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Apr 17, 2008


I will try to do this weekly thing from now on, writing reviews of the choice comics I purchase every Thursday. It's not a lot as I'm a Marvel Zombie, so I only buy Marvel comics. Sorry, but I can't really understand the whole continuity thing of the DC Universe. This week, I bought 4 titles with one that came out last week. First up is...

WOLVERINE 64: Part 3 of the 'Get Mystique' storyline, and this seems like the climax of the story. Mystique's been able to escape Logan's grasp because she's - you know - a very crafty beyotch. While back in the past, things go wrong when Logan, Raven and her bunch of grifters try to rob a bank. How does these 2 stories connect? It doesn't really. Just shows us the dark and bitter history between Logan and Raven. I love this story arc, and Mystique's starting to be my favorite villain of all time. I like how she uses her powers to manipulate people so Logan will have a hard time catching her.
The art is by Ron Garney which perfectly compliments the great story by Jason Aaron. I can't believe the art is by the same person who drew AMazing Spider-man last year. I can't compare both works as it's really different... in a very positive way. I love the crispy fried Wolverine in one of the scenes of this issue.
Looks like Wolverine will have his chance next issue, but looking at all the artillery Mystique has in her arsenal... boy a grudge match is going to be an understatement!!!

SCORE: 8/10

X-FACTOR 30: Part 2 of 'The Only Game in Town'. It's a good story, but lacks the humor that it is known for. The plotlines of Layla and Siryn both have been put in the sideline for Arcade's torture game. I really want to like this issue, but something's pulling me away. I can't put my finger to it. I can't even bring myself to want to read this issue again which isn't normal for this title. Peter David please give me a reason to keep this title.
This issue, Arcade's plan is already put in motion and we find out who hired him to target X-Factor or Rictor specifically. And Mutant Town is put in very grave danger. I can't even tell the story properly. I'm confused.
The art is by Valentine De Landro, and it's pretty much consistent with the other artists. Maybe it's the art that I'm having problems with. I mean while they look similar, it's really different from Paulo Raimondi's which in my opinion is spectacular. It could be... Anyway, it doesn't look good. Hopefully, next month will improve story and artwise.
The confusion this story's giving me is disappointing.

SCORE: 6/10

INCREDIBLE HERCULES 116: A new storyline starts this week and is the prologue to the tie-in to this year's event Secret Invasion. This is practically the 5th issue of Hercules' title and I'm really warming up to it. Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente transformed this title into one of the most fun comic that ever been released. I love it. This is one title that I did not expect to enjoy.
Amadeus, Herc and his sister Athena goes to San Francisco to prepare for an impending invasion and crosses path with another set of gods called the Eternals. You see Ikaris Thena and Makkari thought that Herc is one of their missing brother, and this leads to something we all expected. A brawl!!!
The art is by Rafa Sandoval, while not on par with the previous artist can actually hold it's own. I like that Marvel, when they're changing artists makes sure that it's not radically different from the previous one. It's actually good. You're not going to hear anything bad from me with the art. It's great.
The ending for this issue is good. I don't want to spoil anything with this one, but let me tell you the characters Athena gathered in the end to fight the incoming invaders made me drool. It' so cool, that I hate that I have to wait one more month to find out what's going to happen next.

SCORE: 9/10

CAPTAIN AMERICA 37: Is there any title that's better than this? I've read Ed Brubaker's entire run of this title and I hate that a comic book like this is issued only once a month. It should be released weekly, if not daily. God, it's so intense that even if this issue doesn't have any action in it you still find yourself at the edge of your seat.
Red Skull, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Sharon Carter, guest star Hawkeye even minor characters like Doctor Faustus and Senator Gordon Wright all give weight into this amazing title. This title is what you get when you combine tv shows like 24, Prison Break, The Unit, Alias and whatever cool spy show together. It's really that good. I can't recommend this enough. I actually have a feeling that this title whenever it comes out will be easy to review. I'll just have to cut and paste every good thing that I write every week.
The art is also great. Whether it's this month's artist Steve Epting or Mike Perkins or Butch Guice, you'll have a hard time spotting the difference. It could be the colorist Frank D'Armatta's fault, but it's not a bad thing. The consistency is great.
The ending of this story bodes something dark in the future for all the characters involved in this title. And I can't wait for that to happen. Bravo Mr. Brubaker! Bravo!!!

SCORE: 10/10

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Skron said...

Couldn't get into DC as well. It's just they're more of cosmic level heroes than street level heroes. But I still buy Birds of Prey, JLA and Batman though.