Mga Sumasampalataya

Apr 29, 2008


It's actually good that I have an active mind. I like it, because I know I'm not getting dumb. I have ideas coming from my brain. It's cool. What's not cool though is that it seems to be active mostly at night... you know, before I go to bed. Prevents me from what's-the-word? Oh yeah... Sleeping!!!

This really annoying thing that's been bothering me for almost a week now is what they call insomnia. I have no idea why this is happening to me. I'm living a pretty normal lifestyle without any stress. It's not that hot as I'm now sleeping in the 3rd floor with my fan at it's strongest and all windows opened. I hate that not being able to sleep at night makes me hungry. Like right now... it's 3:00am and I am hungry.

I want to go to sleep, but I can't. 30 minutes ago, I spent an hour tossing and turning on my bed. I tried counting sheep (I lost the sheeps at 243... some of them ran away). I tried reading (my eyes went heavy for a good 10 minutes then I'm awake again). I tried to walk my dog but realized that it definitely was not a good idea. So now, I'm back downstairs typing all my thoughts away hoping that with the last word, I'd be able to exhaust my mind and finally go snooze.

If this turns out to be the longest entry I'll ever make, then you know that this option failed.

Dear Brain, GO TO SLEEP!!!

Hey, since I'm on the subject, I just want to let you know so you'll avoid having the same problem as I have. Here are some things you should do when you're already cozied up on your bed...
  • Switch off your phone. 3 things that this does: 1) you don't get tempted to text the cable channel's text channel (as if I do that... a lot... anymore) 2) total darkness... 3) there's no 3... I think there was but my mind's so messed up right now I can't think clearly.
  • While you're on the habit on switching off things, do that to your television as well. Saves energy... and it helps you avoid switching your cellphone on and posting your digits on tv. (I swear to the Lord, you're not going to meet the one that way).
  • Don't listen to music. I know some people get to sleep that way, but me... It. Does. Not. Work. If let's say for example I'm listening to mp3 or fm (random music is on). Once a familiar song starts playing, I tend to sit up and sing the lyrics. After the song, I find myself struggling, waiting for the sandman to come.
  • Never play with your thingie (I'm sorry, you have to forgive me... I haven't slept vocabulary is astoundingly poor). It only gets your adrenaline pumping. Then you'll get uncomfortable in your position in bed, and then the next thing, you'll find yourself awake. AT 4 in the morning. I didn't do that this evening... just so we're clear.
  • Don't think of ghosts. It'll only get you scared. Next thing you know, you're imagining hearing or seeing things.
  • And oh yeah, switch off the lights as well. It's easier to go to sleep when it's dark.

This has gone long enough. I've released most of my thoughts out of my system. But I'm not yet sleepy. The pc's light is keeping me awake. And I'm not lying down. And my room is on the 3rd floor.

I really don't know if I'm making sense at the moment. I'm just typing random words. I know what you're going to say, I do that even if I had completed 8 hours of sleep.

I knew it was a bad idea going down to write this crap.


sweetlady said...

I was like that before. Can't sleep well because I'm addicted to text messaging since im a sun subscriber. Though, things change and I'm not a regular texter anymore. Hehe. Plus, I read books so that my eyes will get tired or put an eye soothing gel on my eyes so that my eyes will get blurred and will eventually knock me out. It helps. I dont like music while sleeping. It'll not make my brain shut. Hence, I'll hum to the tune so i'd better turn it off. It's pretty hard when my brain functions well before i sleep. I'm really speaking to myself and i hate that so i grab a piece of paper of ballpen to write it down since i had no pc at home.

mnel said...

if you're having it for a week, you're still luckier 'coz there are people who've been having insomnia for months or years. ;-)

Why don't you try this next time? Burn some relaxing oil like Lavender oil in your incense burner. It may help you relax your mind and be able to sleep. I have transient insmonia too. I can't sleep before 2:00 am. It sucks. =P