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Oct 14, 2008


The past few posts (specially the last one) has been a bit emo, so I thought I might need to lighen up a bit with this one. And it's been awhile since I last posted My Top Films category so I thought why not post another one.

I don't mind watching chick flicks... I really don't... as long as I don't watch it in the cinemas alone!!! These are actually guilty pleasures for me. Just like I wrote down a couple of weeks ago, sometimes in life you need to have a little romance.

Enter romcoms or romantic comedies. This is an estrogen dominated genre. Usually about an on-the-go girl who has everything she needs except for someone to love. Enter guy with a lot of baggage, at first they have the chemistry of a cat and mouse, then would hit it off, then will have sex, then will have conflict, and then they'll kiss in the end, followed by a cheesy song before the credits begin (sometimes with bloopers on the side)...

That's not how cheap porn flicks start.

Oh, and if you're expecting The Notebook, A Walk To Remember, or any Nicholas Sparks themed films, you're better off on another chickflick list... It's not here!!!
10. 27 DRESSES: I just saw this a couple of weeks ago. The story of this one is similar to one of my favorite Filipino films Got 2 Believe wherein this girl's always the bridesmaid and never the bride. It's a very girly movie, but it's nice. Katherine Heigl is a sight to behold as always (and to think she was just a supporting character in Roswell). There isn't that much 'awww' moments here, but I like the love story. And it's a bit funny too.
9. ONLY YOU: I know destiny films are a bit of a cliche, and mostly difficult to execute properly, but this movie is actually very good. It's not full of cheesy moments, in fact it's more funny than cheesy. Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. both are both brilliant in this romcom. Faith is such a believer of destiny that when an ouija board reveals the name of the guy she thought she was meant to be, she's willing to fly halfway around the world just to see him.

8. SERENDIPITY: I can't believe that this movie ranks this low on my list. It's really good!!! The whole chances and destiny thing... it's very effective. Sara, after enjoying a wonderful night with John, tells him that if they're really meant to be, they'll find each other again. Thing is, they're both about to get married. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale have very good chemistry, even if they were only together the first part and the last part of the movie. I also liked the fact that this film has a great musical score. Mostly I fell in love with the part where they played Annie Lennox's version of Wait In Vain.

7. ONE MORE CHANCE: Popoy and Basha's been together for the longest time. But it seems that spending more with the guy is making Basha more unhappy, and so the story begins. I just saw this a couple of weeks ago, about the same day I saw 27 Dresses. I can't believe that tears went pouring down my cheeks when I saw this film. I especially liked the part where Popoy broke up with Maja Salvador's character. Man, that hurts!!! Yeah, this was my inspiration to write "The Proposal" "Breaking Up" and "Moving On".

6. 50 FIRST DATES: I like it when a chick flick isn't really a chick flick. 50 First Dates is a great example of that wherein the first half of the movie is laugh out loud, while the latter half is filled with cheesy moments. It's the type of film you really need to see with a girl (I saw this movie with two of my guy friends). Henry Roth hit the jackpot when he first meets Lucy. She's funny, sweet and likes to make pancake houses. The next day when he meets her again, she has absolutely no idea who Henry is.

5. JUST LIKE HEAVEN: David just moved in in a beautiful apartment in San Francisco. The thing is Elizabeth also lives there. But only David can see her. What's up with that? This is another movie you need to watch with a girl, and not a guy. I really loved this movie. It totally does not make sense, and is not in the very least realistic. But it's got more than enough to keep you entertained, and at one time, kilig. Of all the Reese Witherspoon I've seen (and there's been quite a number of it), this is my favorite.

4. HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN TEN DAYS: You might question why this is high on top of my list, when some of the titles above are more romantic. Well, simply put, this is the least cheesy of all the movies I've seen ever. Kate Hudson works for a magazine, and her next topic is to make a guy fall for her only to drive him away in 10 days. Unfortunately, that guy is Matthew McConaughey who just accepted a bet to make a woman fall head over heels in love with him.

3. UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN: I also love watching movies that's set in the most beautiful places. And Tuscany is possibly one of the most picturesque scenery in the world. Frances, just got divorced and wants to get away from the city, decides to accept the gay tour to Italy by her best friend. In Tuscany, she finds a wonderful old house, and upon impulse bought it. While this isn't really a comedy, it's so estrogen-laden, I think I turned gay after watching the movie. But seriously though, this film after watching it, never failed to make me smile.

2. MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING: Ahh, Julia Roberts... I don't know what's with this girl that when she makes a romantic comedy it's always a hit (well, except for America's Sweethearts). Julianne and Michael made a pact to marry each other if at a certain age they end up still single. When the time came for that, Julianne receives a call from Michael, asking her to be the maid-of-honor on his wedding. And so the chaos begins. Cameron Diaz was very irritating in this movie, but that's not enough to make you go awww during the boat scene, and the wedding, and the end part. I also liked the "Say A Little Prayer" part. It's so like a Filipino movie!!!

1. PRETTY WOMAN: Edward needs an escort for his two week trip in Los Angeles, and that's where Vivian comes in. Apparently, Vivian is more than what Edward bargained for, and instead of her being just an escort, what they had become something else. I know every prostitute loves this film. Who wouldn't? This is probably the best Cinderella-story they'll ever see. I know this film is quite old, but I'll never get tired of watching this movie over and over. There's a lot of kilig moments, and Julia Roberts (again) as a prostitute... Perfect!!!


Bryan Anthony the First said...

interesting list

but i'm not sure if red font againts a blue field is the easiest combo for the eyes


my-so-called-Quest said...

i have a orig dvd copy of number 5 and number 2. ganda nyan!

chick flick rocks! nyehehehe

pero gusto ko rin never been kissed at 10 things.

gillboard said...

bryan: ermm.. sorry bout that, will take note of that.

ced: I enjoyed never been kissed, but it's more of comedy than romantic... 10 things, gusto ko lang yung poem!!!

UtakMunggo said...

big fan of best friend's wedding and nottinghill. i know nottinghill is not in your list but that's one romcom that i could watch over and over. at kahit si sarge hindi kailangang pilitin. hehe

under the tuscan sun: favorite line ko is "unless you want to give your butt a facial".. hehe kasi kumukuklo yung tubig sa inodoro niya.

TENTAY™ said...

naman salamat sa pagsalubong. mwah!! grbe pareho tayo ng mga gustong pelikula. apir!

gillboard said...

munggo: under the tuscan sun, ang gusto ko dun, yung love scene... hahaha

tentay: welcome back!!!

Chyng said...

sabe na nga ba, a julia roberts film ang will be your top pick!

bihira sa boys ang mahilig sa chick flick ah.. ayos ka! :D

gillboard said...

chyng: mukha man kami matigas... malambot pa rin puso namin...

Chyng said...

ok lang yan paminsan minsan..

Death Note: Anyone whose name is written in the Death notebook will die! (you just have to know the name and imagine the face of the person.)

And btw, a soon to be police has that notebook!

Tisay said...

hahah! i was going to make one of these for my top picks thursday, but i have so many to choose from, i'm never able to pick just ten. rawr. now you beat me to it. hehe! oh well, i'll still post it up once i get back to blogging.

i love everything on your list, except for under the tuscan sun. i'm not a big fan of Diane Lane.

and Got To Believe was awesome. Rico Yan was so cute. hihih!

jOan aka nUdz kUlot said...

isa sa mga toplist ko ung "definitely,maybe" ganda niya paikot-ikot ung story,hihi..tnx sa list mo nadiscover ko ung just like heaven na pinanood ko nung isang araw..i know tagal na ng film na un hihi..nice story though..napaiyak nga ako sa last part nung bumalik na sa katawan ni lizzy ung soul niya..haaayyyz... =)

gillboard said...

chyng: i'll try and check it out... matagal nakong tinatawag ng Deathnote na yan sa prenly neyborhud dibidi store samin eh.

tisay: ang ganda kaya ng under the tuscan sun. aliw sya na kwento... wag mo na lang pansinin si diane lane.

joan: you're welcome. this is what my blog is for...

Victor Saudad said...

number one never gets old :)