Mga Sumasampalataya

Oct 10, 2008


Just to be clear, I'm no longer bitter or depressed about what happened to me last weekend. I've moved on, I'm way past that. It's not the first time that that happened. As it stands, I'm good... no I'm way past good... I'm awesome!!!

This is not about my exes... Nope... As with the one who dumped me... I've moved on from all of them. Well, almost all of them. There will always be that one person who no matter how hard you try to avoid them, forget them, get them out of your life, you'll never be truly be over them. But it's not about her...

This post is about my XBox 360. It's been about 3 months since I last played my console. When I'm at home these days, it's usually my PC that I'm tinkering with, and even that I'm not happy with (I don't have a sound card anymore). I miss playing games.

3 months is the longest time that I've never played any video games ever. I miss my RPG's. I miss shooting alien beings in the ass. I miss playing Grand Theft Auto IV!!! I miss buying games in Goldcrest or St. Francis Square. I thought I was good going cold turkey, and it's done wonders for my career (no more absences because I stayed up all night playing a new game). But I miss it very much. I need to know someone who'll help me fix it for a moderately reasonable (cheap) price. Oh, and someone that's not from Mandaluyong or Quezon City please...

I haven't really written a lot of gaming or comic book related posts in a very long time, so for the meantime, while I'm still waiting to have a budget to have my console fixed, I'll just list down some of the most kick-ass video game characters of all time... for me at least!!!

These are video game characters that never failed to make say, astiiiiig!!!

Jill Valentine: Oh this girl is a tough one!!! While Resident Evil 3 is far from the best of the series, this game gave us probably the toughest chick of the entire franchise. I don't play Lara Croft so she's out. But Jill Valentine is here because I don't think anyone would ever survive being chased by someone like Nemesis, let alone a girl. And she' smokin' hot!!!

Leon Kennedy: He has to be here, simply because Resident Evil IV is one of my favorite games of all time!!! He's not that hard to control, and he has some of the most bad-ass moves of any of the entire Resident Evil heroes. Well, for now that is... Can't wait for Resident Evil 5.

Master Chief: I've only played the third installment of the Halo series, and I was not disappointed. Master Chief has the best toys in any planet. I loved his guns, and the knife thingy (I forgot what it's called). He's on this list because he's just cool. Period.

Nico Bellic: I love Nico Bellic. He's the reason why my XBox 360 broke down and gave me Three Red Lights. Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the best games of my console. Yeah, he's butt ugly, and he sounds like an arse, but he's got the coolest story of all the games I've played. Oh yeah, and he gets to fuck his dates when he wants to.

Kratos: Simply the last best game from the Playstation 2. I think he's the one who started the whole press-this-button-and-I'll-make-a-cool-ass-kicking-move thing that's popular nowadays. I literally dropped my jaw the first time I played God of War. And oh yeah, he gets to kill some mythical characters too. Insomnia never felt so good during those days.

Marcus Phoenix: Gears Of War is one of my favorite 3rd person shooter ever. I'm so psyched to play the sequel just so I can kick more Locust butt. The reason why Marcus is here is because he's just awesome. I like his guns, and his troops, and just about everything Marcus Phoenix. I loved this game. I was almost reported to the barangay because at 3am, I could still be heard popping alien ass and cutting them with my chainsaw

Commander Shepard: If someone'll give Master Chief a run for his money on the best toys in the universe, it's Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. He's cool because aside from his toy, you can upgrade and give him powers as well. Oh and yeah, you can turn him into a woman. No, he's not a hermaphrodite. Because you can create his/her character at the start of the game, you can do anything with him/her. You could make the Commander look like Brad Pitt or some hot alien you'd like to hook up with sometime.

I miss my XBox 360!!!


bloom said...

galit ako sa computer games. x(

gillboard said...

Bakit naman?!

Skron said...

When I saw the title of your new post on my blogroll, I knew it wasn't going to be about your ex-girlfriend. But I thought you were going to talk about some X-Titled comics though.

Anyways, I always play RPG and I've almost never played action games. So I never get to run around with a pre-generated character. But if you ask me Geralt from The Witcher, Kyle Katarn from Jedi Knight II and JC Denton from Deus Ex are two of my favorite video game characters.

gillboard said...

skron: I know all of your games, I just haven'e played any of them. I heard that Witcher is good though. Looking forward to haveing both my pc and xbox totally fixed!!!

aajao said...

lol. the post is still emo even if it doesn't concern an "ex" person. :P

btw, i tagged you to do something (blog tag game post). feel free to do it any time at your convenience :)

gillboard said...

Sige, i'll do this tag... first time... hehehe

UtakMunggo said...

so in effect, you miss "playing" with your "x"?


allergic ako sa mga ganyang games games na yan kasi di ako manalo-nalo, o kahit man lang maka-up ng level. kesa naman mag-feeling inadequate ako, eh di magpaka-bitter na lang. sows yan.

gillboard said...

munggo: hahaha... depends kung aling "x" hehehehe