Mga Sumasampalataya

May 7, 2008


With all the innovative shows being released in the US, there is still space for fairy tales. People say this show is a modern take on a fairy tale. My take... a charming show full of awesome genius!!!

This is the story of Ned, a piemaker with a gift. A rather complicated gift, cause you see, he can bring dead people back to life with just a touch. I know it sounds simple, but there are rules to this gift.. The facts were these: 1) Ned can only bring back a dead person to life for 1 minute. If it takes longer than that, another living being/thing will take it's place. and 2) once he touched the person he revived again, that person will die... this time it will be forever.

And that's just for starters, for you see, he sort of uses this gift to solve murders with his partner. And one of this case is his dead childhood sweetheart Chuck (she's a girl). Being the love of Ned's life, he can't help but bring her back for good. But being aware of the rules, if you've been digesting what I've been writing, Ned cannot touch her. A kiss or a hug would mean he'll lose her again... and this time it will be for good. Complicated isn't it? Oh and by the by, have I mentioned that Ned inadvertently killed Chuck's father when he was a young kid.

Ned and Charlie are joined by a lot of lovable characters. There's Digby Ned's dog (the first thing he revived when he learned about his gift), Emerson Cod Ned's partner, while not the comic relief, leads Ned to his more interesting cases. And also there's Chuck's aunts Lily and Vivian Charles (there's a surprising twist towards the end of the series about one of these two) and Olive Snook, Ned's Pie Hole assistant. She's in love with Ned. And she's the comic relief.

I've seen that this is being shown in ETC 2nd Ave starting last night, so I guess I'd help in bringing in more viewers for this gem of a show. Oh by the way, ETC I believe you're looking for creative writers (hint, hint). Anyway I've seen like 8 or 9 episodes already and I'm not sure if it continued in the States after... I need to look it up. It's all brilliant. Smart, and not the type wherein there's a deus ex machina to resolve some problems. Everything is clever about this show. Add the fact that it's painful to see that with all the chemistry between Ned and Chuck they can't be together physically. It's sad, but it's nice.

I just learned, there may be a possibility that this show might not have a second season. It's sad if that happens. So I guess, just enjoy it while it's still airing. This is a very good show.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if the situation is different where you are, but in the US, Pushing Daisies HAS been renewed for a second season. Huzzah!

gillboard said...

Well then that's good. More Ned for all of us... Yay!!!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to catching the replay on Sunday 9pm...right after catching CHUCK on C/S (heheh - from one Chuck to another)

Didn't catch it last Tuesday bec. of Gossip Girl