Mga Sumasampalataya

Jun 18, 2010


I think I wrote about this yesterday: when it comes to relationships, mine usually had a deadline of one month. One month, and then it's over.

There are different reasons why they end. But mostly it's because of me. I quit the person. I felt caged. Or it doesn't seem to work anymore. The relationships end when the honeymoon phase is over. If me and my partner had a fight, that normally spelt the end of the relationship.

Yesterday, me and the kid had an argument.

The reason isn't that important, and I'll be vague about it. He kind of had an issue about some of my friends' attitude about us. So anyway, that pissed him off big time. I took issue on his response because I loved him and wanted him to be a part of my world, but he seemed to have not been interested in it because of what had been said.

I know it may not sound or read much but it was the first time we really had something like that. It wasn't nasty or anything. But on my part, it was really heavy.

Old Engel may have finally found a chink in the armor. The past few days they haven't really had alot to talk about. School started, and the kid doesn't have alot of free time anymore. And it'll definitely be less once classes properly begin. Add the fact he's seeing some flaws in the kid. I may have reasons already to bail on the relationship.

But I didn't.

The thought never occurred to me. What occupied my head during the few hours we weren't talking was how to fix things. Not once did quitting come to mind.

To make the long story short, we patched things up. We're good. I'd even dare to say that we're even better.

I know, you're probably scratching your head right now thinking what the hell's the point of this post?

I guess what I really wanted to say is: in a relationship, the moment the honeymoon phase ends that's when the test of commitment begins. And right now (and this sounds corny/cheesy), I'm fully committed to make this relationship work.

The one month curse will be broken. I'm pretty sure of it.


JR said...

"in a relationship, the moment the honeymoon phase ends that's when the test of commitment begins" Panalo...pang facebook status..pakopya ha! true ;-)

goodboi said...

This is what I have always wanted to hear from you. All the best!

Mugen said...

You can do it Engel. Stay in the relationship not because of commitment, but because you want to love him. :) Best wishes dude.

rudeboy said...

"... in a relationship, the moment the honeymoon phase ends that's when the test of commitment begins."

Ah, engel, at last.

In relationships - whether with a friend or a lover - I often wait with a morbid curiosity when our first big fight will happen, and what it is that we will fight about. Because that's my first indication whether or not that relationship can weather the many storms life will inevitably hurl our way.

Honeymoon periods are nice and dandy, but as everyone knows, they never last. But relationships can - once the pixie dust clears and we realize and accept that Prince Charming won't take out the trash, that Sleeping Beauty is a lazy bitch, and that Snow White has to learn to control her fetish for small men.

Life may not be a fairy tale, but like those Choose Your Adventure books, it's far more interesting to stick around and see which way our stories go.

the geek said...

all the best for you and your other half...

drew said...

I know this is off-topic but rudeboy's comment reminded me of when I used to read Give Yourself Goosebumps. I always cheated and bookmarked each choice page so I could easily go back if the path I chose was wrong. I often used just my fingers and after several forks, all of them would be used!

And so that this comment won't be all about me, go break that curse! :P

Guyrony said...

Being in a commitment isn't a spell of doom. On the contrary, it's a start of a momentous, ridiculous, unscrupulous, mischievous, ostentatious, marvelous journey which is worth the trip.

You can do it.

Because you know he's worth the love you have.

thecuriouscat said...

yeay! go engel

Eternal Wanderer... said...

realtionships of ANY kind are hard work.

Marcoboi said...


Hope you not just doing this to break the "one month curse". I mean, do it for nothing else but LOVE.

soltero said...

way 2 go engel!
relationships can be boring without those petty misunderstandings.. tatagal kayo nyan, kailangan lang talaga ng commitment sa isa't isa. :)

arkin said...

see, im the kid. so i can totally relate. i wish my guy will understand too that schools kinda sagabal to love life. but we can make it work.

yii. someone fancies me? joke, is it? haha