Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 4, 2010


People say that to enjoy one's life, he has to experience everything that it has to offer.

Both the good and the bad.

I've been complaining that I've lived a boring life free of risks and haven't done a lot of taking chances. While on the commute home earlier this morning, I realized I haven't actually been a very good boy. I have done some things that I shouldn't have.

I have done things that let's just say we should do at least once in our lives.

Boredom + Money + Youth sometimes is not equal to good decisions. I did this only once, and I have no intentions of doing it again. Promise!!! I get it now for free anyway.

To be honest, I never enjoyed phone sex. I never caught on with this. I guess it has to do with the way my first time fell through. The girl was hilarious. She turned on something else in me that night. My funny bone. But I did it. A few times too after that. But it's not that interesting for me. I still go for the real thing.

Oh this one, I did more than once. It's something I always wanted to do before. Do something bad. Something stupid. I've heard alot of hype about smoking weed. And I've seen how this affected some of my co-workers before. So I was actually excited to know how this would work on me. Unfortunately, the four times I smoked this I felt nothing after. Absolutely nothing. My friends would laugh non-stop. Lose inhibitions. Felt really tired. Got crazy. But me. Nada. Nothing. Made me think if those people were just acting up, because they were high, or I was just really boring.

For a long time, I told myself I've never shoplifted in my life. But then I remembered, I did. A couple of comic books. Accidentally. It was about four or five years ago. I was tipsy back then, I went to a comic book store somewhere in Glorietta. I asked to check some comic books on the rack. I did pay for two comic books, but I bagged five. So I got three comics for free. My heart was pounding really fast, like it wanted to get out of my chest. It was something I don't want to feel anymore. The guilt was so strong I was willing to bury it down deep in my memory.

In college, we had one professor who likes defying the norm. He was a radical teacher, and we did learn a lot of things from him. He was the cool guy among a flock of conservative professors. So one time, he thought of giving us the answers to his finals exam. Unfortunately, he got caught. And got fired. So as a way of saying fuck you to the system. He found the answer keys to the replacement tests and gave it to us. We denied having gotten hold of the answer key and aced the test. The subject... Theology.

I am an ass sometimes.

But these things. They make my life less boring.

29 comments: said...

part of growing up lang yang GB. hehe... mabuti pa din tayong nilalang.. nyahaha...

Chingoy said...

as the song would go...
"regrets, ive had a few, but then again too few to mention..."

the regrets that i would have, i must say, are not abt what i did...

theyre about the things i dint do... i wasnt bold enough.. :)

NoBenta said...

noong nasa college ako ay nakipagkopyahan ako sa katabi ko. nagpalitan kami ng papael noong 'di nakatingin si prof. ang siste, pareho naming naipasa na walang pangalan!

huli kami at binigyan ng grade na incomplete!

The Gasoline Dude said...

Paid for sex? Once. Check. Phone sex? Check. Marijuana? Check. (Pero dito ko na sa Singapore na-try 'yan hahaha.) Shoplift? Check. Cheat? Isang malaking CHECK! (Muntik na akong hindi grumadweyt on time dahil nahuli akong cheating during final exams nung college.)

KATM said...

pa-epal lang gillboard..

I think (not that anyone cares) we NEED to do some bad deeds once in a while. It's a way of balancing our life. you can't be purely good / evil and have a meaningful life. Sometimes, even the holiest of men would spice up their lives by thinkin' of some nasty things.

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - chocolate in the other - body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO, What a Ride"

at dapat i-legalize na ang juts sa FELEPENS!

Stone-Cold Angel said...

paid for sex - more than once

phone deeds - more than once

weed - if there is an opportunity

shoplifting - one time I made it on my own, most of the time it was accidental.

cheat - I was the source of wrong answers... hehehe!

going out of the norm is my way of getting out of ordinary.

Nice entry. =)

Anonymous said...

wow, im a boring person. 2 out of 5 lang ako. May medal ba ako? hehe

aajao said...

sometimes i think deeply if living a straight life equates to being boring.

i was surprised by these revelations. well, its just me i guess. after all, we all have our 'dark secrets' in life. 1 out of 10 lang siguro ang ratio ng hindi gumagawa ng kalokohan versus sumasabak sa kalokohan, for whatever reasons.

brave post.

pusang kalye said...

ayoko naman ng extreme---okay--respect people who can do this and still get away with---you can never stop people from making choices kasi---ang sabi ko lang lagi sa mga mahal ko sa buhat---if ever you do silly stuffs, be sure not to ruin yourself so that you still have something/somebody to return to should you decide to make things right.........

Chyng said...

very brave of you na aminin yan. *claps* mahalaga naman when you lose, dont lose the lesson. Ü

Photo Cache said...

so what brings about this confession post. is there a girl in the horizon that you need to dump all your baggage first so you could start fresh?

kidding of course. you are a brave man for owning up to these.

SOLTERO said...

hehe di ko lng dyan nagawa e pay4sex and shoplift..but have i been paid for sex? ahahaa hmmmmm??

once lang ako nag weeds..napraning ako after, kaya di ko na inulit heheh

cheating? yes! sobra dami beses haha!

gillboard said...

soltero: naniniwala akong nabayaran ka na for sex... sa mga nadadaanan ko sa blog mo... mukha nga... hehehe

photocache: nah, this came from an old post in one of my old blogs... wala pa rin akong maisulat na matino... kaya ayun repost ng repost

chyng: of course... importante ang matuto ng leksyon.. hahaha

gillboard said...

anton: ok lang yung minsan. matry mo lang. di naman siya habit sakin. yun lang.

aajao: not necessarily boring. sakin kasi it's something na i wanted to do at least once, para masabi ko lang i lived life.

olyabut: being good doesn't necessarily equal being boring.

jayvie said...

yan lang ba? more gilbert! more! hahaha.

mahalaga good boy ka na ngayon. good boy ka naman na di ba? :P

the donG said...

pati shoplifting! hahaha.... di ko pa yan ginawa.

FerBert said...

sa lahat ng entry mo eto na ata ang paborito ko. HAHAHA

gillboard said...

stone cold: mukhang kailangan mong isulat yung mga experience mo. hehehe

katm: ilegalize man or hindi yung juts, di pa rin ako titikim na nun. la naman epekto sakin yun.

gasul: naalala ko nung first time kong nahuli ng cheating. sobrang disappointed sakin ng prof ko. ako kasi favorite nun.

gillboard said...

nobenta: buti at di ako nakaranas ng ganun dati. kahit nung nahuli ako.

chingoy: nothing wrong with being safe naman. ayos lang yun. dapat sa life, walang regrets.

bulakbolero: salamat at madalas ikaw ang unang commentor ng blog ko. pansin ko lang. hehehe

gillboard said...

ferbert: salamat. paborito ko rin tong post na to... hehehe

dong: di mo naman kailangan gawin yun. ang exciting na ng buhay mo as it is.

jayvie: of course. i'm good now. very good. saintly. hehehe (insert devilish grin)

an_indecent_mind said...

late bloomer ako.. sa mga binanggit mo weeds lang ang di ko pa nasubukan..

nun kasing younger years ko, pinilit kong mamuhay base sa standards ng lipunan at ayon sa payo ng aking mga magulang. tried hard na maging mabait, at masunurin. sometimes i felt left alone by my friends for not doing things na kanilang ginagawa.. later ko lang narealize na what the heck?? need to explore life!

so, eto.. nagpapakagago naman after sinubukang magpakabuti!lol

gusto ko tong post mo na to..

my-so-called-Quest said...

yay i got 80%!

shoplift? i'm too chicken to do that ata. hehehe

Skron said...

1. Pay For Sex. Check. A couple of times when I was in High School. Then once a couple years ago when I was in Vegas. It left me broke but it was worth it.

2. Phone Deeds. Nope.

3. Weeds. Is this bad? I don't think so.

4. Shoplift. Nope

5. Cheat. All the time.

ghienoxs™ said...

going out in your comfort zone allows you to appreciate life more. life meant to be enjoyed. just know your limitation and be responsible with your actions...

Jag said...

Ayoko ding magmalinis, yeah I am bad sometimes hehehe...

Ok lng n maging bad minsan as long as wala tayong naapakan o nasasaktang iba...yung tipong ikaw lang din ang aani sa ginawang kasalanan hehehe...

Robbie said...

Wow.... I would feel so inexperienced right next to you. For that I'm a little bit envious for being safe all these years. Aside from the weed part, I haven't done any of those things.

gillboard said...

robbie: i think that's pretty safe to say considering i'm older than you are. hehehe

jag: totoo. may takot din ako sa karma. lalo sakin, bilis bumalik nun.

ghienoxs: i have to take responsibility on the mistakes i've made. that's what experience taught me.

gillboard said...

skron: weeds is not necessarily bad, but it is illegal.

doc ced: proud ka doc? hehehe

indecent: salamat po. gusto ko din itong post na ito. hehehe

Raft3r said...

I saw my high school buddy pilfer some stuff from national book store