writing, I've already killed a couple of mob bosses, banged my sort of girlfriend three times, rode a train, expanded my circle of friends, got my apartment burned and ran away from the cops several times. There's literally a million things to do in Liberty City and a lot of places to see.

Nico Bellic is the star of this game. An immigrant from probably Eastern Europe. He bunks with his cousin Roman who owns and operates a taxi service, and unfortunately have some very bad people as friends. Initially, you drive around Roman's friends and help them out with their problems, and eventually get paid. As the game progresses these customers become your friends, operating with you in some missions, letting you in on some weapons store and giving you money. I love this game.

Like I said, there's a lot to do in Liberty City. You can surf the internet, shop for clothes, read blogs, drive around, watch television shows, kill people, and bang some chicks. Plus the setting, a virtual copy of New York City, beautiful. So far, I've been to this game's version of Coney Island, Queens and the Bronx. Manhattan will come in later in the story, but I can't wait already. I can't wait to be able to fly a helicopter and go to the Statue of Happiness (the game's version of Statue of Liberty).

The game is obviously for adults as it promotes violence and isn't tame with regard the language. But I don't know anyone who won't enjoy playing this game. The controls are easy to get acquainted to, and there's no dull moment. Listening to familiar music from over 10 radio stations will keep you from going out of your stolen vehicle. I love this game.

This is the superior game among all the installments of the game that came out. I'm talking in terms of everything. From gameplay to story to visuals and control, this is the finest. Driving is a breeze, and shooting and aiming is more precise than the previous games.
I feel that this game will further keep me from having a social life again, but it doesn't matter. I'm cool with it. That's how much of a geek I am. I'm even starting to talk with the Russian accent. Aaaagh! So far, among all the games in my library, this is already becoming my favorite. To hell with Halo 3 and Oblivion.

By the way, I'm playing the XBox 360 version of the game.

SCORE: 10/10

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Mugen said...

You gave me an idea to write about ah! Hehe. There's a pc game I'm so addicted, I'd play it all night only to sleep at 6-7 in the morning. Hehe.