Mga Sumasampalataya

May 16, 2008


Reading the title, I'd say you're thinking this is about how someone (a girl perhaps) telling me to stop touching them. Wrong! Number one, I don't touch anything without asking for permission... (maybe that's what's wrong with me)... and two, I just needed something catchy to write so you'll read this entry.

So what's this entry all about? I am on 'guy-giving-advise' mode today and would just want to share the things that we guys don't want other people touching. Whether you're a girl or a guy, there are just some things that are off-limits unless given proper authorization. Don't get me wrong, I don't have any problems sharing things. It's just there are things you should be careful before you lay your soft hands on or something. Men, particularly boys tend to go berserk if they find out that something's changed or different with these precious things.

CELLPHONE: I have seen relationships destroyed because the girl can't help but open her beau's phone and read his messages. This has something to do with the issue of trust. And probably guys who avoid lending their phones have something to keep from others. I'm sure guys won't have a problem lending it to you if you ask first. I know I don't. Seriously, this could also be for your own good. I mean, what would you do if you find out that his phone contains videos or pictures of him doing it with his ex?

WALLET: Look at your parents. Have you ever seen your mother open your dad's wallet. Even if she needs the money, and his wallet's lying there she still asks the man to give her the money. They know the silent rule between men and women that wallets are always off limits. I know sometimes it doesn't contain much, but whatever 'much' this leather treasure chest contains only
we understand. We don't have a problem sharing our money with you, but sometimes it's our decision to keep some for ourselves. Don't assume that because we're already intimate that we're already ready to share everything with you. It's all about respect.

HAIR: Remember Samson and Delilah? What happened after the bitch played around with the guy's mojo? He flipped and turned suicidal destroying some tower along with himself. This may not be accurate, but I guess you're smart enough to follow my drift. Our crowning glory!!! The only thing we are willing to spend 30 minutes just to fix. The only thing that completes our look. Yeah, I know when girls play with our hair, you'd still see us smiling after... but I'm telling you deep inside we want to punch the living daylights out of you. Respect the work we've put on our hairstyle no matter how outdated this look happens to be.

CAR RADIO: It's fine as long as you ask permission first. We understand if Love Radio is not your favorite fm station or that you don't like the house music cd that your guy's got in his player. Heck, we'll even sing-along with the cheesiest love songs if you want just as long as you tell us you want to change the tune. An awkward date will really go south once this happens, a normally jolly guy can become quiet and brooding when he hears something different inside his kingdom that is his car.

That's four things that are off limits from other people's hands. Everything else, you're free to touch and play with. And there are some things we want you to touch and play with. And this time I mean what I mean. Wink Wink!!!


Anonymous said...

i second the motion pare.wallet,cellphone at stereo hmmm...wala ako nun eh.hehe.

pero everything else ok na sakin na hawakan nila at laruin kahit one-to-sawa!

gillboard said...

exactly the point of this entry... hehehe

kahit ano except lang yung nasa listahan pwede hawakan at paglaruan... hahaha

Mugen said...

Ok lang sa akin ang buhok. Semikal naman ako eh. Pero ang cellphone at wallet, no way.

Add kita sa links ko dude.

Nash said...

nyuahaha ayos ang post puro hawakan lolz


sa celfone? ok lang sken na ipahawak kasi wala namang tinatago

aminin man natin o hinde kapag ang isang tao ayaw ipahawak sa bf/gf ang phone nya dahil ito ay may tinatago.

Tonet said...

Naku, guilty ako sa cellphone ha. If I had a chance to grab my bf's cp, basahin ko yung lahat ng message, pics, at videos. hehheh.

yoshke said...

yung cellphone at wallet, ok lang saken. Haha. Wala naman silang makikitang fishy dun.

car stereo, wala ako nun e. pero mapipiss nga ako pag pinakelaman yun.

Hair, NEVER. ahaha

van said...

i guess guys would not kill us from touching their hair if, for the purpose of touching it, it would only be because were scratching/massaging their scalps.

I know this is true. At least for those men I know.

Xio said...

Pizza. No one's ever allowed to touch the slices on my plate.