Mga Sumasampalataya

Feb 23, 2010


I haven't posted any love-related posts in this blog for quite some time now. Looking back, it's actually been a long time already. Two months.

If it isn't obvious, it's because I haven't the inspiration to write one. I'd write about crushie, but during the whole three weeks we were together, apart from the comfort room thing that happened last week, we actually only had one interaction (consisted of two sentences from each of us, and I stammered during mine). Anyway, so yeah I'm zilch in the heart department.

Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with that right now. Apart from the monthly melancholy every full moon, I'm generally okay.

But what I'm interested in though, is how bloggers find other bloggers who write about love. Whether it's their longing to have one. Desperation to be in a relationship. Their bragging of their blooming love life. Or generally anything about matters of the heart.

Do you find them romantic (meaning the writer tends to be like someone you feel you might fall in love with)? Are those writers pathetic? Do you envy those writers? Or does their cheesiness make you want to throw up? Do you get depressed everytime you read a blogger meeting a special someone? Or do you just shrug it off thinking they'll just break up in a month?

If you ask me, there are certain people that I find endearing. Sometimes I kind of get sad (more like jealous) when they meet someone. There are times I envy those people (the partners) because they've met and fell in love with that particular writer. But oftentimes, I just shrug it off. I'm mostly happy for those writers (I'm not bitter), it makes me hopeful I'd find the one at the right time.

I'm just curious what you guys think.


citybuoy said...

it's strange. when a blogger falls in love, i feel happy for them. parang because i read their blogs frequently at through the various stages of falling in love, feeling ko ako na rin nakaka-experience.

but when they break up, nasasad din ako. feeling ko wala nang pag-asa ang love for everyone else. huhu

now kung crush ko siya... haha mapapakanta ako ng bizarre love triangle.

every time i see you falling, i get down on my knees and pray. waiting for the final moment you say the words that i can't say..


dabo said...

@citybuoy at engel: i think you two have answered a question that's lingering in my mind: how someone else's post affects a reader?

rudeboy said...

Oh. Love.

Well, since you asked...

Every time I see a blogger post about some new and blossoming romance, I can't help but think he just put the kiss of death on it. It's as though the gods are reading and eager to pounce on the first chance to strike the romance down.

We all know that bloggers can and do write about anything they damn please, and rightly so. I admire those who so openly wear their hearts on their sleeves, and appreciate their generosity, letting us share in their deepest thoughts, hopes, and dreams. I smile at their excitement, their thrill, the rush they feel from being in love.

Likewise, I also feel the sting of their disappointments and heartaches whenever a love ends or does not come to fruition at all.

Sometimes I want to reach through the monitor and alternately hug and strangle them. For being so foolhardy. For being so weak. For being so hopeful.

And then I just look at the mirror and flash myself a dirty finger.

bunwich said...

well, reading a mushy/cheesy/sweet stories from bloggers is a breath of fresh air... after reading a handful of disappointments/heartaches/unrequited love, sometimes you need something that can lighten the situation.more so when blog hopping, you get to read sad posts one after the other and knowing someone is in love, is a happy feeling. a hope that someone out there is waiting for the rest... in time.

john stanley said...

nagpapatama ka, engel? hahaha!

kidding aside, i guess i'm guilty for being one of those who write about their love stories here in the blogosphere. but as much as possible, i make it a point to limit the detail of my entries knowing that in another part of the world, some other soul will be reading it and might not be able to digest all that mushiness.

funny because we readers tend to empathize with the writer. we feel his every emotion that we tend to experience the roller-coaster ourselves. masaya tayo kapag masaya ang writer. kapag niloko ang writer ng partner niya, pati tayo nagagalit.

it's quite hard to explain but that's just how it is. we influence our readers unknowingly but that's the price we pay for opening up our lives.

Darc Diarist said...

i like reading mush. i'm a hopeless romantic. countless times i've looked silly in the office, tearing up, laughing, smiling.

sometimes the sad posts get tiring but the cute reads more than make up for them.

hmmm, what can i say... i fell in love with a cyber-celebrity? lol ;)

Jepoy Dee said...

hindi na nga ako magsusulat ng fictional stories. LOL.

joelmcvie said...

I don't post about love because I am incapable of such things. Love that is, not posts.

(Ayan! Sige nga "The Secret," do your stuff!)

domjullian said...

nakakatuwa minsan magbasa kasi you often can relate to them.nararamdaman mo kasi minsan na sincere yung pagkakasulat at may kurot sa damdamin.

I sometimes stalk these bloggers.wooot!

the geek said...

i was guilty (i still am) of it too. but now, i learned my lessons and i try to keep a few things for myself.

and for other bloggers who found happiness here, i am happy for them. i once experienced it. hehehe

Manech said...

Oh I don't feel anything. I don't get affected at all, cause I don't like mush. Ewwww.

Haha. :)

lee said...

naiingit at nalulungkot dahil wala wala wala akong lovelife lols

Mugen said...

There is a line separating infatuation from love. The former is just fleeting, while the latter is the beginning of selflessness. Since its been almost like a lifetime since I truly felt in love (I cannot recall how it feels anymore!)I am numbed by others' cheesiness and moved when its my eyes who sees two people who truly feel something special for one another.

Sonia said...

Happy Belated Birthday Greetings, Engel, I wasn't online last night...I was working at the hospital. :-) I hope it was fun, though! :-)

lin said...