Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 18, 2010


Remember what I said a few posts ago, about doing ten spontaneous things throughout the year, to avoid monotony in my life?

Well, early this morning, I did something which I consider is something new, spontaneous, risquee and out of the ordinary. Well, technically, this is the second, but booking a flight for Palawan is boring so scratch that.

So anyway, I wasn't doing anything at work earlier this morning. And at the suggestion of Teacher Ternie (yes Ternie I blame you!!!), I did something I never did before.

Around 4:30am, while most of my co-trainees are quietly sleeping or waiting for their turn for accreditation or just using the office resources for their personal pleasure I decided to go out of our room and descend one floor down where work starts at around 7 in the morning.

As expected the floor was clear. Empty. Quiet. Dark. Except for the guard and trainees occupying the other side of the floor, the coast was clear.

I entered the lone men's comfort room expecting it to be empty, but lo and behold, crushie from my training class was there. He was washing his hands and looked just as surprised as I was when I found out I was not alone. He recognized me, smiled and quietly went out of the room. Well, that was a sign of good things to come.

I entered one of the cubicles and locked the door, I unzipped my pants and pulled it down.

I was nervous. It was my first time doing something like this. Something wrong. Unethical. Something fun.

I stroked it slowly. Gently. Thinking of the last face I saw before I locked myself inside the small space I was in. It was exciting.

Having nothing but only my imagination working, it took me longer to finish. I stroked it faster, then slower. And faster again. It was good. Deep breaths. Long moans. Gentle strokes.
And then I came.

The idea of doing something naughty in the office was new for me, and in a way, it was exciting. I got really excited, what came out was all over the place. I pulled a roll of tissue to clean up, but I thought to leave some evidence behind. I cleaned myself up, flushed the toilet and left.

I came back the room and looked at crushie. He flashed that coy smile I always adored as if saying I knew where you were and what you did.

I smiled back thinking 'oh you have no idea what I did'.


justine said...

i sometimes do this in the office when needed hehehe,,,very exciting

Kane said...

Engel!!! You MOANED?????


engel said...

Kane: i was alone, so yeah i was noisy!! you do these things only once might as well go all the way, yeah? =D

justine: this was my first time. and probably the last. don't want to take the risk. i love my job. =)

the geek said...

naughty, arent we? hahaha

this post made me laugh so hard today.

Manech said...

No, he was there. Listening. :)

paci said...

ahmmmmm.. =)
was there a video? heehee!

thecuriouscat said...

clap clap

john stanley said...

finally! i'm so proud, engel.

naluluha ako sa galak, hahaha!

Kane said...

Wow, you do realize people could have heard you? I can't believe you moaned. I know people jerk off in public places, but to be noisy while jerking off? hahhahaaha.. Love it... Hahaha.

wanderingcommuter said...

tsktsk.. masamg impluwensiya talaga yan si ternie... hahahaha! LOL.

clap! clap! clap! sa iyo. hehehe

Eternal Wanderer... said...

punyemas. ako na naman.

Engel & Commuter, tseeeeh kayoooo


p.s. engel, i hope nakuha ng cr cam yung jerjer mode mo mwahahaha

Mugen said...

Sabi ko na nga ba eh, yung mga suggestions ni Ternie sa akin sayo rin papasa. Buti na lang at graduate na ako diyan!

Sa workstation ko na ako... Kumakanta! Wahahaha.

rudeboy said... color scheme, I see.

lee said...

hala! cr fun =)

red the mod said...

Cool. Your in-the-moment was actually in-the-moanment. Endorphins are always fun. Glad you chose to share the love at work. :D

Dhon said...

you can consider that as utilizing office resources.. :)

citybuoy said...

how kinky! hehe

i like the new theme. :D

Darc Diarist said...

er, i don't know what to say. hehe

lol @ dhon. utilizing office resources. haha

Sensei Jery said...

galeng galeng... ma try nga sa school. joke. =)

Ronnie said...

Nice one. At dahil dyan, eto ang score mo... *winks*

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Galen: isa ka pa!!! lolz

domjullian said...


Jay Quiambao said...

did this once. but some people were outside :)

engel said...

jay: hope you didn't moan. =D

dom: =D

ronnie: i sense it's a 10. =)

jery: tell me how that goes. =D

darc: i don't know what to say either. =)

nyl: thank you. that's the first and last time i'll do this at work.

dhon: very well said. =D

red: love the wordplay. =D

lee: looking back, it's not really that fun.

rudeboy: i blame training at work. which i love. =D

galen: di ko yata kaya yun, kahit sobrang sulok ang desk ko.

ternie: walang camera sa cr. =P

ewwik: i agree. hahahaha

kane: i'm pretty sure the coast was clear. or else i would've been reported already. =D

john stan: thanks. i learn from all of you. =D

paci: sa susunod. kidding. =P

manech: oh how i hope he was. that'd be awesome. =D

geek: always happy to serve my fellow bloggers. =D

... said...

Hahaha i did this thing too but that would be the last : D

lin said...