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Apr 22, 2008


Now I was watching the second season of "How I Met Your Mother" last night and it got me thinking of how us guys usually deal with break ups. What normal guy hasn't been in that situation? Oh yeah, those people who've been single since birth. So anyway, I want to write something today so I guess I'll just list down what I've seen us guys do to cope with ending a relationship. This may apply to girls too... I think.

  • AN UNEXPECTED DIET: When guys break up with someone they love, there's only two outcomes: you lose weight or you gain weight. Let's deal with the first one. THere are guys who lose their appetites. I guess depression overpowers their need to feed. In some ways it turns out good for us, as we become more attractive with less fats. But that only applies to overweight people. Now if a guy already has a thin frame, and then lose weight (like someone I know), there is a possibility he'd look like he'd done drugs.
  • BEER BELLY BOY: The opposite also applies to other dumpees. This is a result of being a patron to beer houses, bars, friend's homes, and/or soaking the sorrow at home. I unfortunately became a victim of this. As depression actually makes me want to eat more (not necessarily drink though, I don't like drinking more than 3 bottles of beer). THis sucks, but we have to suck it in, I guess.
  • DENIAL IS NOT JUST A RIVER IN EGYPT: This is not just for guys, it's irritating when girls do this. How in the world are you ever going to move on if three months into the break up the guy/girl still sms you to know how you are, as if nothing happened. While there's a chance that you'll be friends with your ex, it does not and SHOULD NOT be forced at once. Otherwise you're just giving mixed messages. I don't do this, I know people who do (guys AND girls).
  • THE GIFTED ONE: There are guys who find it easy moving on. He gets dumped today, tonight he's already out in the ocean searching for his next prospect. I guess it's the attitude but I notice that guys who do this, are the physically gifted. I'd really like to be like this, but seeing as I don't have a social life, it might take time for me to be like this.
  • THE INDIANA JONES EFFECT: This guy, after ending a relationship starts searching to find his true self. The treasure hunter whose search leads him to becoming a better person. This may actually be the reason for the break up. This makes the next girlfriend really lucky.
  • PRIEST/MONK... SINGLE: This could be me, a guy who realize that being single is actually great. Unlike women, I never met a guy who after a break up turned into a woman hater. A jerk to women, maybe... but a woman hater? Unless he became gay, I don't think this would be an option. We have certain needs that should be fulfilled that only a woman could give. While a relationship is not a must, we just enjoy the status of our lives right now. Yeah, I think this is where I was, and where I am right now.

This was supposed to be an entry about that show, as I really loved it, but I thought that this could be more interesting than a silly little tv show, don't you think?


Annette said...

Great post! You're dead on. After I got dumped by my ex, I was the on The Break-Up Diet (and yes, I wrote a book about it by the same name). <---a good reason not to screw over a writer because she will get you back in print! LOL

I really liked your descriptions of what happens to guys after a break-up. My ex turned into Indiana Jones. And I'm still wondering if he ever found himself...

Anonymous said...

Bravo~ another great topic from you. Tho I don't think I'll have much say on this at the mo!

I've added you to my blogroll too!

chaps said...

nice blog... i hope my blog can get attention to since i have been giving attention to my blog nowadays..loneliness is the key to my blog... keep on rolling dude!

cedeux said...

i like this post.
can i either be the first one or the indiana jones one. hehhe

thanks for dropppin by my blog. really appreciated it. so who'd you pic as a dancer?=]

take care bro=]