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Apr 20, 2008


I notice lately my posts have been geared towards my female readers, so now I'm going to cater to my other readers. I'll write about games!!!

I have an XBox 360, and if I have time to go up to my entertainment room, I play a lot of games. I don't get to play a lot these days as I'm mostly occupied by this other computer. But later, I'll play again. I like playing as I'm enjoying everything, specially because I have a kick-ass sound system. But it's really tiresome to go to the 3rd floor and set up everything. Although the console I have won't let me log in online, that's fine. I still enjoy playing by myself.

So anyway, I'll list down some of the games that keeps me occupied every other evening or afternoon. I don't have a lot of titles in my library because games are expensive.

GEARS OF WAR: The first game that I got addicted to when I first got my console. It took me one whole day to play the game. You play Marcus Fenix, and you and your men have to go through the game to kill Locusts (alien beings that apparently took over our world). It's an action game, and fills my Resident Evil cravings. I love this game. Great graphics, and cool cutscenes. I love how the next gen consoles have improved everything about gaming. It's great to be played with your speakers on full volume. It's the type of noise that'll get you reported to the barangay, but it's worth it!!!

ELDER SCROLLS IV: OBLIVION: The first RPG game I got for this console, and this one like the first on the list, is addictive. THe world of Oblivion is huge and you can actually explore the whole place. It's so cool. The story is quite engaging, and you have tons and tons of sidequests. Actually, I've played the game mostly trying to finish the sidequests than the main story itself. I'm trying to make my character stronger, and am trying to improve my magics. Just thinking about it, I actually don't remember what this game is about. But it's fine. I still love this game.

Before anything else, I just want to let you know, I'm not going to comment on the graphics anymore as all games that I'll be listing here all have great graphics.

MASS EFFECT: Another RPG, but this one I like better. It's like Oblivion, only you're in outer space and you're using guns instead of swords. This one is another huge game. You play Commander Shepherd, and you have to stop some alien bad ass from conquering the entire galaxy. I like that I can create my own character, and I get to see him/her during the cutscenes. There are a handful of galaxies and star systems you can visit and explore, and a lot of quests you have to finish. One more thing I like about this game is that you can choose what kind of person you're going to be and you can choose what you can reply to people and it changes the outcome of your story.

LOST ODYSSEY: Japanese turn-based RPG is a rarity in this console, so I take what I can. And this game is a good one. I'm almost finished with this game, I'm just exploring the world, so that I can empower my characters. There are tons of things to do with all of my characters so that when I finally face the final boss, it would be a breeze, but sometimes fighting the same enemies could be tedious. These sort of games need patient players. Fortunately I tolerate these kinds of games. Been into this one since the Final Fantasy 7 days.

BIOSHOCK: This is the game I'm currently playing. It's a First Person Shooter set in a subterranean city under I believe the Atlantic Ocean. It's sort of creepy in a Silent Hill manner, but it's very engaging. I like my powers, I like that I can pummel my enemies using a wrench. It's just a bummer that the enemies get stronger as you progress in the game. A great game to play with full volume speakers and lights switched off (although I don't recommend this as I believe it's not good for the eyes).

HALO 3: I don't know any XBox 360 owner who doesn't have this game. The last part of the Halo Trilogy about Master Chief's fight to save Earth from the swarm of invading aliens. This is actually the first game I finished. Gears of War has a very difficult Final Boss Raam. I'm not into FPS games, but this game got me into it. This is the reason I'm also enjoying Bioshock right now. This is a great game. Not necessarily the best, but a vast improvement compared to all the games that I've played in the past.

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