Mga Sumasampalataya

Apr 19, 2008


For a guy, I tend to shed tears quite easily. No, I'm not a cry baby, but I actually get touched by nice and tender moments on film, tv, music or literature. This entry will list down the things that made me whimper a little.

DAWSON'S CREEK: Not the entire show of course, but one particular episode. I think it's the first season finale of the show when Michelle William's grandfather died. It was the scene inside a chapel after gramps died, her grandmother was trying to be strong, and that's when she finally broke down. It was emotionally heartbreaking, losing your partner. That particular episode's highlight I believe, it's a powerful scene.

THE STORY OF US: I did not come from a broken family, but I really feel for this movie. It's sort of a chick flick, but not the type that you'd be embarassed if you're caught watching it. No, I take it back... it is that type of film. Anyway, the movie is about how a married couple's relationship is about to reach the end. The part that affected me in this film was actually the end part. It's the one I think in the end where they finally decide that they want to... they need to try again. It's touching.

SHALL WE DANCE: This one, shamefully is a certified chick flick, but this is my guilty pleasure. Actually, this was the film that made me want to write this topic. It's actually the song "Book Of Love" by Peter Gabriel that affected my tearducts. The touching part was towards the end where Richard Gere came to Susan Sarandon's work to ask her to dance with him. Awww!!!

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HOLLOWS: ***SPOILERS*** If you haven't read the book (it's been almost a year, are you living under a rock?!) and don't want to be spoiled then read another blog... the part where Hedwig and the servant elf (the name escaped me).

GREY'S ANATOMY: It's sort of a comedy but there are epiosodes that just push the right buttons. The episode where the Cristina was left on her wedding day, also the death of Izzy's lover. Mostly when someone dies... It's sort of morbid, but it's me.

Again, let me say I'm not a crybaby. But there are some things that easily make me feel for people. Heck, some contestants of Wowowee make me wet my eyes. I don't think it's pathetic, I actually should've put this as one of the reasons why I could be a good boyfriend. I think it's actually sweet. I mean for my female readers how many guys do you know would admit to being easily emotional on stuff like this, right?

Does this make me weird? Maybe. But I'd rather be weird than have an emotional capacity of a teaspoon (I borrowed that line from Hermione).


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you with Grey's. At one point I felt like every episode there's at least 1 moment where they will make me cry!!!

But Harry Potter?? Really?? I haven't watch that.. hm.

gillboard said...

it's book 7. it hasn't been made a movie yet...

Anonymous said...

oh! my bad ;-P

Am not a H.P. enthusiast so I really have no clue.. pasensiya na~

And yes, i believe girls do prefer men who can show some sensitivity :-D