Mga Sumasampalataya

Oct 18, 2006


I cannot believe the first time I went to the cinema to watch this movie, I slept throughout the film. Trailer to credits. I slept. I did not wake up at any point in the movie. It was a very noisy movie. How I was able to do that is nothing sort of a miracle.

It's a mob film with a very interesting twist. I rarely finish a Martin Scorsese awake... or at all... But this movie, just like the critics are saying, is brilliant. It's not a film that has a happy ending written all over it... But nevertheless, you'll be entertained by how the plot moves the story along. It's funny, it's gruesome, and most importantly, it is NOT boring!!!

I just don't have a clue as to how I slept through the entire film the first time I saw it. There were some heavy gunfights towards the end. Cars exploding. Sound of people falling from buildings and a lot of cussing. I slept through all that. Whasupwiddat?!

You have to give props to Leo DiCaprio... He knows how to choose his movies... This was great... I heart THe Aviator was good as well... Catch Me If YOu Can is brilliant. He's on a roll... Matt Damon was also good at being bad... He's funny as well... But I guess the actor who really shone in this film was Jack Nicholson... Frank was just bloody brilliant.

Rating 9/10

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