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Oct 26, 2006


Okay, the story started last May, and by now it should've been almost to the end, but because of the delays on the artist's part we're only halfway through the whole epic. And that's not really a bad thing. So now I am dedicating this whole entry to Civil War, and where this story has taken Marvel so far. Of course I haven't read all the tie-ins, I'm just going to tell you about that I've read Let's start...

PROLOGUE: The SHRA (Super Hero Registration Act) is being opened again after a series of disturbing superpowered events shook America (ie Wolverine going fucked up crazy and engaged most of the superheroes, Hulk destroying some parts of Las Vegas, Philadelphia bombing). Dark times are ahead for the country.

CIVIL WAR 1: The straw that broke the camel's back happened. Celebrity wannabee superheroes called New Warriors battled villains that are out of their league and caused the death of more than 600 people in Stamford Connecticut. This automatically made the government push through with the SHRA, which divided the super community into 2... the pro-registration led by Iron Man and the anti-registration being headed by Captain America.

TIE-INS: Seeing that every hero wants to either fight or side with the law, Wolverine takes it upon himself to avenge the people who died in Stamford and stick his adamantium knives in Nitro's ass. Meanwhile the rest of the New Warriors are being threatened because of what their former teammates have caused, and She Hulk (pro-registration) is tasked to help these anti-registration kids. As for Spider-man, he chose to ally himself with the pro-registration heroes and Ironman tells him of the things he has to do and sacrifices he has to make being a pro-registration hero.

CIVIL WAR 2: The Act has been passed and approved and all heroes who chose not to register are being captured and imprisoned. SHIELD confirms that Captain America is not alone in his fight against the government, and are letting agents called capekillers capture the renegades. Over in Washington Spider-man takes his mask off during a press conference and reveals his identity to the world.

TIE-INS: The Fantastic Four deals with what happened to Johnny Storm the Human Torch who was mobbed by anti-heroes in front of a dance club. Spider-man deals with the aftermath of his unmasking, and Wolverine finally tracks down the villain Nitro. Luke Cage's wife (Jessica Jones) and child leaves the country for Canada, when they decided that it's not safe for them to be in the country anymore.

CIVIL WAR 3: The stage is set for the first face-off between the pro-registration and the anti-registration heroes. Captain America and company tries out their new identities while Ironman baits the AR's to a burning factory. SHIELD immediately takes care of the teleporters and a brawl ensues. Nothing is going in the AR's way, and things comes to worse when Project Lightning enters the fray... Thor returns!

TIE-INS: Jessica Drew, the Spider-woman makes her decision finally sealing her fate and choosing a different side from being a double agent for SHIELD and Hydra. The Fantastic Four during the transportation of the prisoners are ambushed by the AR's. A fight occurs, and at the end The Thing decides he doesn't want to be a part of this war... he's leaving the country. The Young Avengers try to help out the Runaways from being caught in the middle of an adult war. Unbeknownst to them, SHIELD has already targeted them and are doing the dirtiest tricks to get these kids to stop what they are doing.

CIVIL WAR 4: Sides change as the battle between the PR and the AR escalates. We learn that the Thor who appeared isn't the real Thor, but a clone created from a strand of his hair. Black Goliath dies during the fight and the AR are forced to retreat. Susan Richard, the Invisible Woman leaves her husband after realizing that her fascist husband really is not seeing the war reasonably. Some anti-registrants also thinks twice about the side they chose.

TIE-INS: Wolverine finds out there's more to Nitro than meets the eye. After being captured by the Atlanteans, the villain spills out that Damage Control is giving bad guys Mutant Growth Hormones to enhance their powers, basically for war profiteering. Wolverine literally takes out the head of the corporation. Finally, Spider-man comes to his senses and admits that he has chosen the wrong side.

That's it so far... The titles I'm reading connected to Civil War are Civil War, Amazing Spider-man, Wolverine, Captain America, New Avengers, Fantastic Four and Young Avengers/Runaways. More to come as the story continues. We're only halfway through this fun epic.

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