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May 8, 2008


Thursday is an expensive day this week. There's 3 comic books I bought, and I saw the movie Speed Racer. As for the reviews today, it's just the second issue of Secret Invasion and the film that I'll be doing. Like I said before I'll be doing something different with the comic books.

Let's start with:

SPEED RACER: This is a movie done by the creators of the Matrix Trilogy. If I remember my movie history correctly, the original film made huge leaps in terms of moviemaking magic. I remember going home thinking what if we're really living in a world controlled by machines, computers and programs. I almost started a cult. But then there came the two sequels. They're just okay. The effects were great, but the story... not so much.

Now, after some time, the Wachowski's are back. And looking at the trailer it seems that they're bringing their A-game in terms of effects. But did it deliver?

Yes, and no. It's hard to answer. I'm conflicted about this film, specially because I'm still giddy over the whole awesomeness of Iron Man. Yes, the effects are great! I love all the race scenes specially the one in Casa Cristo (I think) It's really like the cartoon coming to life. Unfortunately though, for me the story was a little dragging. There were a lot of scenes that I thought shouldn't have been added in the movie. And I could just imagine the kids getting confused because the story jumps from past to present, and add the whole corporate plot detail to the whole thing.

I am not a fan of the animated series, as I think when it was first shown, I was still a baby or toddler, or we didn't have television back then. Anyway, so I'm not familiar with the story of Speed. To the fans of the show back then, is this a good adaptation of the original story? Regardless, I thought this film is really targeted for kids. I'm sure a lot of people will find something good about this movie.

Anyway, it's about Speed Racer (that's his real name actually) and the story of how he was really born to drive. As a kid, he knows nothing but driving due mainly to his brother's being the greatest racer of his time. But something happens to his brother, and now it's all about bringing back the glory of the tarnished Racer name.

Like I said all the racing scenes (with the exception of the final moments of the Grand Prix race) are all great. The whole what-a-cartoon-looks-like-when-done-in-live-action is innovative and interesting. The whole movie is colorful, and it's fine considering that a lot of movies being done lately are dark.

It's a good film, it just was a little dragging. Seriously, I hated Speed's younger brother and the chimp. Yeah, they provided the comic relief of the film, but they're just nuisance. Kids will definitely love them. But I'm not a kid anymore.

GRADE: 7.5 out of 10

So I guess Iron Man is still the movie to beat...

SECRET INVASION 2 of 8: Before the review, let me just say this. I'm starting to hate event comics. It started with Civil War... 200 pesos for a page count of a regular comic book. It seriously sucks bad. If it were like World War Hulk that's got a huge page count, then I'd understand the increase in price. But come on!!! For this issue? Mighty Avengers 13 is better than this one.

Fortunately, it's a good issue. I would've preferred though if this whole issue is still part of Secret Invasion 1. It seems that the Skrull Invasion is not a secret anymore.

In savage land, it's an all out brawl between the two Avenger teams and the people from the Skrull ship that crashed last issue. It seems that not everyone on that ship is a Skrull. In fact one of the heroes that was thought dead is confirmed to be the real deal... It's Mockingbird!!! (I'm hearing only crickets). Yeah she's not that popular. But in the geek world, she's got a lot of fans. Apparently, she died before, and now she's back. I don't really know much about her.

Anyway, back on the mainland, the invasion is already full blown as Skrull ships finally take to the skies bringing with them supremely souped up versions of the Super Skrulls. For non-geeks out therethe original Super Skrulls are Skrulls with combined powers of the Fantastic Four (them I'm sure you're familiar). But now, the Super Skrulls have the abilities of almost all powerful heroes (one of them seems to have Dr. Strange, Iron Man and BlackBolt's powers).

I guess this is where the real invasion begins, and where almost all of the tie-ins will be taking it's plots from.

Like I said I like this issue, but the main problem is the price. I'm fine with the first issue as it was double sized, but this one is so thin. It's not really worth it. And me having a budget for collecting comics is making me think twice if I should continue following this story. I mean, I can wait until the trade comes out. There's always the web to look at if I want to read spoilers.

GRADE: 7/10: The guality of the story does not falter, it's my issue with the price. Probably, if they added some additional info or some background to justify the price next time.

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True! Iron Man is still the best.