Mga Sumasampalataya

Apr 1, 2008


Just before you speculate, I'll let you know right away... no I did not get bitten by a genetically enhanced dung beetle nor am I a billionaire whose parents got shot by a pellet gun when I was a teenager. I also did not overdose on glue and paste. My origin is actually simple. Boring even. I'm like this because (don't hold your breath)... I'm an only child.

Do I have any special qualities? Yeah, I can be very very VERY sarcastic. Where did I get that from... Probably from being a frustrated comedian... I am not funny at all. I may actually border on being bitter.

So let's start from the very beginning. As a pre-schooler, I was an achiever. Always second in class (that may be due to school politics... you know how that goes). I always thought that I was really smart. I had a love interest already at an early age. Puppy love and the whole nine yards. I lost touch with the girl as I was shipped to an all boy's school.

Getting through my childhood may have been difficult as I found out that there are a lot more boys smarter than I was. I got addicted to playing trading cards. And slowly my little brain got more and more into playing than to studying. And I held on to the best class by the skin of my teeth.

College was easier for me, as I found out that I could be smart again. But I may have adapted another personality... nerdy me. Soon, I became the person who took down notes in class, and slowly rose to be one of the smarter students. I did not want that to happen... I'm not a nerd!!! I started skipping classes for movies and to watch anime. I rebelled, but I guess my brain wanted to unleash what it wasn't able to during my primary and high school days... I became (gasp!) a Dean's Lister!!!

to be continued...

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