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Mar 13, 2010


Been thinking of something to write about. Don't want to stress too much about it. So what I did to find inspiration is to lurk around the internet. And my lurking brought me to Pinoyexchange.

I've been a member of Pinoyexchange or pex since college. Heck, this is how I found out about blogging. Where I met my first internet turned real friend. This site is a public forum where people throw about their ideas and opinions about different things. Alternative lifestyles. Sports. College Life. Books. Hobbies. Network Wars. Sex and all different kind of things.

Anyway, so I was reading on some of the topics on the Alternative Lifestyle thread and thought, maybe I could put some of my opinions here on my blog.

I don't get the Puerto Galera and gays thing. I've been to Galera like four or five times. And I've never encountered PLU's there. Maybe because I wasn't looking. But I've read and heard that Galera's a haven for PLUs. Sure there are alot of hot guys there and all, but never encountered anything kinky in Galera. Or maybe my gaydar's broken. Or I'm just not hot. Whatever, I really don't get gays and Puerto Galera.

There was a topic there called I Blowjob My Cousin. It's a pretty popular thread. Fortunately, I've never had that experience. I admit I read that thread because some of the posts there are kinda hot. But it's still just wrong. It's like promoting molesting relatives. I'm not going to go preachy about it because there are times when I entertain the thought of doing something with my cousin who looks like a hotter version of Borgy Manotoc. But still, I'd keep it private (well not now, obviously). But if ever something like that happens I'm just going to keep it to myself. Anyway, I'm not even sure if some of those posts are true.

Really? Have yet to meet one. Anyway I thought those threads were hilarious. I mean, I respect their tastes, as we all vary when it comes to that. I just find it funny that there are people who stalk tricycle drivers and construction workers. Oh and there was even this one thread where posters were stalking a guy from an underpass in Recto. That was funny.

I like romantic posts. There are posts about meeting their true loves. There were stories of failed relationships. Of people wanting to meet the right guy. May December love affairs. Stories of guys falling in love with straight men. All the happy and sad love stories you could ever imagine has been posted in pex. But the one thing I've noticed is that on alot of those stories, people can't seem to take out in their stories are sex. I mean you're almost falling for the poster writing their sob story, and then bam, they write about it. Like every little detail of it. Yeah, it's OA but there are posts like that. Makes me think, are all gay people testosterone driven?

I don't mean to offend anyone as I'm pretty sure there are a number of bloggers who have an account in pex. But I just find some of the posts there hilarious. Sexy and hot... but hilarious.


iurico said...

well, if you venture to the "far corners" of Puerto Galera hun, im sure you'll understand what they meant about "PLUs and Puerto Galera." Read: sa may bandang dulo na may kuweba. Haha. Or watch the movie "Duda/doubt."

mr. rf said...

wow, dumadaan ka rin pala sa pex :D

Eternal Wanderer... said...

Engel: que barbaridad! hahahahha

buti na lang sa ibang sections ako nagsususlat sa PEx :P

citybuoy said...

i use pex to research potential companies. kasi minsan ang sagwa ng companya pala di mo malalaman unless u hear from other people.

domjullian said...

wooohooo. hanapin kita dun said...

i also love Romantic posts. :)

Icy Flame said...

Wow, andami nating PExer/bloggers dito. I wonder kung sino ka roon. Hehehe.

At talagang sumikat si Recto underpass guy. I remember a number of gatherings na napapag-usapan ang escapades para lang ma-hunting siya. Nyahahaha.

Mugen said...

I stalked the Recto Underpass Guy four years ago. Hanggang ngayon eh pinaguusapan pa rin siya.

itsMePeriod said...

didn't know you're also a lurker in pex.

oo, masayang makibasa sa mga threads, may nakakatawa, mayruong nakaka-umph,mayruon ding mga hilarious stories

minsan try mo makisali sa mga thread.mababait naman ang mga tao dun

Rei Mikazuki said...

I got curious about the Recto Underpass guy (madalas kasi ako sa may Recto nagala eeh... hohoho), so I went to PEX (been there before, kaya lang puro threads about TLoS and Mario Maurer naman kinakalikot ko dun) to look for stuff about the Mr. Recto Underpass, but I ended up into the Classified Ads and Jobs Postings section. :P

Dhon said...

whats the website for PEX? :) innocent mode: Activate

engel said...

@dhon: :)

@rei: the job openings section is ok, pero mas madali kung sa jobstreet or jobsdb ka maghanap. :D

@anteros: i can't. i'm using my straight account there. hanggang lurk lang talaga ako. :)

@galen: did you see him?

@icyflame: he's been uber hyped. :D

@nimrod: that's nice. thanks for dropping by.

@dom: good luck!!!

@nyl: yup, that's a great place to find other people's opinions of certain companies. =)

@ternie: istalk kita sa pex. if i know, dun ka sa mga realm of thoughts na threads. =P

@rf: yup. madalas.

@iurico: i have not seen the film. try ko one time mag galera mag-isa. see if makakabingwit ako dun. :D

Angelo said...

PExer din ako! :P I used to be really active, as in really active. Haha! :)

I dunno if the thread is still alvie, but I used to be active in the SNAGG thread. :)

Icy Flame said...

@Angelo The SNAGG thread is still alive and kicking, albeit with a new generation of posters. You should drop by one of these days. ;-)

Angelo said...

Hey, hey! :) Really?! That's good to know! I posted a lot in that thread several years ago. Haha! Must drop by again. :)

Manech said...

Well some people can be very descriptive, especially if the memory is still poignant. :)

lin said...