Mga Sumasampalataya

May 11, 2008


It was a cold December night. I had a rough time at school with thesis and all those activities graduating college students usually are required to finish. Riding my transport, I was fortunate enough to sit in front, the most comfortable place in the vehicle. I was ready to sleep, but then the door opened and this really hot girl sat beside me.

I don't think she's a student like me. Probably a teacher, looking at all the papers that she had in her bag. She's really hot. I can still remember she was wearing this blue sleeveless blouse and black pants. Or maybe she's a student too, probably haven't graduated yet. No matter, she's just another girl I'll ride with once and forget about after.

I was staring at her probably the full 3 minutes after she came in. She noticed. I guess I have to turn my face forward.

"It's really awkward how we get to ride in one of these and we can't talk to people we like," she started.

I paused. I don't really know what to say with these kinds of things. I never had a conversation with a stranger in this kind of manner before.

"You don't do this, do you?" she asked again.

"Uh, honestly my mom taught me not to talk to strangers." Lame!!!

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just thought, cuz you've been staring at me, that you'd like to talk. I mean it's the season to be nice and all, right."

"You do this all the time?" I asked.

"Just with people I think who are nice." she replied with a smile.

I thought that was cool, I mean here's a hot girl talking to me. This could be the start of something good. A relationship perhaps?

"Nice? I look like a nice guy. Hmm, that's a first" now, I don't want this ride to end.

"I am a good judge of character. You could always tell by the way they smile."

I wanted to look behind me. See how people are reacting to our little conversation. From the rearview mirror, it seems they don't care. An old man was already asleep. I know some of them are listening... eavesdropping.

"So, was I smiling earlier?" I asked. By this time I don't want her to stop talking to me. It's actually good, that the stop lights are cooperating with me. It turns red everytime we pass by one.

"I won't put it that way. You have like a stupid grin pasted on your face. It's cute, actually."

Now I'm embarassed, I'm sure everyone heard that already. The girl in the rearview mirror's actually tried to veer away her sight at us. "It's that bad? I'm sorry."

"No, you shouldn't be. If you didn't I guess we won't be having this conversation at all, right? Points for you."

"It seems to me, you do this quite often."

"Not really. God, you must think I'm some kind of slut."

"Oh no-no-no-no-no!!! It's not like that. It's just - are you not afraid, you might have spoken with a creep... or a jerk?"

"Are you one?" she asked.

"No. Are you?" dumb question. I think I should keep my mouth shut.

She giggled. Oh that sound! Cutest giggle I've ever heard. I think I'm falling for her now.

"What do you think the people behind us are thinking?" she asked. It's embarassing because I'm sure everyone heard her ask that question. The driver evn looked at us. The first time he did after about 5 minutes of our conversation.

She's starting to sound really scary now. Is she crazy? She could be. I mean she started talking to me.

"Do you think I'm crazy? I'm talking to a stranger, and making him feel uncomfortable." she pointed out. As if she's reading my mind.

"No! Not at all. I guess you were just acting on my show of interest earlier. I'm actually surprised you're even talking to me, with my stupid grin and all."

"You're sweet." she gave me a coy smile, or a lopsided grin.It's really enchanting. By this time we're already by the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

This was the perfect setting, with all the Christmas lights blinking. If I've known her more, I'd say that the whole environment would've been enchanting. It already is.

By this time I know. I have got to at least get her name.

To be continued...

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