Mga Sumasampalataya

Oct 25, 2008


I was dancing to the beat of the dj's music. My hands were raised just like the hundreds of people who were enjoying their night in the dancefloor. My eyes were closed the whole time. I'm in my own world.


I was the king of the dancefloor. My swaying movements is the envy of every guy, even if I was dancing alone. I am the center of attraction.


Then our eyes met. She had the loneliest gaze I've ever seen. She hides the feeling with the curviest of moves. Her hair following every turn of her head. She makes her moves now, but her eyes locked with mine.

In my mind time froze. Everyone around us stopped moving. Everything else was a blur. Only her, and her moves are clear to me. We don't talk. We only let our steps say what we want to say. But we understand each other.

I wanted to step forward. Move closer to her. Her eyes were still locked with mine. Everyone else is gone now. We're the only ones occupying the dancefloor.

It's like there was an invisible barrier between us. I wasn't able to move. I can move, but I can't step forward. Eyes still locked. Every flail of our hands and swing of our hips says "I want to be with you." Yet something pulls us apart.

Then the music changed.

Everyone came back. Our vision broken by a swarm of bodies following the tunes. I lost her.

My feet start moving. I need to find her. I pushed through the crowd. My eyes scanning every face trying to find the girl whose gaze matches with the girl from before. I looked around. Other girls look at me, seducing me with their moves. But I still want her. My dance partner.


It's been hours with no sign of the woman. My desperate search has been in vain. I give up. Ill be going home alone. How could this evening ended, have I gotten to know that girl? Would we have a lot in common? Would she like me? Now, I wouldn't ever know.

As I pull out of the parking lot, the memory of the dance we did still lingers.


I bumped into someone's car. I immediately went out of the car to see the damage. I am ready to rage war against the driver, even if I know I was at fault. My mind wanders.

And then she came out. The girl I was dancing with. She gave me that sad smile.

"I'm sorry." she said.

What should I do now?


Last night was my first night in Embassy in the Fort. It's been years since I last went out dancing. I was not interested in meeting people in clubs as I'm pretty sure the two of us won't have anything in common. I'm not the party goer type of person. My idea of a good gimmick is staying in a coffee shop for hours and not running out of things to talk about.

But I totally had fun, that's for sure.

This story is fiction. As I noticed a lot of men and women on the dance floor had wandering eyes, mine included.


UtakMunggo said...

at naipasok na naman po ako sa bulsa. haha

nice semi-fiction.

RonTuron said...

sarap ng night life no? hahaha
puro ganyan ang ginawa ko sa 1st 2 months ko dito sa pinas at anakamap! ayun wala na kong pera ngayon at magtratrabaho na ulit! nyahahaha

paperdoll said...

ang lufet talaga ng utak mo noh?
minsan nag iimagine din aco ng mga ganyan kaso hindi natatapos. . hehe. . masarap ang night life sa mapera. . kita mo yan si ron wala ng datung! mahilig aco sa partyparty PAGLIBRE. . pero pag gastos co na? i rather stay at home:D

gillboard said...

munggo: salamat po... dala lang ng tama ng buong araw na pag-iinom

ron: yep, magastos nga ang nightlife.. enjoy, kaya lang mabigat sa bulsa...

manika: yeah, sarap kapag may friend ka na pwedeng ilagay ka sa guestlist... pero pag wala, di ako magpupunta sa mga ganyang lugar

wanderingcommuter said...

another subconscious fiction? hehehe

gillboard said...

ewwik: subconscious fiction? sorry, tanga lang..

the spool artist said...

akala ko pa naman parang ad ng AXE or Sunsilk ang intro... well, it does happen every now and then though!


salingPUSA said...

I never tried the embassy---I heard that it's a bit mahal. Hmmmm, the price could be no problem kung di naman lagi but I am not also a party animal, yeah, I go out but I just confine my world with the people who I am with in those places. I don't know if its pessimism but I just thought if you want to meet real people, those places are not the places where you could most likely find one.....

alex said...

how's embassy?? i'm like salingpusa wala ring night life

gillboard said...

spool artist: pwede na bako pumasok advertising? hehehe

salingpusa: i agree... kung maghahanap ako ng taong kapareho ko, im better off sa library, o kaya sa coffee shop.

alex: embassy was good... la din ako nightlife... nalibre lang... sayang naman ang pagkakataon...