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Apr 11, 2008


I'm not an avid fan of the show anymore. My taste in television shows vary now compared to like 4 or 5 years ago. Actually, the only reason I was watching this show this season is of course because of Filipino pride. But she was voted off one week ago. I'm not going to blame anyone as she really hasn't been performing greatly after the first week.

For Ramielle, I really think the best performance she's made was during Hollywood week. AFter that, I've been constantly disappointed with her choice of songs and mostly her performance. But she's already voted out so enough about that.

This week, it's goodbye to Michael Johns. The Aussie singer who in my opinion is one of the better singers in the competition. Oh well, one more reason to not watch idol anymore. I didn't catch the performance episode the other night, but judging from today's episode, it was one of his stronger performance. I only saw his farewell performance, so it could sound more different from the other day. But I loved the song. I can't believe that Kristy Lee is still in the frickin' show!!!

So I'll run down the Top 7 of the show:

David Cook: My favorite performer this season. Could be the runaway winner if he keeps his performance as is. I loved his version of Lionel Ritchie's "Hello". I like the emo vibe he's bringing to the show as well as the rockstar appeal. If I can make a vote, this singer would be it. Makes me miss the other singing show "Rockstar..."

Syesha Mercado: The only black contestant on the show. But that's ok. I think black singers sound the same... I wish her luck though. I don't think she'll stay longer than two weeks in this competition.

David Archuleta: If you put this kid in a talent competition here in the Philippines, I don't think he will last more than a week. I really don't find his singing talent as amazing as the judges do. He can sing, that I won't contest, but is it amazing? I don't think so. I guess he's lucky cuz he's cute like Puss in Boots. Makes you want to torture that little Shrek sidekick. Awww...

Carly Smithson: I think she's smug. I don't think she sounds as good as she believes. I don't know, I just don't like her. I don't even want to talk about her. Nuff said.

Kristy Lee Cook: For the life of me, I cannot believe she still is in this competition. My theory is, if there's another country singer in the top 12, she wouldn't be here anymore. Is country even that big in the States that Kristy Lee outnumbered Ramielle and Michael and even Chikizie in votes. I want her out by next week, but judging by the way votes are going, I'd say if she makes a good performance or good song choice next week, she'd make it to top 5. The thought actually tortures me... I don't hate her though. She's just very lucky.

Jason Castro: I wonder, if he doesn't look like Piolo Pascual, would he still be in this show. By God, I can sing better than this guy. They're saying that this is the best top 12 ever in the history of AI, but they say that every year. I don't know how he survived longer than everyone else who's been voted off. God, he's the worst of this group.

Brooke White: She's nice. I hope she makes it through atleast the top 3. I like her. But she's sort of hit and miss for me. I really loved her version of Every Breath You Take. But hated her other Beatles song. I forgot the title. I hope Americans love her. She could be a good winner. Not like Kristy Lee or Carly. I just hate those other two girls.

I can't believe I wrote an entry about American Idol (more importantly that I know who the top 7 idols are.... pathetic)... I think I finally ran out of things to write in this blog. I'm so bored!!! People help me find something to do!!!

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If only for the song "Hello", I hope David Cook wins as well.