Mga Sumasampalataya

Mar 28, 2008


I've never been a religious person. I don't go to mass on Sundays, I only pray when I need something good to happen in my life. I've read only the first few verses of the Bible. And the closest I have to going to church is when I'm watching The Passion of The Christ. And I graduated from a Catholic School. Yep, all the
moms of those who I've ever dated can now crucify me.

But there's one thing that I do that makes me seem like I'm a real Christian, and knowing all my faults,will be devoted to until I am old... going to St. Jude. My devotion with the Saint of the Hopeless started back when I was in college. Not that I was a dumb student back then, BECAUSE I WASN'T. But I wasn't really that confident. And going there actually helped me achieve what I wanted back then. And it still does until now (except for my search for a love life of course). It's my modern day miracle, that's why I never forgot to stop going to that little parish beside
Malacañan (this is the correct spelling, ok).

(This is St. Jude by the way, the picture up there is actually the chapel in San Beda)

I also like going there, because I get to go back to my old alma mater.
ONe thing that I haven't
done with my high school.

And it's cool to see how much has changed since you last visited. I mean everything from the completed LRT2 to all the fast food restos that opened. Back in college, the opeining of McDonald's was like a huge thing. Now you have Jollibee, Greenwich, KFC and Chowking all serving our favorites.

Going back to St. Jude, I may not be this religious, but like I said I don't think my devotion to it will stop. I may not go there regularly, but I still go there. And I still have faith. And until I find THE ONE, I guess I'll be frequenting the parish. Not that I'll stop after I find that person. I mean, once I do, I'll be really devoting my time to Them people up there.

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