Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 21, 2010


The first impression of people about me when asked is that I look like a snob.

I often say it isn't true and that the people who knows the real me would say it's quite the opposite.

But then I realized if the saying isn't true, then I should have like alot of friends. I should be like a social butterfly and not a wallflower.

The truth is, I probably am a snob. I possibly am suplado. And that I'm just in denial.

But is that really wrong, if you're just protecting yourself from being hurt or being used by people you treat as friends? I mean if you've been through that before and are avoiding making the same mistakes, that is reason enough to put up some walls, right?

I know I should start to put up some more faith in the people I meet. Not everyone has some bad intentions in befriending people. But how do we know, really?

There are people, eventhough they say that what they offer is genuine, you can't help but feel creeped out by what they say or do. There are people who seems cool at first, but they flake out and leave you in times you need someone to talk to. And then there are those who would say they welcome meeting you, but their action speaks otherwise.

I don't take that against those people. It's not my loss, I think I'm awesome (given the chance). I move on. But still, I learn.

So am I really a snob?

Yeah. Maybe I am.

We put on walls so that we'll know who are willing to break through them to get to us.


itsMePeriod said...

i think you're not a snob


bunwich said...

not a snob... cautious maybe.

Mark Joe said...

snob sa mga di we need a lot of friends really?

same sentiments...learned my lessons..hehe..

red the mod said...

This shouldn't be an issue. Being a snob, such a derogatory label that it is, is not actually a bad thing. There is a world of difference between being a snob, as opposed to being snobbish.

Being aloof and socially awkward, as I am, gives the advantage of restraint. Unencumbered by the affectations of trying to fit in, I can go about my business without having to worry about convenience, to them or to me.

Does it bother you that people think your a snob? My guess is it doesn't. And it shouldn't. Friendships are not gained, their earned. And those unwilling to accept the eccentricities of others are too myopic to see the real character behind the quirks.

There are many out there offering false friendships, sandwiched in ulterior, and often sexual, motives. One must take heed not be drawn into such traps. Being snobbish doesn't mean your not amiable, it only shows how careful and selective you are with the company you keep. And why shouldn't you? It's a harsh selfish PLU world out there. People fool and get fooled all the time. You owe it to yourself to be protective.

It's not you being snobbish, it's them being uncompromising.

I'd rather have a few worthwhile dependable friends, than a whole bunch of rowdy convenient acquaintances.

citybuoy said...

walls are there for a reason. that's what i always say. just choose wisely who you let inside. otherwise, baka masira yung walls mo.

domjullian said...

wow new look ang blog.

ako din first impresssion ko lagi suplado pero eventually pag nakikilala naman nila ako, nagbabago.

hindi ko na rin mabilang kung ilang beses ako muntik mapaaway dahil sa pagiging suplado.bad thing.

Dudes said...

I think its really an issue of putting up walls, rather it's you getting to know the person first. It's not being a snob, I mean what do you talk about with people you barely know?

Herbs D. said...

i guess we're all snobs in different levels. likewise, it is just our way of protecting our ego. i think, in theory, that the more you hold up to yourself, the more snob you are. well, it depends on how confident you really are to not be scared opening yourself up to strangers. *stranger danger!*

or maybe its the other way around hahaha. yep. i confuse people.

joelmcvie said...

I am socially friendly, but I don't make friends easily. It takes time to know them enough, for trust to be established.

Yes, the walls are there for a reason: to keep the ones we don't want out. But we also hold the keys to the gates, and we're the ones who decide who should be let in.

(Some people manage to gatecrash, but that's another story.)

rudeboy said...

Ah, engel, once again we have something in common.

As far as people's first impressions go, suplado tops my list, followed by masungit and mayabang.

They're right :P

paci said...

to a certain point, being a snob is acceptable because i am a bit snob myself! hahaha!
oh wait, i am not a snob but i have a force field around a circle of protection or something..not for me but for other people.

the geek said...

a snob? hmmmm.......

theLastJedi said...

' naahh, you're not a snob.. guarded perhaps.. but there are times when you need to open up, be more trusting, not to conform with norms or please anyone.. if one won't attempt to believe again, then happiness might become really elusive.. =)

Dagger Deeds said...

Kanya-kanya lang yan. Some people don't just "warm up" with "strangers" easily. As long as you do not have such a toxic attitude or are not being rude with others who aren't really your friends, then I don't think you being a snob or not should be important.

Mac Callister said...

kahit san naman may ganyan,its just right that u are cautious.i do that too

Darc Diarist said...

snob! snob! lol. just teasing ;)

Jepoy Dee said...

hmmm. tama. hindi ka snob. ayaw mo lang masaktan at magamit, kaya ganun.

sobrang friendly ko. madaling magtiwala kaya madali din akong maloko at masaktan.

tama ka, may mga "kaibigan" tayong tinuturing pero kapag kelangan mo ng makakausap at makakasama sa mga panahong nasasaktan ka, wala sila. hindi sila kaibigan, acquiantance pwede pa.

pero maswerte ako. so far may mga kakilala ako dito sa blogworld na maituturing kong kaibigan at pinatunayan ko naman sa kanila na kaibigan din ako sa saya at kalungkutan :D

Angelo said...

lol. :) i have the same issue. oftentimes, people who don't know me think i'm a snob/suplado.

because of that, i now try to smile more just so i would look approachable. hehe.

pero if it doesn't bother you (and if you're not hurting anyone), i don't see the reason to "change."

as for opening up to others, i think that's okay even if there are predators out there. you just have to be smart enough to decide who gets in and how to show the door to those who got in but shouldn't be there. :)