Mga Sumasampalataya

Oct 21, 2006


Okay, so the whole Friday night I was just watching DVD's instead of going to Metrowalk for the Oktoberfest celebration there (I really need to amp up my social life, I know)... Anyway, so the show I was watching was about best friends, and it made me want to have one...

Unfortunately, I never considered anyone a "best" friend. I mean I have a lot of really close friends, and I feel it's unfair to brand just one person as the best among all of my friends. They all had their moments, one way or another. I had a great friend during elementary, high school and college, and even with my first and my current job. It's hard to choose, specially with me because in a way, when we aren't together anymore, the communication just stops. We do see each other every once in awhile, but the closeness before aren't that much apparent anymore.

Even with my childhood friends, we don't talk too much anymore. We all grew apart, although we all get together every new year's eve, we just don't have a lot in common. All of us have very different lives now, and we're not kids anymore.

I envy people who maintained their best friends from childhood. Their bonds are strong, and I don't have any of that with my friends now. It could be my fault that I don't keep in touch once one friend moves away. But life does get in the way of friendships.

All I'm saying is, right now at my age, I would like to have a friend who I can talk to freely about anything (well except for politics, religion, the economy... I simply don't talk about it cuz I'm stupid). This is not about finding a partner or a lover because if things don't work out, everything ends. And I'm very bad with commitments (relationship-wise of course). I guess I would just like to know that there's someone out there who will fight with me against life's harshest trials. Or someone who enjoys talking about comic books religiously (of course he/she should be knowledgeable about the latest things going on in comics) or movies or tv. I guess being an only child and being used to be alone, I just want someone to be there.

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