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Feb 4, 2010


One of the things I've noticed this afternoon when I did my regular blog visits is that a certain number of people posted topics about friendships. That topic was like the only thing in my head while I was in the shower earlier, so I thought why not just post my two cents.

With my other blog, posting about my friends is like one of my favorite things to do. I post long testimonials to some of my closest buddies, and I pride my relationships with them.

There is a difference with choosing the people you mingle with or get acquainted to and choosing who to keep as your friends. I'll be honest, I choose the people I befriend. It's my right. It's my life.

I don't choose based on the people's looks, that's stupid. I choose based on who I trust to stick with me for a long time. I was born the year of the dog, so I have their qualities. I tend to be blindly loyal to my friends. Like, I would walk to the ends of the earth just for my buddy. Unless our office declares a certain day as a critical work day, in which case I'll follow my friend the day after.

But just because I choose my friends, it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm a snob. I am not. I get acquainted with people easily. I'm fairly quiet, but if you get me to open up, I could be very talkative. For me, there is a difference in making friends and making acquaintances.

This is already common knowledge, I opened this blog up not only to share my life with people, but also to meet new people. People who I have a lot in common with. While there are alot of people who visit or read or interacts with me here, not all of them I will consider my real friends.

Yes, the interactions are fun. We learn from what we read from each other. We share sentiments through our posts or comments, but it still won't be enough to know the writer behind the blog for real. Not everything written on a blog is the whole truth. It's just the writer's side of the story. And not all stories are real. Sometimes the writer could be the most sentimental, cheesy or ideal person in their blogs, but in real life they're nothing close to what we read.

Outside this blog, I get to interact (sms or ym) with about only 7 bloggers that I've met here. Fewer still are the people I've met in real life (and I don't even communicate with any of them at all). I could always initiate chatting with the people that I admire, but then again I'm shy. The people I talk to now, mostly were the ones who added me up on ym. I rarely initiate, unless that person's someone you'd really want to get to know more (non-romantically of course). And sometimes, there's no way for me to actually get to know these people more.

For me, there's a difference between my blogger friends and my real friends. My blogger friends may know more about me than my real friends, but my real friends are how should I say it... Real.

So what's the point of this post, you ask? I don't know. I just wanted to post something about friends.

I know. Sorry for wasting 5 minutes of your time.


itsMePeriod said...

nope, hindi mo naman inaksaya ang oras ng readers mo.. i also posted my reply to your comment

(it's not about them rejecting me, but me wanting to be accepted..gaya nga ng title ng post, 'needs assesment''s nothing personal..actually what happened made me realize things about friendship, as posted on the analysis)

Rei Mikazuki said...

Yeah. Be sorry. =)

Just kidding.

Sometimes the writer could be the most sentimental, cheesy or ideal person in their blogs, but in real life they're nothing close to what we read.

Well, most of us here in the blogsphere live under another "self" that we've created to hide who the real us is. But of course, the real us tends to leak out of that makeshift facade that we use to interact with the people in this world.

Mugen said...

I take pride with my snobbish attitude towards those I get to meet for the first time. First impression counts, but one thing I never deny, despite the fact that I choose the people I get friendly is that I don't base my friendliness on looks or social status.

And I treasure friends that I only get to talk or see once or twice a year.

Von_Draye said...

Bayad ko?

Nah, sometimes, these kind of posts are the ones that makes us smile.

and you did!

thanks for posting this.

Jepoy Dee said...

tama lahat ng sinabi mo. napatunayan ko ang lahat ng iyan dun sa mga dati kong nakilala sa dati kong blog.

we're so the same. yung tipong tahimik pero once na naopen mo ako, yan di na ako titigil kakadakdak.

goodluck at sana dumami pa ang mga kaibigan mo engel :D

Darc Diarist said...

eeek, lagi ako natatakot sa mga posts ni engel. before iyong tungkol sa pagiging too cheesy, too emotional sub-categories. ngayon naman about being a totally different person when you meet them.

m so scared... hehe

@jepoy: pansin ko nga, hindi ka na tumigil. hehe

the geek said...

i know there's a big difference with friends you already have even before you blog...

but i have met some bloggers who, unexpectedly, became my real friends.

citybuoy said...

a very timely post. iba talaga ang furreal-real friends sa blogger friends. siguro maswerte lang ako na for a handful of people, nablur namin yng lines. pero hanggang dun nalang yun.

paci said...

*shy mode

engel said...

paci: i highly doubt that you're the shy type =P

nyl: i'm not saying naman na impossible for a blog friend to cross the line and be a real friend. that's the ideal...

geek: you're lucky. i've also met a couple of people who became close friends after meeting. kaya lang, not from this blog. =) at least not yet.

darc: bakit ka naman natatakot? di naman scary post to :P

jepoy: thanks. i wish that for myself too. =)

mar: thanks. your comment made me smile too! =)

joms: yup. choosing friends based on their looks or status is like i said, stupid.

anteros: =)

rei: i agree.

domjullian said...


imsonotconio said...

this post is good, dont be sorry about it!

gege said...

bawiin ang sorry.
dapat lahat mabasa ito...
marami kasi akong friend na di ko na close purkit di ako updated sa kanila through social network.
well, ganito lang yun.
i'm year of the snake, i do have traits of being like a dog to a friend.
kawalan na lang ng mga CHOOSY sa friends ang hindi nila ako friend.

iba ata hinaing ko...

pero di batayan ang world OL, its the real world.

^ - ^

鳳梨酥Blue said...